Prove you’re not a conformist bitch

say ONE (1) bad thing about this country I’ll start.

>Bullying at home, school and work is very common

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It is the most corrupt nation in the developed world due to the extensive power of modern zaibatsu, the dominance of the civil service and the nearly powerless elected government that is basically just a crony capitalist scouting association.

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They’re pretty racist and deny their ww2 war crimes.

Their women kept starring at me on the kansai line trains, the fuck is their problem?

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Bullying is a good thing though. We have a rise in autism and weird kids because they DONT get bullied.

At least once a month your subway train will suddenly stop and you'll get delayed because someone jumped in front of it.

the weak should fear the strong

Were you doing something socially unacceptable or did you forget to shower that morning?

You’re a fucking retard if you think autism is caused by lack of bullying

kek I read somewhere the family of the suicide victim has to pay the train companies for lost time. I don’t know if that still happens but kek they seem to be fed up with it

Vast majority lack any imagination and creativity of any kind, the effect of shinto beliefs on their culture fostoring a society that is very prone to groupthink. Also, the needs of maintaining "face" or the "honor" of yourself and those you represent(family, friends, corporation etc.) make them very timid where courage is needed. See That's a positive, tho :V

Simple. You’re white and you’re in their land.

It’s literally kids that didn’t get bullied when they were younger. They got away with having retarded meltdowns and the other kids never made fun of them to make them stop.

working morale (exaggerated)
porn censorship (installed by the usa)
"it cant be helped"

They have close to zero natural ressources and close to no vacant place to build. This is why they had to invade China and korea in the past. Without trade this country would be a shithole.

They are personal sluts of the Amerimutt master.

Being actually Japanese, I can go for hours about what went wrong with this country.
I can't be bothered to write an essay at 10PM, but to summarize:

>Light civic nationalism
>Lack of proper monarchism since 1945
>Utterly awful diplomacy (since forever)
>lack of culture of debates, discussions, accepting controversies
>Lack of weapon ownership culture (It wasn't the case 500 case ago)
>Continuously apologizing for nonexistant "war crimes" other than the obvious crime of not smashing China earlier and attacking the soviets and defeating the JewSA
>Lack of proper religious attitudes since 1945
>Subculture pretty much nonexistent since 2007 (Japan stopped being a game/ animation powerhouse)
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>Prove you aren't chinese

Failed already Chang.

>>Continuously apologizing for nonexistant "war crimes" other than the obvious crime of not smashing China earlier and attacking the soviets and defeating the JewSA

Well be honest, Italy wasn't too good of an ally just for attacking Africa, and well you saw the fucked web Germany made itself.

Congratulations, you are one of the very few foreigners that actually understand my country

Shinto is just primitive paganism, it has nothing to do with groupthink: that's racial.

Their seniority culture is fucking retarded, allowing for unproductive old cunts to do fucking nothing and not be fired.

Bullying is good thing. Bullied person becomes stronger or don’t reproduce.

>Being actually Japanese

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Used panty vending machines, lolicon, refuses to have a military, etc.

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>and as always, fuck jannies!

Italian soldiers were perfectly fine, it's just that they're generals were aweful. The Italians did well under German generals in warmer weather. Attacking Greece was also very stupid.

Now the majority of Japanese were very upset with the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. In fact the prime minister quit over that. Aside from the obvious that the Germans couldn't be trusted (no offense), they didn't realise that Germany couldn't fight France without securing some kind of peace with Jewish occupied Russia, because the Japanese are that out of touch with diplomatic common sense. And then, the Japanese retailiated to the German backstab by never calling for their help against the Jew-occupied Russia. Really, that in itself caused the loss of WW2 in my opinion.

>Congratulations, you are one of the very few foreigners that actually understand my country
I read a book once. It was by a gaijin who has lived in Japan for forty years watching the Japanese destroy their own country. In the west we destroy our countries with immigrants. In Japan you (if you are a Nip) destroy it with concrete, civic centres in every declining village, paving over every single waterway - all funded by gargantuan subsidies made to the disgustingly bloated cement industry every year that props up the employment of millions of Japanese citizens. This sort of shit is exactly why Japan has spent 30 years suffering from an economic hangover. I love Japanese culture and the spirit of the Japanese people, which makes it even harder to stomach what they have done to themselves since the American Occupation.

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went from bullying china,korea and usa with wars to being the amerimutt bitches,literally needing a whole fleet of amerifats soldiers to defend them from big daddy china and north korea

Censored pornography.

They are an authoritarian state masquerading as a socialist one.

Wait no... that is your paymaster, China.

Based Shinji.