In this ITT thread: What is your honest opinion about Poland and Polish people?

In this ITT thread: What is your honest opinion about Poland and Polish people?

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Stop making this threads you fucking retard.

That Polish user who keeps showing what he cooks gives me the impression that you guys have drive to do stuff but also lack proper skill when it comes to cooking.

nobody cares

delete this thread

For the good of the white race, give some lands back to Germany, then reform Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth with Belarus

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Ex-soviets now progressives who joined the EU. Russia but better. And thin blond girls.
But I get all of your information from media and some news from my memory. I do not have any opinion on you and your people.

Being near Tibet I’m sure you’re aware how dangerous having opinion only based on media is

Based. And the women have big milkers.

This is why Yas Forums is my primary source of information. But sadly there are not a lot of high IQ people like me in my country.

>opinion about Poland and Polish people?

Never met one but Polish products are crap.

Nobody fucking cares

Stop responding to this autistic incel

I loved your country. I felt like an outsider the whole time and like I didn’t belong, but that made sense since I was an outsider and didn’t belong. Once they say I wasn’t fat and loud, I was accepted. To me Nepal is very based.

Are there not places or opportunities around your city to meet people who think like you MountainFriend?

I have met a polish guy here, called Pawel. He took my previous rented apartment when I finished and moved back in with my parents. He was in the country for 6 months, working HR at some corp. I hanged out with him, the guy was based, I think an incel. But he was clearly reading/watching alternative media, not neccesairly Yas Forums.
Another time I've met 4 polish women. I've meet them trough a friend which is an Uber driver. One lady came and she liked it so much she bringed other 3 girlfriends. They were all psychologists. Honestly, they looked like shit except one. Pawel looked like shit too. There was one I liked, but she was engaged. She was ugly by any objective standard, but I like my women to have no tits and to have an imperfect and interesting looking face. Also poles do have some nordic genes for sure. They all agreed that romanian men are a breath of fresh air, and I can't argue with that.

My family moved to Canada from Poland. Canadian women are hotter. But there's lots of brown people and chinks here. Over all I don't miss it. We have a bigger house now.

In my IMHO humble opinion Poland is pretty based to be DESU honest

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Ok we get it you’re upset Praha is a better city than Warsaw. Poland isn’t all bad desu

I was at VBC Iraq in 2007, 2009 and the Poles were pretty cool. Sweet ass Dragunovs and real AKs. Always slamming the wall of Slurpees at the PX and picking up on Air Force chicks...

>Stop responding to this autistic incel
You don't control us. You're not lizzard people, just Polish.

Check em for those five 8
If I get, i won’t rope myself

First of all thank you for that compliment to this shithole. It's only great if you are a tourist. Living here is a different story.
>people who think like me
There may be few but there is no way of knowing. But most of our people are stupid. The average IQ according to the internet is 78 and I honestly believe it.

Honestly when I hanged out with Pawel around the blocks I sometimes felt ashamed bc my neighborhood is infested with poor old brown people, I don't even know if they are romanians or gypsies.

>romanians or gypsies
They're gypsies.

I like Poles, they seem nice people honestly.

They are the Russians of Europe.

>honest opinion about Poland
up to yeasterday used to be pretty based

but starting today any women can call police and get you kicked out of your own house without any evidance

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living here has some pros and cons
but people are stupid on the same levels like the rest of the world i think

these threads repeat themselves suspiciously often

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The same retarded incel makes them all over. Its infuriating. Jannies should ban the shit out of him for spamming.

I hate Poland and I hate Polish people. Every day here is suffering.

this. fuck indonesia

yeah i really don't want to hijack this thread but just saying there are many drunk, poor, old, brown ethnic romanians.

Big fat waterheads
Cheap women
Macho culture

>In this In this thread thread
What did they mean by this?