Italy general-calabrian governour defies lockdown by dictator wannabe Conte

The gipsie is right.
We must rebel before Conte and his technical junta crash forever this country.

Long live the gipsie

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daily reminder for the braindead npc subhumans

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you know what's funny?
A lot of physicians stated the lockdown was excessive and that COVID is just a bad flu, but the government completely ignored them and instead gave power to ignarant technics who know nothing and only listen to a meme tier leftist physician who said in february that nobody would have caught Coronavirus.

every fascioleghista is a braindead moron, her included. I hate fascist rats so fucking much, go die in a ditch subhumans.
I hope foibe 2.0 happens and we can toss every legaiolo inside


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cope, piddino di merda

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PD is the same shit as lega. Both serve the masons, mafia and jews.
5 stelle is the only honest party in italy for now

damn you are so braindead, filthy faggot lover

it was more accurate when you sperged out against us in the past, by calling us nazifascisti
it shows that you don't understand a single bit of what you're talking about or the people you're told to hate.

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baindead? u are the one shilling for a fascioleghista. Are u even from the south or a cuck polentone?

stessa merda. Bisogna fucilarli tutti


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stupidi, razzisti, servi di mafia, massoni e ebraismo internazionale.

sei troppo studipo mi dispiace

detto da un fascioleghista poi. Non farmi ridere

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Italians manage to be leftards even on Yas Forums
Worst people ever

nice selfie salvinicuck
rightoids are the worst. Go to america if you love fascism and racism. No place for it here. We beat you once we do it again

What happens Monday? Are masks still mandatory? Can we freely move in the same comune/province/region?

wants stronger centralized gov (even tried const. reform)
sides with germans
internal deflation
wants strong currency (euro-quota 90)
destroys internal consumption
wants to make unpopular decisions because they think italians need to be punished

federal gov
doesnt side with krauts
wants the lira back
inflation to promote occupation
promotes internal market
wants to make popular decisions because they believe in our country

k fasciopiddino

Is Calabria a nice place?

I do not vote for PD idiot i already sad they are the fascists lie salvini

Isn't Meloni's party better than both?

not intimidating

false, iq potential is the same as any other average ethnic italian. Wether or not they are degraded or sabotaged by the leftist-driven public schooling system, is another matter.
Therefore, you caused this and then proceed to blame them for being uneducated.

We're not. Surely not in the cartoonishly uninformed stereotype you have built in your mind, which doesn't differentiate for in-group advocacy and out-group hate

>mafia goons
outright falsehood, no other political system has ever been so incompatible with Mafia.
Fascists used to beat, exile and drag the mafiosi in cages around their towns for show, like savage beasts, so that their criminal goons lived in fear and refrained to commit crime.

false. Secret eversive organizations were banned by fascists and looked upon with disgust to this day.

are you fucking kidding me

All in all, you've been fed a lot of lies. Who did this to you? I would start to question their motives.


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all other parties are corrupt, we’re honestih
all other parties are corrupt, we’re honestih

k collaborationist fasciogrillino

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All bullshit. You pilpul like the jews.
I forgot this dumb whore even existed. Same shit like salvini and servant of the evil dwarf and the mafia. All right wing polictians gets investigated because of their mafia connection lol

lol no, most of their deputies and senators suck german cock

Grillo is actually onest like 5 stelle parlamentarians. Not one as been investigated for being in the mafia.
90% of right wing politicians are in the mafia or connect to it

Go back jerking off over Mentana and Fazio porn video you absolute lefycuck

meglio mentana e fazio che sono grandi giornalisti che le tv di berlusconi