Corona in africa and india

what's going on in retarded over crowded countries? Africa has rampant AIDS because they fucking rape children because they think that will cure it. They still have witch doctors. Are you telling me that they are good little boys and girls and they are quarantining? Why aren't we hearing about millions dead in these countries?

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daily reminder for the mentally handicapped

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daily reminder your memes fucking suck

Is that a Spanish or Portuguese girl?


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Corona only kills you in very rare cases, unless you have a comorbidity like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, in which case it jumps to a 50/50 proposition. People in Africa/India are dead long before they get old and fat enough for this, so CV will probably do fuck all there. Maybe a couple of hundred thousand tops.

The economic collapse of the West will cause more deaths as there won't be any aid for a long time.

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You can't have people dying of COVID when you don't test.

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that's an itlian-american teenager.
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Today we entered level 4 lockdown, although its mandatory to wear a mask outside, alot of businesses have re-opened.

On the lazy southern coast where i live nothing has changed, places never closed. the roads are still busy. people are still at the beach. takeaways are still delievering.


The flu pales in comparison to the biological horrors street shitters have to face. It gets out competed.

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>They still have witch doctors
and so people aren't dying of corona, they are dying because a witch used bad juju to put a curse on them.


Most shithole countries are super young and the young are barely affected by covid 19. If you got any comorbidities kill you long before covid gets to you if left untreated.

Also, they are too poor/too dumb to test. The whole of India managed to do 900k tests overall till now. Nigeria 15k for 200m people.

In the end, people drop dead in those places all the time and nobody cares. Why would they now?

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Makes you wonder how Nigeria got that many people. Fastest growing country in Africa.

>Africa has rampant AIDS
Their population has continued to explode despite the supposed aids crisis. Maybe they were attributing all their pneumonia deaths to aids to get some vague numbers

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By having like 8 kids, of which usually 6 died until we gave them food and medicine, so only 2 die nowadays.

You really think having 3 kids dead out of 8 would bother them all that much? It's still better than before.

> slightly worst flu shows up
> only boomers and sick people die of it
> media creates paranoic fear in the population
> scared populations let politicians strip them of their basic rights and freedoms
> people would do anything jew doctors and virologist say to avoid infection
> governments are creating apps to track people for their (((health security)))
> governments already talking of mandatory vaccines
> people are so scared and paranoid that don't give a fuck about having a vaccine or being tracked costantly, they just want this to end
> shithole countries with no value for globohomo seems untouched by the virus

Really makes you think.

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And stripping of rights they sure did...All shops are closed and it's my day 3 without a working water filtration system which I've already bodge repaired earlier tin march to get it working

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didn't you hear, heat kills the virus

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Lol...lick a feverish patient...let's see how well the "heat" works.

>can't test for coronavirus because they'retoo poor
>get to state that their confirmed cases are low because they genuinely don't have the capacity to test
just wait in a few months when they're freaking out over why their was a spike in their mortality rate per month

But do know...the deaths so far is little cause we don't have any rights to go outside (except for food, medicines and banks so'll change, starting on 3rd...let's see what happens after that

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