Anyone else fear death and the possibility of no afterlife?

It's that thought of... just being over. Gone. No longer experiencing.. good, bad, anything... My heart starts to race, I get cold sweats, my stomach drops, my chest feels like it is sinking into itself, and feels like panic setting in. I have to force myself to go do something just to make it stop. What's the point of it all Yas Forums? Shouldn't I just focus on making my family and myself happy if it's all pointless anyway? Why should I harbor hate for other races even? It feels like my mind is forcing me to believe in god otherwise I'd probably go insane.

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I can only hope this hellish experience will cease when I die.

You have the Corona Virus

Nope don't care, life is hell already

As I kept thinking about it I realized that my life was getting shorter getting worried about it, so I stopped worrying about it.

Leave Yas Forums and enjoy life. It really doesn't matter what you do , in the end we don't know much. So enjoy life while you can.

Aw, baby’s first existential crisis

This. Dingo baby.

I fear the possibility of an afterlife, judgement, réincarnation etc

Yeah. But that encourages me to enjoy my life more. Treasure the good moments because it's only one chance.

I had this fear 15 years ago, now i find it very comfy to know, that suddenly everything ends. It would be torture to live forever. Just think about it: No matter how good a situation is, it will ged boring and mundane one day.
Eternal life is nothing but eternal suffering.

You have done it once before, you can do it again. What I mean is: you have no memory of the infinite years (or 14 billion years) before your birth, so how is death any different?

i used to but at this point i welcome it

>It's that thought of... just being over. Gone.
That's all I want, I can't think of anything worse than eternity.
Hell you understand, it's horrible and torturous for eternity.. but think about heaven for ETERNITY.

All the wonders of the universe, all the books, plays, movies, tv shows, video games. Spending time with friends, family, famous people and interesting randoms.

Amazing right? Okay so now you've done all that you've spent say 700,000 years doing all that.. what's next? You still have trillions and trillions of years in this place you can't ever leave..

It's the same as living forever on earth.. yeah then you get to watch your friends, family all die.. sure you can get new friends and family but eventually it's going to make you numb, you're going to wish you could die.

I use to worry, or at least obsess over it, but now I just don't care. Our existence is a brief absurdity tucked between two oblivions. You weren't inconvenienced before you were born; you won't be after you die either.

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Death is easy mode. Want to think about real fear?
You're declared dead and stored away, you know in those metal chambers, then you wake up.

Hate to break it to you doomer, but God is real. Everything you do matters, so you have no excuse to waste your life

Christ took the sting away from death. I have no fear whatsoever and I am confident that when I am absent in body I will be present with the Lord. Repent and come to Jesus, user.

Matthew 11:28-29 King James Version (KJV)

28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

>and the possibility of no afterlife?
But this is exactly what I want.

While thinking of that there some dude out is fucking someone's wife right now living his best life.

Sorry to say buddy but you have been diagnosed with a disease called 'cuck'. Im truly sorry from the bottom of my heart.

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Thread theme "are you afraid to die" by Ricky Skaggs.

Reincarnation isn’t as bad as the other two though because your mind is wiped blank once you pick your next body. So you’ll feel like everything you do is like doing it for the first time.

it’s normal. do these 2 things and watch what happens:

1) read the Bible every day. going to church is optional.

2) seek out wilderness. spend as much time in nature as possible. try to relocate to wilderness and for vacation/holiday, travel to to remote mountain areas.

these 2 simple things will completely change how you feel.

The elites legit believe in different realms and entities. They hide it from us.
Consciousness in the brain is like music going through a radio recover. It exists independent of the brain.
Take the gnostic pill. Study magic math. There are other world's. The powers that be promote materialism to make us fearrful slave consoomers.

>Hate to break it to you doomer, but God is real
[citation not some fucking several thousand year old book needed]
Cohencidental how God used to be so immediately visible and present constantly then, but is fucking nowhere to be seen at all anymore.
Either I get judged by the balance of my life overall & not how much time Ive spent believing in shit with nothing to back it, and not how much of God's ass I've kissed, or he can fuck himself.
He's certainly got a shitload of his own accounting to do.

Receiver not recover, sorry.

No, I'd actually rather cease to exist.

literally same, like what the fuck existed before god???? what the fuck is nothing in terms of the universe??? can the universe vanish into nothingness?? Why don't I just kill my entire family tomorrow for no reason??? I want to go insane and stop being a rational thinking human being FUCK

Psychedelics work too user.

Lmao I remember when I was a 13 year old atheist too

En sof.

Nice kneejerk dismissal faggot.
I was raised evangelist & went through my edgy atheist phase already, this is something totally different to that now.


There's an afterlife. But you should still fear it, especially the hellish one.

Be as loving, kind, and helpful to others as possible to avoid the hellish one, and to enter the heavenly afterlife.

simple as.

Aka para brahman

From 8/15 i felt the same. A constant struggle not to think of that. A very ominous tought or feeling at the bottom of things.
From 16/late20s i had this dont give a fuck / just end it already attitude. I understand i was doomerpilled back then.
From there onwards i dont have those death as often. But occasinally i do at night when my wife is sleeping and i reflect on a complete day went to waste without nothing productive for me or others. A sandclock running and already on the second half.

No, you are an infinite spiritual , interdimensionnal being, your consciousness remain even if your body is destroyed.

Don't fear death there is no reason for it.

Lol seems pretty edgy and butthurt to me bro. And I never said Jesus, faggot, I’m simply saying that atheistic nihilism is likely missing a bigger picture that apes like us can’t perceive or comprehend

>edgy and butthurt
Whatever. If there's any judging it's either going to be fair & based on shit that actually matters, as opposed to unimportant egotistical bullshit, or I'm uninterested.

Either you stop existing and are free from physical or mental pain, or you live forever as a spirit with limitless company and a universe to travel.

If science says is true we humans come from stardust then it does make sense just look above to see stars you wont worry about death.You just go back to where you are originally.

No because only retards think there's nothing after death

No one cares if you’re interested doomer, and you still sound butthurt lmao. Nihilism is always wrong, no matter how many doomer playlists nightwalk to lol

Your thoughts on the subject wouldn't matter then. Fear of death is fear of life silly faggot, have sex.

These really aren't the only possible options, we don't actually know shit about consciousness and death, or how they interact.

And you sound like you're at least half my age if not more.

There is no afterlife you fucking retard.

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It’s okay, op. I promise you that death is not the end, though you may not believe me. This is not the first lifetime you have lived, and it will not be the last. It will all make sense when you pass. You are hear to learn a lesson.

There is an afterlife, but there is no god as you imagine him.

Don't listen to the defeated.

This is the most fundamental problem of life.

We can try and rescue us and all past and future life from vanishing by defeating nature and time.

Life is trying since its beginning, to escape entropy and misery.

At some point, we might succeed.

I’m 22. Why do you ask, nigger?

Or you get bored of knowing everything and decide to do it all over again at any point in time you choose, past present or future.

No, I welcome it as I will be in heaven with my Lord and my loved ones. Go to church and speak to a priest, user. If it's been a long time, you will need to make an effort to suspend your nihilism and disbelief, but you will quickly get it

As I thought. Not half but close enough it doesn't matter.
I wasn't asking, either. But you sound like a kid.
You'll learn.

Energy doesn't die it collects to frequencies it's most connected. Most people on Yas Forums will definitely go back to the recycling bin

Fuck yeah, but it's just fucked, my consciousness didn't exist there, but how it is going to cease to exist?

>Anyone else fear death and the possibility of no afterlife?
no because I'm glad to be alive. I understand that nothingness after death is the price we pay for having a life in the first place.