2004 UFO video

>UFO initially detected on aircraft carrier radar moving at 120mph (too slow for modern aircraft)
>F18 hornets dispatched to the point had visual confirmation of the UFO
>Attempted interception caused the UFO to accelerate some 60 miles away in a time that calculated its speed at 42,000mph
>such a speed would cause severe atmospheric heating that sould destroy modern crafts and g forces that would kill a human pilot
>F18s return to the aircraft carrier and armed F18s with advanced infrared cameras dispatched
>F18s confirm both visual and infrared identification
>UFO shows atmospheric heating signature on infrared camera
>UFO had no apparent propulsion system or wings
>As F18s approached, UFO accelerated out of range

This is much bigger than you first thought

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just watch this

Deep fake. Now fuck off jewish retards.

It was confirmed on multiple identification systems by the US navy. It's not a deepfake.

Here's the declassified and redacted US military summary of the encounter

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>Iraq has WMDs
>Flynn lied to the FBI
>Aliens videos are real goyim

Imagine being this dumb.

we've seen this video multiple times for multiple years, OLD

Do you understand what a Deep Fake is?

People should take it more seriously.

I never said Aliens or anything along those lines. I'm saying that this is a well documented event that defies physical explanation. The extra-terrestrial hypothesis is one to be considered though.

Deep fake. Computer neural network generated video.

The Pentagon has confirmed the veracity of the videos. If you think it's a forgery then you'll have to prove it.

So Nazis or Ayys?

bullshit, pentagon confirmed that your f18s got cucked by some fucking ayys lmao

>pentagon confirmed
>Pentagon has confirmed

Ok bots. Who’s paying you to post here?

Fuck off if you're just going to belittle the evidence with no valid reason

pentagon did indeed confirm

>talk about the Nimitz Encounter
>post image from "Gimbal"


>Pentagon confirmed Iraq has WMDs

The government never lies.

I'm going with Agarthans, Atlanteans or Inner Earth Reptilians.


this is not human tech for sure

So? Does that invalidate the entire encounter?

whaouu, it can operate undersea, amazing aliens

Why do you keep posting this on Yas Forums when it’s obvious no one cares about your fake UFO video?

> look ma I moved them again

because you are a skeptic moron

Shows that you don't even know what you are talking about.

How many VPNs do you have?

Do you work for Mossad or CIA?

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aliens are real you must admit it, look the datas and stop the denial

Why didn't they release the footage of it speeding away at 42,000mph?

for you

So Black Cube is the agency spamming this board?

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Its not aliens, its most likely our craft, pentagon released it as a threat to China

this board buttfucked Black Cube's Cambridge Analytica buddies lol
that's a campaign patch that I posted

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