Is it me or are we being turfed by glow-negros and a ton of reddit-faggots since C19 hit?

Is it me or are we being turfed by glow-negros and a ton of reddit-faggots since C19 hit?

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daily reminder for the mentally handicapped subhumans

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No, it's just that you're slow to break the shackles of your retarded programming.
Welcome to the real world.

The toilet paper meme was started by asians though?

You wanna see glow you need to check out /cvg/

yeah. reddit trumpers atleast


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Since 2016 more like it.
As their funding ebbs and flows they come and go.
These guys prefer to be watching BBC cuck vids or practicing makeup techniques anyway.
They only drop by for the .02 when bored or broke. The bots are similar, they take fewer people to run obv but those people have to be paid more.

Look at all of the Michigan threads.
Notice the number of glow niggers calling for direct violence. Then trying to incite violence by saying they are pussies etc etc for showing up with guns and not using them.

I can't speak on the matter, since I know that I've had a few arguments on reddit and I have never been on Yas Forums, but I do like r/wholesomegreentext on occasion.

I don't like offending people, nor cause fights. But what I believe is my main mistake, and perhaps the mistake of a lot of other people, not only redditors, is that most of us don't like admitting when we're wrong.

I think we shouldn't blame one group of people. The way redditors act violently has become a kind of culture for them. but most of the time that violence is justified, look at r/fightporn or r/justiceserved where people get hit. That'd life, life is violent. I'm not disagreeing with you about the way a lot of redditors act, because while I don't like seeing some kid's head being slammed in a curb because he acts like a nazi, it is (in a really fucked up way) some sort of justice. Because unless you've never paid attention in history class, a lot of people died and there are still people who get hurt because some kid is being edgy. Does the kid really deserve it? No, probably not. Maybe he's misguided and needs help in another way. Saying someone should die, get hurt in a terrible way or suffer, isn't right. Most of us know that. But most of us also live in a world where we know that violence, is a human thing. It's a natural thing.

Please guys, can we for once not act like one is better than the other. I don't know jack shit about Yas Forums, but what I do know is that you aren't higher or mightier than us reddit scum. It makes people angry when you say that the average redditor is worse than Yas Forums. Put yourself in someone else's shoes, too.

I'm not a saint, I'm just trying tobhave my own opinions in a world where you're barely not allowed to have them. If you have your own, fine. But don't pass us off as lesser than any other group of people. Then it's all good.

If you've had a bad day, please check out r/aww or r/sonarears if you love some animals with big ears. Have a good day!

No. Every time Yas Forumss population goes up, people love to blame it on organized psyops and shills. It’s just a flood of normies. If you compare Yas Forums before and after the 2016 election nu/pol/ feels like a fucking facebook page compared to old/pol/

They really don’t want Yas Forums to figure out where the birus cane from.
Trump especially, although China isn’t innocent either. They stole it and were going to modify it as a counterpunch in case detrick used theirs first.
In the end they both released their bioweapons.
Now it’s a race to point fingers.

>This. Have le reddit gold stranger!!

Fuck off. The virus is the fault of Chink ant people and their commie government.

>Le epic Pepe ebin peepeepoopoo lmao meme reddit :D gondola pupperinos
Obviously. Feds crying because they bitch niggers now

Reddit is bad, your voting system is bad, and you should feel bad. Good bait tho.

Who gives a shit? The real problem are the CCP shills and their Russian allies who were spreading Communist China's propaganda.

2016 was when it really went to shit

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Doesn’t even reply to the correct post.
What a glowie boomer.
Must have been nice back in the day when we trusted our gubmint for the most part.
Now you glowie faggots spend more time lying to the American people and violate your oaths and shit on the constitution for a pension, than protecting them.
Coz reasons you think it’s legit to use psychological warfare and sniper teams of taxpayer trained teir 1 operators on American Citizens.
Fuck off

>t. Retarded redditor with no sense of humor

quit bein afraid of imaginary monsters fgt user. the enemy is loud and clear at this point.

Jews are losing their grasp and it’s becoming common knowledge that kikes are satanists trying to destroy the world

>Media and films have turned to shit and people are just watching old re runs to avoid kikery

>News and media is in a perpetual state of lying and everyone knows Jews own this

>Porn and sluttery is out of control and people are becoming disgusted by it

>All multicultural efforts have failed, muslims and negroid and Jewish merging have destroyed white lands and there has not been one successful area this has happened in

Pol is like the source of a river, just a trickle that is spreading out en masse to the world, moot couldn’t stop it, no form can stop it. If pol dies 1000 autists will make 1000 message boards for pol to reform on

Like a trickle leading to a flood the Kike is attempting to stem the flow by damming the source, here, us

They are failing because they realise once your eyes are wide open, you cannot be put back under

This terrifies them to their core





based Batzorig Vaanchig poseter

Summer came early this year, like physicist Denise Richards in that one Bond movie where she came early

Yup ... whole board glows today.

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>he wasn't on the high-IQ GATE track
>he never learned the drone instruments
>he can't throat sing
>he lives in maybe 4 dimensions
Smoothbrains will have some trouble coping.

This, I'd make threads criticizing certain things but I'd just get flooded with shills and spammers saying the same thing

can confirm more glowniggers than usual without any direct reason in sight

We are in the middle of the "Public Relations" industry having an absolute fucking fit about losing narrative control. These are corporate level shills who used to be highly organized, but due to heavy counter-programming are coming apart at the seams. They will use and be aware of sophisticated persuasive techniques which involve components of identity, but will be unwary of Anonymous memetic magic.
War is hell.
Memewar is hella funny.


This, a memeflag glownigger tried to make me make anthrax. I'm so tired of the fuckers, I litterally can't hurt a spider, I help every insect out of my house unharmed. Glowniggers are so fucking annoying.

Maybe. Whoever started it did so to make Americans look like fat shitters