Gotta give it your best shot

Stupid rostie whore falls 115ft to her death trying to get the perfect angle for her jewbook account in Turkey to celebrate end of the lockdown. How many times has this happened in the past 10 years? When will these cunts learn?

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When approaching cliffs I like, lay down on the ground and crawl towards them before I get anywhere near the edge

She hit the wall and fell off.

>reported as dying to the virus

Well, I'm going to hell for laughing.

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God, do I love Darwinism.

its the wall that hit her



Another death blumpf must answer for

Somehow, this is the most exciting news about the virus.

Is onions the drinking water in leaf-land?

every death in 2020 2021 and 2020 is corona related zog needs big numbers to implement agenda 2030 global communism where you don't own nothing goy


>Suspitsina climbed over a safety fence in the park and posed for an image on the edge of a cliff in front of its scenic waterfalls, before slipping on some grass and plummeting roughly 115 feet
>Her horrified companion called emergency services, who pulled Suspitsina's lifeless body out of the water and took it to the morgue of Antalya Forensic Medicine Institue for an autopsy. Authorities determined her death was an accident
>Olesya was a smart and cheerful person. She set goals and made them happen
everything about this is absolutely retarded

"smart and cheerful"
She was definitely one of the things.

Why even bother adding the quarantine element to this story? Are we supposed to subconsciously associate ending the quarantine with death by misadventure?

tell rabbi yeshua i said hi

She tested positive for the wuflu.

It'll get more retarded when her death is coded COVID-19 related.

I'm sure even the cheerfulness dropped just slightly after she did.

Tell him yourself

>Olesya was a smart

>Olesya was a smart

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Natural selection, let it be.

and nothing of value was lost

What the fuck was she doing in Turkey in these times anyway? Being a traitorous whore?



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He can’t keep getting away with it

she didn't the wall, she hit the goddamned floor