Why do modern christcucks think that ancient pagan Europe was some kind of ancient version of the modern world were men...

Why do modern christcucks think that ancient pagan Europe was some kind of ancient version of the modern world were men would fuck ''traps'' and have homosexual orgies at the baths? Do they really believe ''traps'' were a thing in the ancient world?
Why do they claim that christcucks were some kind of valiant defenders of family values when Rabbi Jesus told them to forsake their families if they didn't want to be christians themselves. Most christians were themselves accused of licentious practices and I'm sure that it's more than just rumors.

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>why are christcucks retards
Diseugenics over a period of several hundred years. They would not be allowed to learn to read and write, except for the very best who got to become monks and learn reading. But they would not be allowed to breed.

Diseugenics is what made the christcucks into what they are today

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um well because modern evidence supported that notion, faggot.
and in what way are you divorced from this supposed system of dysgenics? are you of a special breed crafted by a secret society?


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>um well because modern evidence supported that notion, faggot.
proofs, faggot? show me proofs that ''traps'' were a thing in pagan europe

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The world was never fully christcuck. It was mainly a thing for the cityfolk, until they committed seppuku fairly recently when they brought in millions of niggers while shipping their jobs overseas. In America it was different, your ancestors were pretty much the christcuck version of Taliban who traveled to the new continent because you weren't allowed to worship rabbi Jesus in exactly the way you wanted to.

Furthermore there's also picrelated when it comes to Europe. Jews have repeatedly made christcucks so retarded that they've lost entire cities to foreign hordes. So even though there was diseugenics there was also ethnic cleansing of the retarded christcucks - making everything better.
>What are some examples of this
Spain, Constantinople, Rome(repeatedly), North Afrika, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, etc. Not to mention that the communists who acted the same way against the weakened christcuck nations (Russia and eastern Europe) in the 20s as muslims had done several hundred years earlier.

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Heh, come back for more eh?
>when their own pagan sources mention several kinds of homosexual faggotry, at least two emperors who took it up the ass. It'll take me a minute to pull up the imperial trap as well, just have some patience and seethe about what I've already posted in the meantime.

When meme flags and American flags support your opinion, you know on what side your opinion stands.

>The world was never fully christcuck. It was mainly a thing for the cityfolk
severe delusions implanted by the electric kikelbox


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Found it

Christcuckery 1000 years ago filled the function that basedboy anti-racism does today. A religion for the retarded betamales and omegafemales in the cities.

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Well there were very small groups in Greece and later Rome, but very short lived, that allowed for homosexuals as warriors or some kind of priests.But if we are take the entire history then no, homosexuality was looked downed upon and the idea of transexuals wasnt even perceivable.

And yet in the same time period...

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Dude, you're fucking Romanian, not Nordic. Stop Skyrim LARPing kid.

Really? Look here. . Supported by pagan roman sources, not "christian propaganda sources"

>source: Historia Augusta
>autorship: Disputed

>author: Cassius Dio, Suetonius aka people that had beef with the emperor and wanted to shit talk him.

my question still stand CHRISTKEK, prove to me that transexualism was widespread in the roman empire and that pagan man fucked ''traps''

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There's a couple underage kids in Romania who think they wuz prussian phenotype and eschew romanian nationalism in favor of germanic-flavored globalism.

you're full of shit dog. Elagabalus only reigned like 5 years or something before the legionaires killed him. prove to us that ''traps'' were an integral part of pagan rome. I'll wait

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Nero ruled Rome for 13 years and that is not representative of every emperor.
And as I said homosexuals were given very little rights and only in later period after they entered the decadent phase.

they are patological liars and deceivers no different from their jewish cousins
exempli gratia , quoting some emperors and very late degenerate upper class vices confined to Rome/Greece to imply such practices would've been even remotely tolerated in all of Europe or even Rome or Greece just few century before them

though I'm sure some similar liars in the future will use the modern church pedo scandals as "proof" that all christians throughout the entirety of the last 2000 years were pedophiles

And how well did his tactic work out for him? Murdered by the christcuck and monarchs he supported, was he not? He just tried to be pragmatic that's all. Most Romanian Nationalists were already christcucks and followed a slightly less cucked version of what cuckstianity was in the rest of the world. But ultimately his tactic of aligning with the christcucks failed, as did he.

If you've ready anything by Codreanu you would realize very fast that he was a christcuck in name only. He promotes the christcuck identity, like some people today promote the overnational "European" identity. But he only uses it as a unifying identity, he does not share any of the despicable cucked christcuck ideology.

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Fuck, I have to finally get off this website someday soon. Too many cringe delusional losers.

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Dude, when you reject 1000 years of european tradition for what YOU believe is true, and you are probably not a scholar, you cease to be european.

>if you are a christian you are a European
Phillipe I hope you are ready to call all of those niggers European then because they are the only ones who follow this decrypt religion.

>evropa protecting pagans
Marauding savages whose only way of life was destroying, raping and stealing shit like a gang of niggers
Conquerors who built the west, pushed the moors out of Iberia and the roaches out of the Balkans

just because my ancestors made a mistake it doesn't mean we have to perpetuate their mistake

The niggers are not the heirs of 1000 years of european blood and tradition. What you promote is some kind of communism : you believe what you think and what you imagine are the best for the men even if no one tried it.

>Christcucks cease to be European.

There should be written a book where this is repeated 50 times on each page for 200 pages

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A bad investment is a mistake. Solding a house for a little price is a mistake. Putting your children in a not-so-good school is a mistake. 1000 years of culture is not a mistake but a millenial tradition.

>The niggers are not the heirs of 1000 years of european blood and tradition
And neither are christians, it was the local people that made Europe great not its religion.If that is what you believed.
> What you promote is some kind of communism : you believe what you think and what you imagine are the best for the men even if no one tried it.
At this point I would rather have state communism than whatever form of government we have where everything is destroyed and my people racemixed into oblivion.

1. Take off that memeflag, retard
2. If you would have read the (now archived) thread that came before this, I was making the point that the Roman Empire was already in a decadent state before Christianity; Yes, them being *late degenerates* is precisely my point, since it is - among other things - part of why Rome fell, rather than Christianity.

Furthermore, modern catholic church pedo scandals are a symptom of the current era of decadence of the western church.

Yes, they had relatively short reigns. Nero ruled for 13 years, Domitian ruled for 15, Caligula (who also engaged in homosexuality) ruled for 4. Mark Anthony didn't even get to the ruling part. Yet that's far more prevalence than you'll find among Christian emperors, especially considering the relatively short time period (0 AD to 100 AD) you find the emperors I listed in. So already just from a cursory glance, 32 years out of 100 Rome was ruled by faggots. I'm quite sure the USA has had fewer years in the last 100 years with an actual known faggot president ruling.

1. Memeflag off
2. To all accounts I can find, nothing indicates to me that Patriarch Miron had anything to do with Codreanu's assassination, as it was orchestrated by the (germancuck) king directly. Truly, it's more of a story as to why you shouldn't trust prussophiles and germanic LARPers.
3. Your claim that you would 'realize very fast that he was a christcuck in name only' is false. If anything, Codreanu acted as close as a man in the time period could to Jesus - yes, including the killing of Manciu.

What you promote is not some kind of "nordic religion" you imagine, without any textual basis ? What the nordics used to believe is probably very different from the cool mythology you built up in your mind thanks to Tolkien, mangas and Marvel. Of course it's a very cool mythology but this is completely different from what the nordics or southern pagans used to believe.

>christcucks build the west
>not the renaissance men that had to talk in code in order not to be found out by the inquistion

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jew nigger detected

Whats your point? The christian emperors after were also faggots, doing orgies, fucking kids or doing horrendous things.Why do you only focus on only this subject and completely ignore the other?

the fact that nobody talks about Codreanu and the christcuck church doesn't give a fuck about Codreanu tells me all I need to know about this religion

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The Inquisition is a tribunal. It leads to 5000 death sentences over 400 years. In comparison, secular tribunals hanged and beheaded hundred of times more. You are falling for the jewish trap : Inquisition was not a totalitarian institution.

Pedro, English is not my native langage but still I am trying to communicate with humans on this board, I'd appreciate if you can do the same.

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1. give me back my money, gypsy filth
2. I do agree that the empire was already in decline, the healthy sons of Mars and hyperborean Apollo would've never converted to a slavish shitskin judaean religion by themselves, obviously

yet, pointing out these late examples to make a general statement about paganism is about as reasonable as pointing out the degeneracy of modern "christians" to judge high middle ages catholicism

Let's not forget that Christians have the best drug-fueled gay orgies and they predate on male pre-pubescent children.

Bro, listen, I'm speaking for your own good. Just be an atheist if you don't want to be Christian. I've been both. Spare yourself this embarrassment.

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You must be mistaking this with someone else. You'll find no promotion of the neo-European religions by this ID, just pure Counter-Semitism; which includes christcuckery, judaism, islam and more.

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>Inquisition was not a totalitarian institution.
fuck off nigger. We know about the bogus witch trials and the torture. fucking kill yourself nigger

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What is the point of these threads? Pagans aren’t a thing, there is no pagan movement. Why are these here?

>them tities on the one of the left

It's very hard to differentiate between the folklore and the tradition and the beliefs. For instance, you probably like Christmas trees without believing in the nordic gods. You can not transpose what you believe is true about southern or nordic religions on historical facts.

My point, that I am continuing from the previous thread, is that roman pagan decadence (from the prevalence of treason/destruction of the sense of duty to the actual full on homosexuality) is what led to the fall of Rome, not the incidence of Christian converts who were opposed to these leads.

>argument ad irrelevance
Codreanu had and still has more adherents than pagancuckery. So why are we talking about meme fringe natsoc larpagans, when they're such a minority they make trannies look numerous?

1. You're still posting a memeflag. At this point the best assumption you can have is that you are posting from Israel, which is the assertion I will make until you stop posting with a memeflag.
2. Then we come back to the fact that the OP posted this because of a previous thread, in which the argument posted (traps and sexual degeneracy in late Rome) was posted as part of my argumentation against the idea of Christianity being the cause of the Fall of Rome. If I wanted to make a general statement against paganism, I'd rather base it on the existence of the cock cutting priesthood of Cybele, the Galli en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galli (hint: they used cut more than just the tip)

Christians are autistic degenerates. Neopagans are christians ashamed of christianity.

Stop, don't be a simp, we are better than the animals of the earth who only think about sex and food.

>We know about the bogus witch trials and the torture
Which were not conducted by the inquisition. As for the torture, it's basically a protestant fabrication to justify butthurt against the Catholic Church.

Still waiting for you mention the battles where pagans headed the Reconquista and the defence at Vienna

>pagan concept created by christianity

words words words

Like any tribunal, Inquisition had some torture tools. To obtain the permission, inquisitors had to send a letter to a bishop or a lord. Torture was not used to make the criminal spits out his faults - you REALLY believe that your ancestors were stupid enough to consider that a speech obtained through torture is valid ? - but to make him denounce his fellows AFTER it was proved he is guilty.

Torture was also used by secular tribunal. And it's still used today.

And where did I say that christianity was the reason of their destruction? If they were not rotten in their core then a foreign religion and culture would had not been able to be accepted as the new default of the empire.But that does not change the fact christianity is not some magical religion that is the word of god or is correct in their belief about human nature.
I am not and nor do I claim to be.

Because there’s at least one or more autists dedicated to making it a thing, but doesn’t realize that’s it’s cringe and retarded to everyone else

you larpers are so hilariously sad

>christian emperors after were also faggots, doing orgies, fucking kids or doing horrendous things
The Spartans fucked their children and the ancient Greeks were complete faggots in case you didn't know