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► Detected: 3,327,246 (+23,026) ► Died: 234,702 (+872) ► Day: 113 (-13:15:00)

— 5.1 billion people under lockdown —
— 212 countries and territories infected —
— 11x more confirmed deaths than swine flu —
— 83 vaccines and 312 treatments announced —
— 4,147 strains have been sequenced —

[YouTube] [LIVE] Coronavirus Pandemic: Real Time Counter, World Map, News (embed)

Maryland Gov. protective of his state’s coronavirus tests

Experts predict up to two more years of pandemic

North America's livestock will be euthanized because of supply chain disruptions due to coronavirus

Russian PM Mishustin Diagnosed With Coronavirus

New York let coronavirus-infected nurses work in upstate nursing home

Doctors In Europe Warn Of Link Between Covid-19 And Toxic Shock Symptoms In Children

WARRING CANNIBAL RATS emerge in US cities as food production crashes from Covid-19 closures

Vitamin D Insufficiency is Prevalent in Severe COVID-19

Remdesivir does not speed up recovery from COVID-19 compared with placebo

EBV acute infection was found in COVID-19 patients

CCP notice to destroy or send them coronavirus sample vials

Coronavirus may lurk deep in lungs after patients recover, study suggests

Self-reported symptoms of covid-19 including symptoms most predictive of SARS-CoV-2 infection, are heritable

Long-term persistence of SARS-CoV-2 and its ability to maintain infectivity in aerosols for up to 16 hours

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Imagine she invites you over to her house to try some TaStY BAT SOUP that she cooked with love especially just FOR YOU!

What do you do?

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>Dead: 239,853
lol, still only 239,853.
How many days has it been stuck at 239,853? Four days? Five days?

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I don’t see anyone talking about gays having less chance of getting it


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>3327246 infected
>234702 dead
stop shilling this stupid bullshit already, this faggot little extinction won't cause an intergalactic cataclysm

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checked, also i don't fall for bats in disguise

>>Elderly are told not to seek help

>Killing the old so they can import younger new swedes
I didn't know sweden was so redpilled.

Jeah happens,see bodys vision blurred...
Stoped giving a fuck going prision 3 months in the future.we will sevive with ease, adapt overcome react;-) love you fuckers

>stop following press briefings for about a month
>stop lurking threads because of influx of tourists, niggercattle, etc
>see that Trump just yesterday announced that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was the source of the wuflu

lmfao, glad the power of the us government caught up to cvg circa 3 months ago

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Gays have not been proven to spread the virus, thus we conclude that gays can in fact not infect others with corona

Imported swedes are sadly always bad quality

Taste some healthy white dick instead.

This has got to have a longer incubation time than anyone has expected.
I mean, the people having protests right now won't all get the disease in a long time maybe, since I swear to fucking god it's mutating to have longer incubation periods and onsets, so we could be looking at a wave every 100 strains already (since it was everywhere in January guys, keep up).

more of a chance of dying from it, faggot


2-4weeks insay

why are you gay

All thay had to do is lurk more

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>gloves, hood, mask, glasses
>go outside
>people don't wear anything, one guy with a mask with his nose outside
>some guy with a mask taking it off to talk
Please Corona, destroy this country.

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Based Edgy Brah.

Trump personally rebuked Bill Mitchell.

Hi sven, we have talked here about longer incubation since February so it seems that this is the reality.
If you look at Italy's timeline
4th of February - HUG a chink to show how much of an NPC SJW you are
21st of February - oh shit, we done fucked up.
That is 17 days, and given that Milan-Wuhan flights were not halted , my guess is it was already silently spread about a week earlier.

You missed a slash OP

How will Bill ever recover?

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Are things going awry yet? All I've seen is farmers in the US intentionally sabotaging product since they're unable to sell to the supply chain.


>first day since LD is lifted
>streets full
>a lot of masks but close to 0 among boomers
I smell paid overtime within a month

2 weeks mean + median, range 2-45 days, +2 sd at 24 day

that's the probable distribution

So its happening as was predicted here. Fun tiems ahead.

Report unusual behavior. Barricade your homes. Avoid all contact with infected individuals. Wait for official instructions.

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Silly boomers

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Let it spread, yesssss

Will Lockdowns season 2 EU edition come out this autumn?

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>intentionally sabotage
why would they continue growing the crop if there is nobody, logistically, to sell it to? if you have a fleet of reefers ready to pick up their stuff and pay them their due so it can go to the hungry, fine, but otherwise the farmer cant just keep sinking cost into a loss

same goes to having to euthanize the hogs and chickens

Why does everyone have such a shitty attention span? No one seems to appreciate that pandemics aren't like movies and drag on for years, but somehow that means it's okay to go back to (((normal life)))

anti lockdown protesters test positive:

Boomers have no concept of reducing relative risk
If the mask can't 100% guarantee they'll never catch the virus then it's not worth wearing to them
Same reason so many of those retards can't into seatbelts

Exactly. It's just the only logical thing that would explain it's behavior. I mean, couldn't longer incubation period also result in different symptoms for people?

I'm starting to think some of us were already infected in early March at the latest.

Kill all fuckin' queers that's mah 'ficcol instructions

only bad thing about it all
my grandma is getting a visit from my brother,father and uncle on sunday
because why not celebrate the end of the LD with some nice dinner....
>this autum
try "this June" ENG.pdf

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