If he’s innocent why won’t he release the papers?

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is that even biden?

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Why would a former staffer come forward 27 years later? She wasn't interested in justice then why would she be interested now?
This is obviously a ploy, she's being made to sacrifice herself so Biden can have a respectful and measured response to allegations that will ultimately be proven wrong. They're trying to get ahead of the creep angle by making Biden look considerate of women's dignity compared to "grab them by the pussy" based Trump.

Its mexicos president

Biden was very concerned about his political papers being examined. What positions could Biden hold that could be used against him?

Biden must release his full record stored at the University of Delaware

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isn't the thing that her mom called some late night show where she broke down and blablah doesn't want to come forward, such a great person, can't say who blah blah blah
when someone posts it, the thread usually descends into a mad house of pro and anti biden people
also wasn't just any staffer, but a young girl doing an internship like thing

That’s not him

Dude that looks more like AMLO to be honest faam.

#meetoo = #bonusgibs

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The files cant be released because hes running for president and theres many secrets in those files only secret people are supposed to see

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>considerate of women's dignity

jesus christ what a dirty fuck man

i can't wait to watch him swing with bush jr, obama, clintons and the rest of the gang.


This is clearly a baseless political hackjob. It is so transparent that it is pathetic.

They want the papers because she made a complaint when it happened retard

All celeb pedos are getting BTFO by 12/21/20 by way of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction.

he's not running for president....he's running to be a candidate for president

Joe “molester” Biden is at it again

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Trump may have planted Tara into Biden's staffing almost three decades ago
Tara is a Trump plant in order to wipe out Biden because Trump knows he can't win

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Thats not biden though

Now that's some 7D candyland thinking

Uncle Creepy loves having 10 yo girls on his staff!

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You’ve got too much time on your hands.

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>Why would a former staffer come forward 27 years later?
Why would this tape about trump come forwards 10 years later?
These are establishment tactics. Everyone has dirt, the question is why does some peoples dirt come to the light and other peoples end up sealed in body bags.

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>And they say that pizzagate is not real
This made my skin crawl

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the ol cheek suck

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>Why would this tape about trump come forwards 10 years later?
Because Trump denied sexually assaulting women on national TV in 2016, and the producer of Access Hollywood saw the answer on TV and released the tape in response it.


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Why is an open pedo being allowed to run for president?


I thought it was a ballsack at a first glance at the bottom

Damn shame he’s deep into dementia.

He’s a great role model.