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Ok Chang.


Jewish cocksucker Trump

>Ching Chong


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china did nothing wrong!

So solly

china is better than america

动态网自由门天安门天安门法轮功李洪志Free Tibet 六四天安门事件The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安门大屠杀The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派斗争The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大跃进政策The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人权Human Rights 民运Democratization 自由Freedom 独立Independence 多党制Multi-party system 台湾台湾Taiwan Formosa 中华民国Republic of China 西藏土伯特唐古特Tibet 达赖喇嘛Dalai Lama 法轮功Falun Dafa 新疆维吾尔自治区The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 诺贝尔和平奖Nobel Peace Prize 刘暁波Liu Xiaobo 民主言论思想反共反革命抗议运动骚乱暴乱骚扰扰乱抗暴平反维权示威游行李洪志法轮大法大法弟子强制断种强制堕胎民族净化人体实验肃清胡耀邦赵紫阳魏京生王丹还政于民和平演变激流中国北京之春大纪元时报评论共产党 独裁 专制 压制 统一 监视 镇压 迫害 侵略 掠夺 破坏 拷问 屠杀 活摘器官 诱拐 买卖人口 游进 走私 毒品 卖淫 春画 赌博 六合彩 天安门 天安门 法轮功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 刘晓波动态网自由门

China cannot free the world from anything. China can only enslave the free world. But that will not happen either. China will be made to be the slave of the world when this is done.

Ultimately this will set up the future evolution of humanity as chinks become a permanent slave class and subsequently a slave race. They already are barely recognizeable as human beings and in a few generations they will be nothing more than beasts of burden for the human race.

>ameritard flag
you are supporting hitler trump

Yes , noodles and a coke, thanks.

China a ahoe

I'll give you fucks a run down.
>China is epicenter of lying and cheating
>China's schools are notorious for cheating
>China's schools are notorious for being shit
>CCP a shit
>China a shit
>Rich people send their kids to the US
>Chinese exchange students are usually spies
>Young Chinese spies defect to the US and rat out china because that white dick too good
>Literally not lying, China, next to Juden, are literally pushing anti-white rhetoric because that white dick too good
>The Chinese women are treated better in the US too
>China's economy is based on lies and is crumbling, fast, because Trump's economic plans and sheet
>China is in a constant state of revolution, everyone hates main-landers
>Like Juden, China takes many supplements to get their brains kicking
> China and Juden uses literal chemicals to gain edge mentally

Here's some supplements these fucks use in bulk, daily.
anti oxidants
> C
> Chromium
> D3
> A mix of vitamin E
> Selenium
> Green Tea extract

Main memory support shit
> Acetyl-l-Carnitine
> Bacopa
> Citicoline
> Collagen
> Creatine
> Folic Acid
> Ginkgo biloba
> Ginseng
> Magnesium L-Threonate
> Omega-3
> Sunflower lecithin
> Turmeric

Not related but still taken:
> Multi Vitamin
> Boron
> Calcium

Source: Parents hosted a Chinese exchange student. She tried to eat my dick and went on an anti-China rant. Ended up GTFO'ing to a fed and exposed a ton of shit. Got the local uni to shutdown their Confucius institute sect.

china great

good, do it.


Why in this propaganda poster they want to make the children look the most like white people?

Nazis were the good goys. Kys faggot.


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Chang is out in force today. They must be scared of something

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Nope, China will free the world from baizuo. The CCP are much closer to Nazis than Zion Don is.

It's nice to have a reminder in every China thread that our opponents are schizos. Doing good work, user.

china is the power behind the world trade
you can not win a war when you are not the leader of world trade
this is why ameritards will die

The only national leader that is genociding people based on race or religion is Xi Jinping.

Be careful who you call hitler and who you call nazi you dirty fucking communist slant eye.

China cannot grow enough food to feed its population of roaches. Without American food you will starve. What then bugman?

Where the fuck did you go you fucking faggot?

least free most hivemind dumbfuck animal niggers on earth, even black niggers have more individuality than these yellow niggers. china is a joke, it's filled with midgets that can't open their eyes enough to see how far their society has fallen since ancient times

>Calling homogeneous country niggers
Cope ape faggot.

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Why would anyone take boron and chromium?

thanks user

If its homogebous with niggers then it is a nigger country.

What lives in china though is lower than the nigger. Its not even a country of niggers. Its worse.

Did you get your credits?

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you seem afraid.

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Only jews associate Trump with the German artist/rebel who started shipping jews to Palestine for zionist bankers and weakened the UK so much they sold Israel to Rothschild. Is Trump going to weaken China/Iran to the point where jews make literal monkeys of their people too?

Did u?