Nordic Supremacy Thread

>'He had already served his sentence in prison. Should he now be punished again?'
>A Norwegian man who was raped by a migrant has said he felt “guilt” after his attacker was deported.
>Karsten Nordal Hauken, who describes himself as feminist and anti-racist, was sexually attacked five years ago.
>he felt bad about the fact the man had been deported to Somalia when he had already served his prison sentence.

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He looks more like Salvini than a Nordic man though. What race would you class him as if you didn't know the text behind the picture, med or nord?

That's right

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>He looks more like Salvini than a Nordic man though.

Yeah a lot of Norwegians look like this, reality is not American media stereotypes.

>What race would you class him as if you didn't know the text behind the picture, med or nord?

Obviously med until I actually saw what Scandinavians look like in general. Because my mind was also tainted by Jewmerican media. You know barely anyone in Ireland and Scotland has red hair too, right?


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Yeah you're the one peddling Jewish filth you fucking imbecile and alienating vast swathes of these populations from their heritage and culture as they 'don't feel they belong' due to their appearance. The guy's family have probably been in Norway since the Viking Age and before, but he 'doesn't look like a true Norwegian' to some abomination amerimutt.

Fuck off you fucking ZOG reared cattle. Fuck off with your bullshit and fucking die.

Sharia law please come. Someone capable of putting fuckers like him down must finally come and settle things straight.

He actually looks very Norwegian. Since they've had so little geneflow historically you can actually notice various facial similarities in a lot of Scandinavians. You can see it between this rape victim and Fenriz. And you can also see it at times between Anders Behring Breivik and Notch.

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You can also see it between Varg and Roald Dahl.

It's you in the picture, isn't it, OP?

He should feel guilty when a White Supremacist beats the shit out of him.

they used to have red hair though...

People here still do, it's just very rare. It was always very rare. There was never a time when everyone here was red haired or even a large percentage red haired. Same with blond in Scandinavia. It's a fantasy, based on old Roman accounts. And it's dangerous bullshit, it just sows division and strife among whites and alienates.

Honestly, I see far more people with blond hair in Scotland than red hair. And I'm talking about men, it's impossible to tell what color women are since they all dye their hair.

Who is this ahMED mutt?

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Scandinavians often have dark hair. Fuck off with this cringe bullshit.

Karsten Nordal Hauken...

med my balls.
he look nordfag as fuck...

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Look just because your white whore of a grandmother welcomed ahMED refugees back at her time it doesnt mean you are scandinavian or european for that matter.

with another haircut he can look like fucking Henrik from red ice.

he is nordic.

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Yeah he obviously does, the people on this board are just legit retards. It's all fucking amerimutts and other colonials. It's embarrassing.

Let me guess, you're a 'purebred German-American'... Germans/Scandinavians think you're a fucking joke.

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>Karsten Nordal Hauken

that name and lastname not sound southern european.

and check this pic..
utterly nordfag,... they "nords" just denie that fag because they not want to accept his people behavior.

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ill ask german/scandinavians when I will need their opinion. In the meantime, get it through your skull that you are not white/european just cause your grandmother was yet another white whore who fucked all the colors of the rainbow.

I have blond hair and blue eyes you fucking imbecile. I think you're a fucking joke, I think you're a fucking embarrassment. If you told anyone in my country you were the same as us due to your stupid blood and ancestry, or even worse just due to your hair and eye color, you would be laughed at and ridiculed. You're a fucking moron, just piss off and die.

imagine they try to denied this fag.

like: OMG!!! he not have blonde hair,.. he not is one of us... lol

if that brown haired guy was a straight masculine man they can totally claim him.
they just have shame of their fellow tribepeoples. XD

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Two possibilities here:
1. You lie (not surprised)
2. You are the yet another white whore Im talking about and you are salty I called you out

Either way: Get out.

He looks very normal for Norway. Nobody would really question where he was from. Americans are just actual retards.

Btw, most women in northern Europe actually don't like blond guys either, they like dark haired guys often with slightly tanned skin. I know as the only women that ever actually take interest in me are meds and non-whites.

Silly ahMED. We know that nobody ever takes interest in you.

I don't give a fuck what stupid fantasies you want to believe, stop shitting up this board with them. Take it to stormfront or something, you're fucking embarrassing and just discredit any traditionalist and rightwing causes with this bullshit. Just fuck off you stupid cunt.

ahMED you became this salty all of a sudden because what I speak is true. Both the part that you think that you are white because your grandmother is a white whore, and the part that you are not.

Yep maybe,... anyway even when he is maybe a "little" more dark than the average nordic ,.. you can see his green eyes and that shape of head, forehead and etc etc.

facexxxx /snuorg/videos/1189381327814010/?t=116

Karsten Nordal Hauken is Norwegian and was RAPED by a Somalian.

end of the story.
nordics just being nordics,.....period.


>nordics just being nordics,.....period

He's an amermutt, he's not nordic. He's just some totally rootless, identityless goyim cattle prime reared by his ZOG overlords.Desperate for some sense of belonging. Desperate to feel part of a tribe.

All nordic men have feminine nature, despite their tallness and athletic build they are feminine inside, and are mean to be fucked and raped by masculine men, such as muslims or niggers.

>green eyes
You are mentally ill ahMED seriously
>shape of head, forehead and etc etc.
what about them? looks like a young salvini who didnt get enough sun to turn his ashy (not pale ashy) skin into brown.

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>All nordic men have feminine nature, despite their tallness and athletic build they are feminine inside,

This is accurate. They're often really soft spoken and timid, shy, introverted and polite. A lot of Scandinavian women these days complain men there never approach them so they seek foreign guys.

Symbol of happiness for all scandinavian modern men.

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