What are the two biggest reasons why I should support Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

What are the two biggest reasons why I should support Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

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It's a puerto rican tranny, and her voice is very sexy.

>two biggest reasons to vote for AOC
I see two on her chest

If you're white there is none.

I can't even come up with one

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i can think of two better reasons why i support the ZOG

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metoo. please someboy got some titpics of her


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wow same guy on vpn that's a really clever follow up to a shit joke

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Trump actually worked out the only reason - the more white people hear from her the less liekly theya re to support the Democrats.

That's why trump started to focus on the far-left "squad" and pelosi walked right into the trap though eventually figured it out and stopped doing it.

You should expect ltos of campaign vids from Trump showing AOC throwing tantrums demanding ICE get closed down, all borders opened to white nations and generally being stupid.

Why would you support her because she has tits, you worthless niggerbrain?

She´s his good girl.
The more commie she gets the more real Americans wake up.

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her left and right tits

Does she have nice buttocks?

she has HUGE ideas to help our country and the world

Amazing how being white makes you look so much better

She caters to literally every depraved fetish you can imagine. The sicker the better

If only she still looked like that

sadly that was when she was 19

This is her now

She has done better than almost any latina Ive ever seen actually, she is into her 30s and still not terrible, many of them hit the wall ahrd at like 24 but still, the wall spares no woman

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Well theres the left reason and the right reason.

I assume you are a brassiere.

>wall spares no woman

Legendary quote

She was/is ugly even for argentine standards.

They are both on her chest

>Her feet
>she is kinda cute

God, she's such a fucking special needs.

And without the heavy duty bra, those two reasons would hang down to her navel.

They look saggy as fuck.

She special needs a cock in her mouth.

She looks like a horse with lipstick. Give it 10 years and her tits will look like saddlebags

eh specially mine.

On her stomach