USA had the UFO for decades

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No one cares.

Fuck off Bob, let's see your college credentials you lying piece of shit

I watched that whole thing.

If you can't tell he's a bullshit artist, you live in the wrong country.
When he describes how it flew etc ... it's like c'mon man!

all his personal records were wiped after he came out publicly announcing area 51.

I am good with catching people lying, he is telling the truth.

The original Bob interviews were great. The way he explained the way the UFO creates gravitational fields and effectively "rolls downhill" made a lot of sense. But in his Netflix show and Joe Rogan interview he came off poorly, and I don't believe him any more.

If it's true, and if all the rumors about the government having alien tech are true, the Columbia and Challenger disasters would be a massive scandal, and also wouldn't make sense. Why would NASA allow itself to look so bad if they had better tech? They could have easily propped up some scientist as the "inventor" and papered over the UFO stuff.

Go away with your distraction PsyOp, shmule.

No you're not.

why are jews so obsessed with pushing aliens?
ancient aliens is all jews, the entire show.
I guess it's just fun misdirection from you, huh

>Why would NASA allow itself to look so bad if they had better tech?
national security

Wouldn't the government has taken bob out if he actually knew anything by now?

I still don't buy it. This was the space race and at some point the benefits of intimidating the Ruskies with superior tech would outweigh the potential to use it as a weapon.
Perhaps, though, we didn't (in 2003 still) know enough about it to use it for space travel. So maybe a more accurate version of lazar's story is that we have the tech but are still studying it. However the date 2004 of the incident would still make Columbia a scandal if it was govt.
Call me moralfag but I just don't think government agencies are that sociopathic that they would just let soldiers (and astronauts are technically soldiers) die for the sake of 4D chess. Which actually leads me to think the 2004 incident was ETs, and it lines up with alien visitations coinciding with major wars.

they did. By discrediting him.

don't know. Bob has both of these types: lying piece of shit wierdo UFO tinfoil hat faggot and really involved guy who just seen some shit but knows nothing what to do with that. and using Okkama razor I tend to pick the lying piece of shit, because it workd in 99.9999% cases like ak47 and almost never fails.

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I remember watching this one. Phil's account is the one that seems the most genuine though

Yas Forums ayy files #1

Remember the wars in the middle east? Do you reeeeally think it was WMDs they were looking for out near goblekli tepe? Why did ISIS invest so much of its activity in destroying and defacing historical sites?

>be US
>have something for decades
>still can't identify it

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all his public records were removed by cia

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Stanton Friedman addressed that, you would know if you bothered watching the clip, your worthless retarded kike.

Bob is an obvious fraud who used to pimp women:

I watched it, his ((((friends)))) are compromised

LOL us gov kills thousands daily without batting an eye you naive child

It is not hard to research this guy and find the truth.

He is a liar!

Summary from what I remember. He got himself in a local newspaper for his rocket car, which actually landed him a job at area 51, but he wasn't working with aliens or doing anything he claims. He really did bring friends into the desert to see lights over area 51, and claimed they were alien space ships, when they were likely weapon tests that break some treaties. The govt arrests him interrogates him realizes he is an idiot and liar, but they agree to release goin on the condition he maintains his lie of UFOs

Nobody is falling for this shit anymore. It’s being shilled as a distraction, even if it’s true. We need to deal with the knife at our throat before we can set our sights back on the stars.

Aliens are real ???? OMG

This is what most people miss. He thinks he seen alien craft when it was always government tech. The alien psyop is that the government pushes the alien nonsense when it's actually black budget technology.

There's definitely something. i and a friend have seen them, together, 110% sober. Idk what they were, but they were big, extremely fast, and not conventional aircraft. Not a larp, not a hoax. Mind-bending shit. Probably piloted entirely by computer, not sure humans could withstand the g-forces their acceleration from a stand-still would create, but who knows.