Do you support Israels right to defend itself

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Embrace your tradition goyim, fuck the kikes.

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You kikes are such cowards you have to send your ugly-ass women in to fight the Palestinians and their bottle-rockets.

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Call me a kike one more time

I don't support Israel's right to exist. Nothing lasts forever, apartheid came to an end in South Africa, its only a matter of time.


come on merchant adleast post qts

How much do you pay?

how jews got their nose

Why yes but only when they are in Israel and not in occypied palestine

I did once.
Israel doesn't deserve protection from being a normal modern plurality state.

Yes, that's why I want to stop paying for it.

I agree with the kikes on this point, palestinians deserve to be killed even the babies.

Not only do I defend it. I would go stand on the walls to help protect it if the armies of the world surround it and try to get crazy.

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> serve your masters goyim
how about kys kike

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Juden No
No No No
Juden Go Go Go away No Judenschwein nein nein nein. Stinke pussy Schwein jude Jude jude

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anything for cute girls

>defend itself
>stealing land and murdering
>defending itself

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No, they should be sanctioned and bombed back to the Stone Age for their endless attacks on the USA, from the USS Liberty, to the Marine barracks bombing in Lebanon, to their 9/11 False Flag.

Fuck Israel and Jew too Moshe.

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>jealous mutt

How do I get Israeli gf?

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wtf I love isreal now

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We had enough genocides committed by Arabs on other people. So yes.

I support any people’s right to defend themselves, but the state of Israel is a bizarre one. You cunts were given that land by the grace of the British, and I honestly don’t think it was theirs to give or yours to take.

I'm waiting for you to take your faggot white ass back to europe and give back the land you stole from the indians.

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Why do they need our support? Their big guys
>inb4 4u
They have the strongest military, best intelligence service and most stable economy in the middle east. Rest of the west need not apply.

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What was the Six Day war ? stealing land an murdering ? Israelis are not saints but the surrounding jihadists and child murderers are worse.

Nope sure don’t. Israel is an illegitimate state. You can go live in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, your actual ethnostate. Go defend that and it’s faggot flag ya hook nosed kike.

Imagine being so ashamed of being Jewish, rightfully so I might add, that you put on a meme flag to shitpost lol even jews don’t wanna be jews lol

your tricks don't work here, Schlomo

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Israel actively tries to prevent us from defending ourselves, so no.

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Die kike.

yes. jews are my brothers, perhaps my only brothers.

Israel is a degenerate state where they have fag marches

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Largely bought as well as the land being almost entirely empty. Also, Scandinavians made it to the Americas before any injuns. Quoting some druidic communist isn't a good argument either.

>if you don't support talmudic jews murdering and stealing, then you support islam
Nope. Also, there are plenty of Christians in the Middle East. Or at least there were before the "war on terror" and CIA/Mossad's ISIS.

Nope and those yentas are fucking nasty. Idk why idf shills always post their ugly ass women on here, when there are literally over half a dozen fairly attractive Jewish actresses you could choose from instead. Your average women are hard as fuck to look at.

I support Israel’s right to exist, but I sure as hell will not fight to protect it.
>Fuck Palestinians - Linda Sarsour and Rashida Tlaib’s cuntery officially made me hate them
>The state of Israel keeps Jews out of white lands

If merchant Jews keep pushing “muh diversity” in white lands, then I will join the ranks of those who destroy the Khazarian scum

Israel is on stolen land, it needs to be crushed.

>Imagine being so ashamed of being Jewish
The last people who should talk about people ashamed of their race are white americans.

Look at this Only dumbfuck people like white americans will allow themselves to become a minority in the own fucking country.

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>in the
in their*