ADL Steam Extortion

ADL most recent attempt at extortion.

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Give the "report" a read, they constantly make thin veiled threats towards Steam if they "don't do enough" to erase wrong speakers.

Not a novel approach from them.

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Most of the examples on this "report" of how Steam is creating the next wehrmacht are some random old edgy posts.

They go as far as to include profiles of Pepe in their lists of "Steam radical users" examples.

Valve usually doesn't give a fuck.

Go check how much money ADL is worth, how much they revive in donations and tax cuts, and their direct involvement on training police and FBI agents.

If you want to read some more about the history of the ADL read this. They did shit like illegal wire taping and document forgery, etc.

FUCK that Jewish supremacist shit hole. Bump.

ADL manage to revert the circumcision ban of Iceland when they started making threads of how this could "ruin their image and finances".

It does not matter what Valve thinks.

parasitic kike organisation doing parasitic kike shit

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I want to go to law school and become a lawyer just to go after these kikes. I refuse to believe that their activities are legal


Imagine your whole existence is to destroy people’s lives and you claim you’re the good person.
I hate the ADL with a passion.

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Oh no they found my steam profile

Gaben's jewish so its okay

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>I refuse to believe that their activities are legal

Technically a lot of shit they do/did is not legal. But with their money and network of influence they are, in a way, above the law.

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LMAO no, steam is worth too much money for countries to ban

How do you extort a private company that has a monopoly?

They literally don't have to listen to you or even respond

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>If people or institutions treat behaviors on the lower levels as being acceptable or "normal", it results in the behaviors at the next level becoming more accepted.

>Levels 1, 2, 3
>White people are the fucking worst
>Levels 4, 5
>Kill whitey


This report really hits deep..., how many nazi killers has Steam produced?

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every single one of them
at least there'll slowly be science supporting that, by really smart and feminine ladies who fight the just cause
that way men can easily be kept out of the dialogue

False flag, i bet it one of their employee account

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It's not extortion. It's cataloging. They want to be able to charge anyone they want with a hate crime, either antisemitism (ADL) or racism (SPLC).
>Your honor, the defendant was also a user of Steam, a service that the ADL has listed as a hotbed of anti-semitic rhetoric.
>Also here's an image of him displaying an "o-k" hand sign, recognized by the SPLC as a definitive white supremacist signal
>the jury gasps
It's a simple explanation why basically everything is either racist or anti-semitic on those two sites.

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time for a raid. use only jewish quotes. no christian or muslim hate, JUST.JEWISH.QUOTES.

If Steam cucks im done with them

you know "these visualization" remined me of "visualization" showing iran will get nuke in 2 months or whatever

get woke..get?
steam will answer it

This makes sense.

they’re surveilling steam friends lists..

fuck these fucking jews fucking hell

Even if this was true, Steam is too well loved and works too well for (((them))) to be able to do anything about it, really. It's very international and if anything, the average user-base of Steam resembles the average polack in many ways.

What are they hoping to achieve?

The boomers in our government take their word as gospel and will bend over backwards in order to avoid being the next target of scrutiny. I suspect they are going to try and pressure the government to make it so you have to put in all your dox to make an account, since they've had a hate-boner for online anonymity for a long time.

109 is still too few it seems. I don't want them to die or suffer though, at all, I want them to have nice big piece of land where they can torment and exploit all of the dumb philosemite goyim as much as they want. Everyone gets what they want, the philosemites just aren't consciously aware that they want to be treated like shit.