Why are people freaking out about Chink military build-up?

>two ramp-based aircraft carriers with only 24 fighters between them
>catches on fire frequently
>bootleg F35 "stealth" fighter can easily be tracked by 90's/00's radar
>exhaust billows huge plumes of black smoke
>Chink J-20 can't attack ground targets
There is nothing at all threatening about a military that is held together entirely by paperclips, shoddy welding, and unearned pride.

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Also inb4 some slant calls me a kike for saying bad things about China.

China uses soft power and sharp power, look these terms up.
USA uses SATAN power and mamzer power, very kinky!

I'm not particularly concerned about their "navy".

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most Chinese military equipment is only useful for suppressing descent. Having large army doesn't give you any benefit if that army has no fighting experience. The last time china thought an actual war was with Vietnam in late 70s, which they lost. China is a land power that will never be able to compete with anglo-french sea powers.

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I'm more worried about the billions of bugmen the Chink Communist Party can easily throw at us in a zerg tactic, and the Democratic bugmen in the US who would willingly bend over backwards to allow it.

That's some nice hubris there.

Literally all China needs to focus on right now is regional control. That doesn't take anything super amazing other than lots of people and shit that can kill.

East vs. West is being made asymmetric on the East's terms. The amount of resources we would have to pump into force projection vs. their regional control with basic shit is yuuuuuge.

No wonder China created the word "Paper Tiger", because the Chinese philosophy Is being Piper Tiger.

You must LOOK LIKE a strong army but in the end they are not that strong.


lmao wuhan virus was chinas wmd... and its basically nothing

we have jets and shit that can kill them before they even know what happened... we could erase their entire high command with stealth drones in just one night... they have nothing on us

China is a paper tiger

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We are financing their military buildup. Check out Roger Robinson

With a few economic sanctions, chinks would run out of dogs to eat and be uncapable of sustaining an army.

They already did. Most western anglo-sphere countries have vast Chinese minority population that can/already are mobilised to serve as spies. For example in Vancouver as a money-laundering haven and in Australia university clubs with the aim to subvert Chinese students into obeying CCP orders.

Have you boys seen your country? Have you seen what you have done for europe?

Tick tock, chinky-poo

There's a Chinese laundromat right outside every military base in the USA

only those who dont know better fear the sickly pale dragon

>people freaking out
Nah, it's more about CCP lovers boasting about the Chinese quality "new military" equipment, which actually are scraps of Soviet Union vehicles being reused.
This "new" aircraft carrier Liaoning was a Soviet-era hull that was bought from Ukraine in 1998.
So yeah, chinks don't know how to build, but they have to buy old junk from foreign countries.

China has made no fucking friends as of late. Their ambassadors running around blaming everyone and also threatening import sanctions in all directions when they're dependent on importing 80% of what they eat is not helping matters.
China has very few friends left and they're rapidly running out of them.

Which the US has been doing for the past two decades.

China has come up short in every measure, now it's learning that it's harder to grow trees in the sky. Chinks destroy themselves in a repetitive cycles, no need for whites to do anything.

Really?? I thought they were our only friends? After Netherlands and Germany refused to help us with Eurobonds.

You enjoying all the masks they sent in return and charged you for?

You are a satanic bloodthirsty golem. Hell awaits.

You are a *literal* agent of the Antichrist. And a flabby, stinky degenerate to boot. Hopefully your HumVee catches an IED lardass.


Hell awaits. And that shit is *forever* fuckhead.

Built completely out of fake and gay.

No because they were all sized by Germoney and Hungary. Barbarian destroying europe again.

Fuck the EU.

Dutch premiere telling people that they won't give money to Italy.

EU is another problem, I quite agree. But China is not making friends with their threatening to cut off their extremely marked up monopolies after emptying out everyone's stocks.

You don't understand if China isn't a threat then there is no reason for you to spend so much on shiny new toys.

>Dutch premiere telling people that they won't give money to Italy.


go back to making purses chang

At this point who should we trust?
In time of need we have been abandoned by everyone, even by our closest allies.

Kys germankike.
We are also a net contributor and yet we received nothing other then ridicule.