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doesn't apple and microsoft and google already do this?
why is this worse?

Every corporation does this. Google does it the most.

>Using default browser
Use Microsoft Edge noobs

What do you expect when buying those crappy rip offs?

>The researcher, however, was able to prove that Xiaomi is recording Incognito mode data as well. In a video, he showcases how the information of him visiting a porn website in incognito mode is being sent to the servers.

I know about google doing this, but they respect incognito mode

>using microsoft products

>chink shit is tracking you
literally don't care, Xiaomi Note 10s are badass

This is the equivalent of allowing kikes into your country and finding them being subversive or allowing in niggers and they ended up looting. In other words what did you think was going to happen with chinks?

I am 100% convinced now that so called "racism" is a natural biological response as a defence against shitty races

Google tracks you no matter what mode you use.

Kek. Really? You are that stupid? Just try for once and check the tracking on porn sites. I stopped that shit years ago and only use Firefox just because its not Kikel.

it's basically a choice between 5eyes and china. i'm gonna chose china

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>"incognito": google graciously permits the user to use a shittier version of its free browser, in which google won't track the user's habits for ad revenue
>some chinks copied google 99% but didn't include incognito
meaningless difference

Exactly. You racists are just trying to make Huawei and 5g look bad. Huawei is here to lift the human race to technological peaks, fuck off bigots
The chinese don't mind data fake news

This sets them apart from every other tech company how exactly?

Pol should get a Cuomo gadget exclusively for chink hate threads. Use it to circulate webms of all their disasters and bug behaviour.

What happens to chang if you browse /po/ threads that shits on chinks in their default browser?

Just because they also do this doesn’t mean it’s not bad when more people do it

Yo I have a xaomi cat feeder
Can it steal my browsing history from lan?

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>It's good when the mutts do it but bad when the chinks do it goyim
The propaganda is ramping up

The CCP locks them up and forces them to mass produce paper cranes for 10 cents an hour

>buying Chinese products at all

>kikes mining data makes it ok for chinks to do it

Chinks are going in the ovens alongside the kikes

>he thinks jewgle doesn't track him in incognito
the only thing incognito does is not remember your history client side so your mom doesn't see it when she types letter p into the search bar

i knew this long ago....
i had a wyze cam which is a renamed Xiaomi cam

i couldn't figure out why would lag an the frames would drop an i found it was connecting to a China ip

Because the Chinese are getting the data instead of God's chosen

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The Chinese Communist Party needs to go. Don't blame the average chink. They are just living under the boot of the CCP.

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I hope they enjoyed the doujins.

>it's only bad when china does it

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It is.
America is your boss now accept it.
With great power comes great responsibility. They cant even handle a biolab

>Handles biolabs for decades
>Handles private information for decades
>Handles global market for decades
>Nothing happens

>Handles biolabs for half a decade
>Handles private information for half a decade
>Handles global market for half a decade
>Crashes gobal economy with no survivors by fucking up all 3.


>implying it wansn't murica who crashed the china
Member 5G and Huawei?

Kys there's some data