How bad do military men get burned in this society?

Navy officer describes the state of the US military while going on about how diversity isn't a strength. Mentions the suicide rate.
>Also, I get to see the suicide stats - the only demographic trends in common - this year and last - Overwhelmingly white males. Many are non-custodial divorced parents, and yet, there's no white male-single father outreach program. If there is a single determining risk category in the armed services for suicide, white males of all ages have the market cornered. And yet we get plenty of convoluted discussion of how “diversity is a part of spiritual resiliency.” It’s all sentimentality and sweetness, and absolutely zero substance.
How bad is it, Bros? Are there any military Bros here?

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I want to kill brown people for Israel, deal with it.

They even tell it to your face.

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Oh whats that? You were in charge of a fireteam in a warzone? Well thats not management experience ;)

Back when I was in (early 2000s) - there was a study done that basically showed how the Army had self-segregated.

Essentially the Army did all this work after WWII to racially integrate the service, but over the years it re-segregated of its own accord. It ended up with things like combat arms being primarily white - and certain support specialties being primarily African American.

The core of the military experience since time immemorial has been to promote cohesiveness and emphasize the unit over the individual - the opposite of diversity.

A very competent Caesar or Napoleon type figure in the army could very easily mobilise all those disaffected whites if they wanted to.

Pretty much this. The ruling class has absolutely contempt for the people they govern.

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Looks like we're looking at balkanization pretty soon.
When do you think?
That's probably going to happen in the next 5-20 years. Too many disaffected white males. I think this countries just about done for.

Napoleon was a cuck and dumb people need leaders right

Military life can be pretty chill. I've been doing nothing but staying at home playing video games and collecting my paychecks since November because I was waiting on some training even before corona. I'm in a big brain career field in the military so even the minorities I work with are at least 120 IQ.

Well, for instance you could take a look at South Africa and USA's military. Off course there is not much to see from South Africa since they can't publish much of what they have to deal with but they had to implement affirmative action in favor of whites because otherwise they would have Zimbawe 2.5 on their hands.

As a rule of thumb, niggers are freaking retards but when they are redpilled enough they won't get rid of the superior races, and sadly I see a lot of this in the US and their military. Diversity is being pushed in a suicidal manner and no place can deal with nigger running shit for too long without it turning to civil war or genocide.

only the most braindead worthless scum join the military i think enlisted soldiers make below minimum wage and have the fifth worst job in terms of workplace related injuries and job satisifaction, only things like chicken processing plant are worse. literal slavery tier "job"

The SA military has an extremely high HIV rate. I read an Article on American Rennasissance about it.

I used to think, that within my lifetime, the borders of the United States would look different. But we've seen talk of secession has come and gone so many times. Some very rich and powerful people are benefitting from keeping things the way they are.

You can get paid training in virtually any field, and somehow this is braindead ? LMAO would love to see the rates of college educated vs military trained in terms of jobs and career

Based truth telling kike.
Only an absolute retard would enlist for ZOG.
>muh training
Would it matter if men dont care and Gen. LaShaquiya tells you to ram the drones in a confederate statue?
Will to fight is everything.

1945 payback, stupid mutts.

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Oh it's bad. Especially considering that the female "POC" end up getting into leadership positions and acting like absolute apes. The military is a fucking joke anymore and I can't wait for a real war to smash us so that the average American can see what diversity does.

T.air force

And then you get deployed.

No one cares. Military is retards and psychopaths. America will balkanize and militards will be laughed at.

It's pure shit.
100% pozzed.
I regret wasting my time.

Military is one of the more secure careers in Canada these days; I made 30k in training and 60k my first day as a private.

Stay fit brotha

To add to this, employers love hiring ex-military. They are reliable, have a work ethic, and come with diversity points.
>See, we hire ex-military/equal rights non-discriminatory employer bla bla.

Not him, I had seen them and college graduates 'used' to do better... not sure how it might be now since it was in 2012 and the boomer economy hadn't collapsed yet.

>LMAO would love to see the rates of college educated vs military trained in terms of jobs and career
Military is worse off. Most employers understand ex-military have a, "I will not volunteer for extra work," ethic.

Doesn't matter. The entire society is disentegrating. It's why they're so frightened about the populous revolts. They're trying to keep a lid on it now.

I thought air force were the highest IQ branch.

>me on left

the military is such a dogshit bad job that the US government spenda billions of dollars on propaganda to trick 18 year olds with no prospects into joining. in many states people sentenced to prison can join the military to defer their sentenance. the rates of people wanting to quit the military are so high the government made it a felony to do so (awol)

the military is slave labor, only absolute scum join or support it

It is

Explain how bad it is, user. Give stories about what it's like.

My wife is in the navy
She's quarantined because she has the rona from being on of the infected ships.
Navy is stupid. She mostly complains about the female sailors being incompetent. The minorities don't seem to be the problem on her ship.

The only reason to join is if you are so dogshit poor and without prospects that it's a step up.
I did and it allowed me to survive for a few years while I figured my shit out.

I guess I would presume to find more of the shit you described in other branches.

We had niggers openly say, in front of white officers, "AIN'T NO MUFUGGING WHITE BOI BEIN' PROMOTED IN MY UNIT!"
Yes, using exactly that kind of nigger-speech.
It's not Yas Forums that made me racist. It was niggers in the Army.

>all men in family have served in military
>fully expected to serve
>9/11 happens, america is gung ho as fuck
>turn 18 and sign up
>half the people in here are fucking gang members and shit
>other half are existentially lost like me and only joined because their family told them to or they had no other thoughts after high school
>train and be told how great you are and how america loves you
>go to war and watch niggers deal drugs and make money even in the military and brave white men die for seemingly no reason
>come home
>find out some of the times friends were hurt we were in foreign countries and not told about it so they can't receive compensation
>get out and get shtity pay
>everyone calls you a fucking dumbass for joining even though they encouraged you to join at the time
>find out you were fighting for kike global central banks to wage enslave the world

yeah no wonder everyone's fucking drinking themselves to death or killing themselves fuck this

If she worked a regular job she'd complain about the females being incompetent too. All women do this no matter what their job it.

Stories, user. Give stories of a pissed situation. We're you idealistic when you first joined?

By whore government occupying kike is their nation ritually blasphemed. From fake culture spanning from the minds of their own women to the tunnel boring child eating machines deep beneath their ground. Their minds cook slowly by their own Spy phones as they do the bidding of a warring enemy nation.


sorry but according to job quality analysis working as a bathroom cleaner at walmart is more of a step up than the average soldier.

basically according to pay, injuries and statiafaction only chicken rendering factory or prison have worse average outcome than joining the military

Well there was the time a senior enlisted member went off about racism and how evil whites are in a staff meeting.(around Charlottesville I think) it turned into this whole big thing where our shirt sent an email to the group of about 800 people laying out rega about race and shit like that. But when it came to light that this senior enlisted had black panther propoganda including "kill whitey" on her social media next to pictures of her in uniform the people who brought it up we're basically told "EO won't like if we tell her to delete the pictures"

This. The military trains men to be good brainless slaves that only know how to follow orders of their masters.

More minority men are working than their women.
Even the blackest niggers cant fuck up as much as an abusive, vindicative cunt.

What year were you in?

I'm not so sure. So with the marines, every man is a rifleman, that cohesion can transcend race and I've seen it firsthand. The army just beats it into soldiers that they are all grunts (minus pogs but not going to get into that) the Navy has its interracial orgies so no one cares there. Us in the chair force spend too much time thinking, and have too much interest in getting promoted and trying to get the media to like us, so we do dumb divisive shit like having mando parties for every "shitskin history month", type event

So this was hushed for PR purposes? or fear of backlash?