Reminder :

Reminder :

Change your DNS to

to bypass any kind of government and ISP censorship.

Doesn't work if you are in mainland China. Sorry.

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Why should I trust this?

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You can google/bing/whatever about that dns and find out yourself.
No need to trust me. Just trying to help because I saw in other thread that bongs can't access specific videos due to their censorship.

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Although I agree with you for him being a Russian troll that should fuck off, I would trust a russian server more then an american server. USA is literally the most fucked up country in the world.

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>AdGuard Software Limited was founded in 2009.[6] As of 2017 the headquarter was moved to Cyprus while most developers are still located in Moscow.[7]
This sounds crazy but although I don't trust (((amerimutts))), I don't trust Russians either.
This website runs on Cloudflare so I'll stick to Cloudflare because if they want to fuck us, we'll get fucked anyway.

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>Russian DNS
>Plantext DNS
>Porn posting
>"to bypass any kind of government and ISP censorship."

Dont trust this glow nigger go to and implement DNSSEC for actual security anons.

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Russian government has no authority on adguard. And it is open source.

It has DNSSEC enabled by default and all of your dns queries are encrypted

>dns queries are encrypted

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Seriously, how much does the SVR or whatever Russian intelligence agency pay you for this? I need money to pay my bills, how can I apply to sell my soul lol?

memeflag shills are employed by totalitarian shitholes like china and russia to subdue information

Do you want to collaborate on a website I'm developing? It key purpose will be to teach about the doctrine of fascism, as well as exposing pysops.
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What's the point of doing this?
Quick rundown?

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Those are adguard dns. Useful, but 100% monitored. Better to get something out of it than giving data to google for free though.
The problem with those dns is that sometme they go offline. Use an other dns as secondary.

It is to prevent Jews from sniffing on your internet packages as well as blocking ads natively on your devices without installing any softwares.
And it can bypass dns based censorships and hijacking. Those are mainly done by isps on government orders.

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I've never understood what dns is about.
I just use a vpn.

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But if I use the google dns at least I know that there is a very big organisation behind it. Also they already know everything about me.

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dunno at this point. bunch of russian name servers.
i cant see anything malicious (yet) but would advise people not to change anything all the same.

>USA is literally the most fucked up country in the world
>this coming from the DR
topkek, i mean you're not haiti tier, but still

ngl, could go for a schwarma

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if you're not using unbound someone is recording every site you visit
you can install it on a rpi with an image so being retarded and/or poor are not excuses

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Either DNS works, it doesn't, is censored, or it delivers fraudulent data. No matter what, you are safe, because your computer automatically verifies DNS queries with SSL+TLS root certificates that are already safely installed on your computer. Even the smallest DNS provider, run by a 400lb teenager from his parents basement is just as safe as the biggest three, run by cloudflare (, google (, and cisco ( Either it works or it doesn't. Nothing else matters. There is no need for trust as long as you use https.

The one provided by your ISP is most often fine. They aren't the best performance, but they work and are reliable. Like 99% of the world uses their default their internet company gives them. However, in certain countries, the government asks the ISPs to censor certain queries, in which case you can use a public resolver.

For example in France, the pirate bay is blocked, so I just use a public DNS service (in my case I use google) and then it works. If one day it doesn't, then I'll just use another DNS provider.

Anyone can run a DNS resolver. They are very lightweight. If you don't want to trust *anyone* and be absolutely independent, then learn how to install and configure bind9 and you can just connect to yourself. But that's overkill. You don't need that. There is absolutely no risk using any DNS service, no matter how big or little they are.

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