Do niggers even have the capacity for original thought...

Do niggers even have the capacity for original thought? Or is it just our current post-modern (((society))) that doesn’t show respect to European greatness and achievement without blackwashing it out of jealousy?

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Imagine painting that thing, spending hours looking at the features, the curve of her face, the swell of her lips, and not realizing how insanely ugly it is

Considering that their music mostly consists of samples taken from actually talented musicians, I would say no.

Black culture has entered a dark age. They used to write Jazz and Blues. Now they just steal sounds.

Otherwise they'd have a culture and would be angry at blackwashing.

dude at least she gave credit to the actual painter. she redrawing it . she didnt say, "we waz original painters and sheeet"
its ok

>that particular earring

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what if it's a self portrait?

>nig-eye’s you in disgust

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Look at how horrible it is compared to the original.

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She needs to thin her paints.

At what point is a black man a nigger? Is it based on his appearance or behavior? What about those with significant white admixture?

it's actually a good painting. I don't know about the durag though. Could've chose a better subject or maybe someone with natural african hair.

>Ayo you got fri cheeken?

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Well blacks have created nothing in history, so it's kind of obvious they have to come

They have diminished frontal lobes. So their capacity for original thought and self discovery is limited

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Two thin coats should do the trick

Niggers have minds of children. Very retarded children

You clearly know nothing about art

This is offensively ugly, but not at all a bad try. Wish more people were inspired to draw like this than CalArts tranny cancer or those Facebook drawings with purple and orange people with shoulders 10000x the size of their heads.

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Right, because White artists have never aped the style of other artists. I'm sure no white person has ever made self portriat in the same vein as the Mona Lisa or Vermeer's "Girl with pearl earring"

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based behelitposter

that isn't the point you absolute retard

Oh right, when a black person uses a preexisting piece of art of media they're low-IQ monkeys too dumb to come up with an original thought. But when a White person bases their art on a preexisting piece of artwork it's a wonderful display of them making transformative media.

Simple shit like light source and contrast are completely lost. The conveyance of longing and mystery replaced by disgust and repulsiveness.

I'd say the girl in is borderline ugly and the composition is boring as fuck. Photography can be art, but that picture is pinterest trash. The problem with copying real art is how badly most people are going to fail, how many shitty Starry Nights have you seen? You can suck a huge back of dicks for your what aboutism however. The OP's subject is garbage, no doubt about it.

It's a niggervolution

Both of those are white artists you fucking mong
If a white person copied the work of a POC artist to the extent shown in OPs post they'd be accused of "whitewashing". That's the whole problem, and it's fucking sad you don't see it.

Pic relatively related.

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you're still missing the point retard. that's not what this is about.

I'd call it behavior. I'm happier to deal with a gorilla that displays intelligence and empathy than someone good looking that acts like a... well like a nigger.

Whites/asians/latinos who act like niggers and they deserve the same treatment/punishment. The problem is, low IQ, low empathy, and a culture that embraces violence, stupidity, and victimhood breeds niggers very efficiently.

There are great black artists, she's just not one of them.

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Everything about black american culture is envy towards white Americans and Europeans.