These men are natives from Himachal Pradesh, India. What are your thoughts about that...

These men are natives from Himachal Pradesh, India. What are your thoughts about that? What does Yas Forums think about them?

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They look like they are in a Ace of base cover band

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I hate every single one of you.

They're pretty handsome and seem to have admixture not common to India as indicated by phenotype. Other than that i don't think about them at all.

Stay in India and we'll have no problems

Look like Persian rape babies.

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they look like designated shitting homosexuals

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Yas Forums here . Are they from that greek village?

They are Poos
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No idea. Can you tell more about the greek village?

There's an Indian takeaway in my town and one of the Indians working in it would pass for European. He looked like a Greek desu. I asked where he was from and he said India and I was shocked because he looked like a different race to the other Indians he was working with.

>imagine your village is lost among swathes of poos slowly surrounding you and your people become a little bit swarthier with every generation due to marriages to poo women

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>He looked like a Greek
You might be up to something you know?

Been there, they are the exception. Those eyes are rare but are happening there.

prettiest people in India though, different ethnic groups.

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Probably Alexander the great had something to do with that.

God I wish that was me

>They look like they are in a Ace of base cover band
Kek. Alexander was definitely boy band material. You can see a resemblance.

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Interesting. I just Googled white looking Indians and Greek looking Indian and none of the people in the pics even came close to looking as European as this guy. He had no features whatsoever that Indians have.

Even the Indian father of our Prime minister looks kinda European.

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Indeed he does. Maybe somehow related to Tarim basin mummies?

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Kinda silly that we got an Irishman to play Alexander and not one of these Indian/Macedon chappies. And now you've got an Indian/Irishman as your leader. The modern world.

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His party didn't do well in the election before the Pandemic but he's still in his role because a new government hasn't been formed yet.

I think you mean Malana, if so, no. Malana nibbas be ugly as fuck

Thanks user. I find the Tarim basin fascinating. I think there is still a lot of archaeological finds to be discovered there.

What did we ever do to you?

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Those are some big words coming from a fucking Nepali. Say "salam shaab" say it! Everyday I see Nepali niggers with their fake Aadhar IDs. I wish those chink fuckers would just go back to their communist hellhole. Also, fair warning, if Nepal becomes a traitor and works along the CCP we won't hesitate for a second before nuking your shithole.

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Nuke Nepal. That's fucking crazy user. Pol is a board of peace and earned skill points. If you are going to fight Nepal it will be with conventional weapons and edged blades.

They're actually pretty good with blades, so I'm gonna stick with advanced weaponry