A Balanced Breakfast in Shartland

Daily reminder this is what Amerifats consider food

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Only the mutts in the southeast. The southwest has far better food.

here's a europeam delicacy. reddit, let me present the kebab 'za

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Fuck me that looks good.

Bo-rounds are good as fuck. Not a fan of the Cajun filet biscuit, but don't talk shit about Bo-rounds.

Thought the same

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Seethe more europoor. We have choice in what we can eat. Go eat at your kebab stand cause thats all you have left.

>can I get some extra cum on top?

There is more toppings than actual cheese. This could probably work out as a calzone but I don’t think they thought this thing out.

>Only one breakfast sandwich

We don't eat kids meals you idiot, there's gotta be two at least. Personally, I'll throw back four sausage McMuffin with egg and two hash browns and then break the hash brown in half and put the half on in the breakfast sandwich and then out ketchup on it. So fucking good.

All seriousness, I only do this maybe twice a year since I will literally gain a few pounds eating it (takes a week to lose) and it fucks with my training and exercise routine.

60% carbs, 35% grease, 5% foreskins.

That's what I consider an appetizer you starving poor fuck.

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No one is pretending that's good for you

>Going to bojangles
>Literal nigger restaurant on par with KFC

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This. Euro numales can't eat nearly as much or as little as amerimutts.

How are swedish posters so good at making me want to vomit?

t. retarded amerimutt thinks we don't have choice to choose what to eat
At least we didn't choose to eat shit all day, every day.

Looks pretty good です

>Nigger tier food.
>Poor attempt at trolling.

You're an American too. The above proves it.


i would eat that and turn it into gainz. pic related :^)

sorry that you're a skinnyfat dyel, OP. if you lift 4-5x per week it turns your body into a blast furnace

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You fucked up because Bojangles is manna from heaven. Your argument other have worked in any other context, but you picked on of the most delicious culinary creations in existence. I bet you don’t even know that the cup is full of Sweet Tea. And the only sin of this pictures is the conspicuous lack of any Bo’Berry biscuits.

I’m sorry but the Cajun filet is fucking delcious.

the only sin is that it isn't chick-fil-a

Bojangles is great to have once in a while. Love me some chicken biscuit.

You can get a better chicken biscuit elsewhere, but Bojangles is open on Sundays (Chick'fil'a closed Sundays) and they also sell biscuits any time of day (some places only sell until lunch time).

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We know it’s not healthy europoor don’t make it any less tasty go back to getting gently raped by your nice immigrant brown people


Go eat a bagel you rat

5'10'' KANG of manlets, chang :^)

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Hey bitch, Chik-Fil-A sauce is great but it is not Bojangles. Sort yourself out.

Bojangles is way worse than KFC. I had it once and it was disgusting, maybe the worst fast food ever, but I've never been to Arby's.

looks good would rather have popeyes though

Beef n cheddar with fries my dude at lest try it

Honestly the only thing you guys have that's worth a damn is in n out.
Everything else, we have and then some.
Also, slide thread

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This is much more sophisticated with only 3x the calories

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it's not really sophisticated you throw it all in the same pan with some oil

You gotta go to the ones in the country. City bojangles always hire a bunch of niggers but the country ones have white people and the food is way better.

Are those real Cherokee tampons?

Daily reminder that Europeans are jealous of everything we do

Even though I'm so white I can explain the infield fly rule, who the FUCK can't appreciate fried chicken and fried potatoes? FUCK who can't appreciate a biscut? I admit their tea is too sweet for me though.