Interracial sex and cuckoldry is bad

>interracial sex and cuckoldry is bad

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>mixed race people look bad to my subjective aesthetics therefore race mixing is bad
>im a citizen and i have total power over society, if i refuse to race mix, racemixing won't happen

Friendly reminder that commie chinks won’t shut the fuck up about interracial porn because they think they’re waging psychological warfare.

>smartness number low for dark humans therefore dark humans need die

>Im a mutt with no identity, and i want the rest of the people to be pathetic like me.

>i have the identity that manmade society gave to me and this identity is very important to me and i must protect
>I don't know who i really am but it doesn't matter, society says im this and that so it's true

>I have no argument against data that contradicts my worldview so I'm gonna use ad hominem and strawmans instead

>smartness number very very important
>human must have big smartness number

>My adn test said im : 30% European 10% Australian Native 20% Chinese 40 % African.

>Im literally nothing, no culture, no home, im a human with no identity.

your kids will love it.the propaganda is churning out content

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The effects of both of centuries can be seen in modern greeks

yes it is shitskin Turkroach

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>my identity is pronouns of citizens of countries
>dark man can't breed my white women just because I'm a pathetic loser that spends his entire life behind his computer

Resistance is futile.

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What is bad for sure is your bait

>taking photos and posting them online is gonna change the world!!!!!

>beauty is subjective
that's where you're wrong, kiddo

Why yes, I do look like doomguy.

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Ok you are a sandnigger or a nigger refugee.



Why yes, it's bad, what's your point?

I see, you are the Greek bitch in the photo.

>the fact that you ridicule me makes me angry and i am going to call you names
>beauty is objective
>is bad
>and the more i say is bad the more people 100% stop racemixing

>haha lollll you are women in photo XDrekt


Africa is a richer land than the desolate lands of Sweden, Iceland or Norway, yet...

>I restated your argument therefore you are wrong
You know what you get with widespread miscegenation? Brazil.

>i say yes so it is yes

>brazil, country that i never been to is bad, because images on tv say so and brazil money number low's been setback by colonialism.

Yikes. Now this is roastie-tier.
This lad is right.

>You know what you get with widespread miscegenation? Brazil.

>yikes haha this is the funny disgusted word lololo rekt
>roastie bad because pussy not look like kid pussy that i very much like

Race mixing is objectively bad.
>Lowers IQ
>Erases the Child's racial identity
>Statistically much higher rates of single motherhood
>Yeah, it also makes for fuck ugly people.

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>interracial sex and cuckoldry is bad

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Colonialism facilitated it's growth, until...
the white man left.

Stay mad, pajeet and don't forget to suck off your Chinese masters. Chinese rule's so much better than European rule, right. lol

>low smartness number bad
>identity exists
>single motherhood bad
>beauty is objective to my subjectivity
>human killing human bad
>i never kill human not because morals but because im a castrated white person without balls to fight
>yes word make things right hahaxd
>homicide bad

Progression is subjective.

You’re so fucking bad at arguing. Your attempts at sarcasm are pure shit. It’s like breadtube personified as a poster

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I refuse to believe you’re actually Greek. You have to be some mutt tourist.