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Show me what you got

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It just doesn’t add up Tone.

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Fuck me ay tone is such a good meme. This is end of the meme drought good.

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>ay tone, what's the point of performin surgery on inmates if you just kill em later?
>ay tone, why they arrest and charge an officer in the camp for killing and stealing from one of dem Jews? Ain't he just doing his job?

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nice facebook memes dad

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Seen and not heard, son. Dad’s having a good time.

Whoa really made me think. Thank you for correcting the record.

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My favorite meme.
Paulie Walnuts is the best character.

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seethe more boomer

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Its literally just now listen here jimbo

I love how you fucking shill faggots act like the media are lying when that's where you get all your information from. Early months - media is repeating the same mantra that "it's just the flu". You shills use that to prove that it's nothing. Then when shit starts to hit the fan, you all of a sudden start acting like the media have been sensationalizing the virus since the beginning (it wasn't, and technically still isn't) but furthermore use media stock photos and videos as "proof" of some sort of conspiracy.
>b-but muh tiktok videos
Pic related subhuman retard. Obviously WW2 never actually happened, otherwise these soldiers on the front lines wouldn't have had the time to do any dancing or laughing.

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Fuck off Chang no one buys your chink lies.

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Now this is modern art.

The fuck? We're pointing out LIBERALS doing this, specifically Nancy Pelosi regarding the border. How are you confusing us pointing that out with us saying it, dipshit?

I love this greekbro

cringe boomer faggotry



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Imagine taking memes this seriously.


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Listen you Greek nigger I told you they all was fucked.

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