Whiteoids BTFO

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now white man hunts the Indian's buffalos and beavers. the white man drinks the Indian's water.
all formerly the Indian's land.

>then the chief leaned back and smiled

Fake news, indians NEVER smile.

Based and tedpilled

Sounds nice until you remember that they were using animal skins for shelter.

fake as fuck lol

chugbong wilin' today

Maybe whites desire more than just appeasing the most base of desires? Maybe we desire to create order, beauty, and purpose where previously there was none? The only remedy to the suffering inherent to life is to create. Of course this "noble savage" would never understand that.

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Then his people discovered listerine and forgot everything.


This, based Canada
Seethe more redskin

I love how this leftist nigger making this fake shit thinks women doing all the work is how society should run.

Living in animal skin tent. Fucking red nigger.

>Live like the animal of hunting and fucking
>Have to fight each other in endless wars
>New race moves in and begins making more than a tent and raiding parties
>Creates a whole civilization and history while pushing you back and erasing yours
>3 centuries later you're a mantel on that race's wall while your people live like drunks and alcoholics in reservations because they didn't feel like complete extermination
>But somehow better than the white man

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>Be white
>Start building "muh advanced civilization"
>Become utterly corrupt from first moment
>Also have endless wars and conflict
>Still think you're superior to everyone else, even though your society is utterly decadent and crumbling
>Get BTFO by rando virus and go willingly into a mass-engineered slave-state because of it.

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Whites only sow chaos where there is any resemblance of order and cause suffering anywhere they go.

What a completely empty bunch of bullshit.

>Become corrupt
>Kick out the king and establish an actual society
>Endless wars with injuns taking their land and keeping out invaders
>Do something with the land you get rather than pray to it and pretend you're connected
>Even though your society is building into a new massive empire
>Get btfo and only defended by whiney white liberals who care more about doing drugs than your actual culture
You're only argument is that it's corrupt and crumbling despite it having lasted to now which doesn't make sense. Calm down pajeet

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>Kick out the king and replace with jews

Kek, FIFY.

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15 year olds think this is super cool

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aw, Indians got BTFO because they were an inferior race, Sad!
This is the WHITE MAN's water we're both drinking.

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>Replace with Jews
Hey it lasted quiet awhile and still accomplished more than the Indians. You think the Jews wouldn't have done the same to the Indians? All they'd have to do is act mystical and tout the Kabbalah and Talmud. Or hell we can talk about Oliver Cromwell?

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Why is it other races and nationalities do whatever they can to live among whites instead of fleeing from the evil they create?

it's always so confusing, Leafs are either cocksucking cuck faggots or, they literally work at the Based Dept. No in-between.

>all formerly the Indian's land.

Funny that I cannot seem to find any of the paper work or documentation that says this.

It is as if you people have just made it all up or something.

It is as if being stone age tribes camping out or nomading don't actually own jack or shit.

>Be Anglo Saxons
>Cross big ass ocean in dangerous voyage
>Find a huge continent populated by cavemen
>Defeat the cavemen in war in brutal contest of might
>Eventually round them up into small concentration camps where they slowly kill themselves
>All this new land, phew! What can we do with this?
>Let's give this land we genocided the indios to get and give it all to the niggers we decided out of nowhere are our equals!

Why did they do this?

Based Indians. The industrial revolution was a mistake.

Fuck off with your (((paperwork))) it was their land mutt

>implying you weren’t the one who stole it and sent use here, fucking nigger

Pic related, moron.
You fell for Jewish-controlled academia that the Americas had no empires or artistic endeavors.
You white people readily say "muh human sacrifices" on one hand and on the other you screech like autists about Nazis not being able to do the Holocaust.
This is how you are already fucked in the mind by jews. This is the ultimate Aztec-pill, the ultimate proof that you're already under Jewish and leftists control, but they let you have an illusion of the contrary.
Keep coping while niggers are fucking your daughters on every hole.

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I am not a mutt and stone age people camping out down own anything.

If you don't have laws and borders and no military to defend said laws and borders you don't have anything.

I would not expect some pajeet paki fag to understand European logic.