We finns might be getting 100€ because of the corona crisis

>we finns might be getting 100€ because of the corona crisis

you mad, amerimutts?


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>only 100 euros

A week? A day? A month?

Us too.

you heard me




I want some too. Not even getting something from the support package from the state, even though I own a company that is slightly affected. Same with people I know. Our government rather gives money to those shitty car companies and other welfare queen's, taking a massive dump on the middle and working class as always. Fucking sad.

>might be getting 100€
How much is that in real money?

Per day user, per day!

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not you?

100€ or about 50 Big Mac's.


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>implying eur isn't worth more than usd

>100 euro
EU sure showed them. even brits are on 80% of their monthly salary lel


Thhhh. Thhhh. Why are you guys fins, are you on a fish or sumthin? Thhhh. FUCKING GOOD ONE CHIP!

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Good thing the essential strawberry pickers can still be paid and put to work.

about a weeks worth of essentials, no rent.

We're getting like 20 then

Only once. And with restrictions on where you're allowed to use it.

You're getting euros? Why do you need 100 europeans for?

Wait, what? So you don't actually get the money, you get a voucher/food stamp?

our government put almost 4k in my bank account for no good reason at all. I haven't lost a dime in all of this.

Yeah, that's how I understood it.
>As one means of revitalization, the Left Alliance proposes that all Finns be given, for example, a 100-euro “revitalization voucher” that would be available in cultural and service sectors, such as stone-foot shops, gig venues, restaurants and hairdressers.
>t. google translate

Wtf FInland? Why do you need 100 europeans for?


That's pretty sad, at that point just don't give a voucher and use it for the government budget. That'd be a straight insult where I live.

Can't expect much from an all-female government

and a black woman

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>essential strawberry pickers
this is a new thing, post 2005. before then, we have "pick your own" and people that wanted strawberries just went and picked their own in a farmers field, and weighed then payed before leaving. was quite a nice family experience to be honest. this whole europoor slave force is a joke to us. only the guardian would make it sound like they are essential lel. anyone who lives rural will happilly spend half hour picking their own strawberries up the road from the farmer

>stone-foot shops
wtf does this mean?