Trump’s not helping Americans who are suffering

Trump’s not helping Americans who are suffering

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Oi Vey goys! Support Democrats because they want to give all you goys loans upto 200k! At a bargain rate of only 23.98% APR!

Its a super deal goys! All backed by the Federal Reserve!

Vote Biden Schumer Nadler Feinstienbergwitz!

>people though this guy was gonna be an economic populist
>instead he's indistinguishable from mitch mcconnell.

Shut up faggot I got my Trump bux.

So who said 'pathetic' and in what context?

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Cutting payroll tax will absolutely help when everyone goes back to work in three weeks, though.

I don't fucking care because I didn't even get the fucking stimulus check yet. Wtf is happening here.

That's nice but Dubya did the same thing.

>getting 1200 in return for a 2T bailout with 75% of that not going to people or businesses with less than 50M revenue
>not supporting Yang
Holy shit neck yourself

>everyone gets back to work

That’s not how the world works. Many businesses are gone forever.

>Cutting useles entitlements
>(This also has the side effect of cutting down the US largest expenditure)

pretty based and debt-busting desu

Yes you should

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How? People who are getting laid off are already laid off. They are being laid off because they are replaceable and easy to find. This won’t get more people hired, it’s just free gibs to companies that lost money and stonks during the crisis.

You know this is true.

Just Lol at voting

No don't vote for either party you dumb fuck.

Good, we should be getting back to work and getting the economy up and running again anyway.

Oi Vey goys! Support Trump because he gave 2 trillion of your goyim tax dollars to large corporations! At a bargain rate of free for us and it only costs $13000 per American goyim.

>useles entitlements

You must be very delusional if you think that.

>unironically supporting some chink with less of a chance than sanders
>not retarded

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bernie. you know, the guy who bent the knee to hillary then and now biden which was totally not pathetic. no refunds btw

Trump is a bush Reagan Republican

35 million Americans lose their jobs, they all get tax breaks. GOP really knows how to work for the people

Lol. I had to shut down my entire small business. 14 people are out of work. SBA loan only kicks the cab for 8 weeks and they’d be unemployed again. There is no going back to work in 3 weeks

I laid everyone off because the industry we work in is DEAD for the foreseeable future.

Please cut social security

>Ponzi Scheme funneling money from the working class to boomers to buy their third cruise this year
>not useless

Is that why poverty prior to social security for old people was 1/3 of the population?

> Social Security Lifts More Americans Above Poverty Than Any Other Program

Are you surprised?

>Lol. I had to shut down my entire small business. 14 people are out of work. SBA loan only kicks the cab for 8 weeks and they’d be unemployed again. There is no going back to work in 3 weeks
Why are people acting like getting employment back is going to be like flipping a light-switch? Prior to Corona-chan, the average time unemployed was 18-20 months... and now, with a huge glut of workers, look for than number to skyrocket: I'm betting 24+ months unemployed.

Then there's wages. Given that there's going to be such a huge oversupply of workers, companies are going to hire on-the-cheap, and as that time unemployed w/ no income continues on, more and more people are going to get more and more desperate. — It's likely we'll see things like those previously $70k-$120k/yr STEM jobs open up at $40k-$75k/yr.

TL;DR -- We're in for tough times.

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Common dreams used to publish investigative reporting during Bush2 wars but this fakebait click isn't too astonishing considering their change in ownership. Read like a nervous (and drunk) Nancy playbook.

The U.S is a very poor country, you can't expect help from the government. Israel needs more supplies anyway.

lazy niggers ask your governors to open up so you can work, meets don't deserve shit tho.

he knows niggers and illegal alieans don't vote. well at least not for him.

Imagine thinking Trump is not a puppet of the kikes. It is not 2016 any more, have you been in a coma? He is refusing to cover wages for most workers during the lockdown, but still paying money to Israel.

You mean the poverty caused by starting minimum wage and high tariffs in addition to loaning a shitload of money to post WW1 Europe that was never getting paid back that Social Security did fuck all to fix and didn't end until the manufacturing boom of the war economy in WW2?

no burgerbux for burgers?

just lmao

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Trump will make receiving the next round of checks contingent upon whether or not you let Bill Gates stick a needle in your arm.