Brit/pol/ - Baiting Doommong Edition

>Over 1000 000 million virus recoveries recorded

>No football for the foreseeable future

>UK considers Immunity Passport roll out

>Greggs does a U-Turn

>Labour at it again

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is that nadiya?

>Greggs does a U-Turn

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I want to fuck Anita McVeigh

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>>No football for the foreseeable future
Thank fuck wogball is off the menu.

>you're a faggot harry

>Secret advice handed to government by SAGE committee of scientists will be published TODAY - revealing if Boris Johnson really did 'follow the science' when he finally decided to put Britain into lockdown

Lmao. On top of all his other woes hes going bald an all

Any members of Patriotic Alternative on here willing to discuss the organisation?

Removing the Ginger
One hair at a time


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conspiracy theories are false.
computer predicted scientific outcomes are 100% real especially if they are about the flu.

Do the jews know why everybody hates them or do they just put it down to anti-semitism as a form of cope?

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What happened to all the turk posters lads? I miss the revolting hairy bastards.

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alright Tom, 22, from York?

Can anyone explain this to me please.

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Unironic criminal hate speech, the lads who put those stickers up got arrested so be careful where you post that.

>Anarchists: We want free houses
>Ah lets take over abandoned buildings and do em up then fling shit at government workers who try to stop us until they fuck off

This works and they take control over hundreds of buildings across Europe many even end up taking legal ownership of the buildings through lawfare.

>English nationalists: We want pakis to stop raping thousands of our kids
>Ah lets complain online.

Instead it seem no English nationalists have had the idea to organize to physically stop these gangs from operating in certain areas. They all are either too afraid of gaining the systems ire or too incompetent to do so.

lets exmaine why lads

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they all died because of corona

That govt flunky really pissed me off coming out with that retarded line about "the virus doesnt respect borders". In that fucking case he wont mind me crossing the border from my house on to public property and going to the fucking pub will he?

What is the approximate membership?

>the UK is going to hit 150,000 active cases either today or tomorrow
why is nobody "recovering" here?

I started to write a song based on that phrase.

1.not much rhymes with open.
2. I put it on youtube & then be arrested.

Apart from Prince Charles and the Prime Minister?

The krautroach enternal anglo poster was unironically funny sf.

>Why yes we do let in 15k people in the uk each day
>That's why you must go back inside so they can invade our country

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the men in the local areas should deal with it.

give it a rest Tom

boris hasn't "recovered". did you see him at the press conference? he could barely breathe. they obviously just wheeled him out for PR purposes even though he's still sick.

They know that if they try to stop it, they'll be imprisoned with Muslims which in their case will be a death sentence. Pair this with the rise of atheism being pushed on people from a young age and that's a 100% certain end to their existence, when they could be at home getting drunk and playing FIFA.

But why havent they?

officially 2
associated members is thousands/tens of thousands

Tom, you’re 22, you don’t know nearly as much as you think you do

Kill yourself, fuckwit.

>>No football for the foreseeable future

The fuck we gonna talk about lads?

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Why has there not been one instance of direct action to physically disrupt the systemic abuse of English children?

Why arent their active campaigns to peacefully investigate and document these gangs that are still operating?

Why is it that leftists can have dozens of blogs detailing the names, faces and information of hundreds of people for attending racist demonstrations but rightists cant even manage to have one blog with the same for confirmed muslim rape gang members?

Honestly ask yourself these questions.

no fathers.
no community
expectation that state will care/protect

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The fathers that tried to stop it got arrested while the kids were left with the grooming gangs, don't you remember reading that?

He was never sick, it was all a stunt to make you fall in line.

Do you even need to ask? The shittier they act the more it fuels their persecution complex, 'proving' them right about being a victim.

Presumably Mark and Laura are the official 2.
How does it work to get this associated figures?
Have they had thousands of people register with the website?
Is the tens of thousands figure assumed from the view counts of PA events streams?
Is "Vile News" directly associated with PA or is it associated only to Laura via telegram?

>Why is it that leftists can have dozens of blogs detailing the names, faces and information of hundreds of people for attending racist demonstrations but rightists cant even manage to have one blog with the same for confirmed muslim rape gang members?

taking a picture on a march v investigating rape cases from 20-30yrs ago

You would know all about killing pests wouldn't you Hans?

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Holy shit, why didn't you guys at brit/pol/ tell me that Roald Dahl was so based? I hear about Henry Ford and Mel Gibson all the time, but he was just as based as them, it seems

He lost much because of his views, why doesn't Yas Forums give him the respect he deserves?

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Anyone heard their neighbours "applauding the NHS" and wanted to scream at the bastards from the garden?

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Yes there were two instances of that happening but in both cases it was individual fathers not an organised effort.

Why is it that out of the thousands of nationalists out there none have thought to directly stop these gangs?

Why is it that leftists who are from similar back grounds can organise to consistently harass and attack targets?

I've come to the conclusion that rightists are without agency and can't do anything on their own without an authority directing them every step of the way.

>someone at work has now phoned in for the second time because someone in their household has symptoms of corona
>I'm now working 9 days in a row and on a fucked shift pattern which is destroying my sleep pattern
Oh aye, I'm real happy to fucking be working and I know how difficult it is for you to be sitting at your home, drinking and forced to watch shitty tv or whatever it is you want to. Meanwhile I'll be working, getting called scum for following the government's "guidance" and having a fantastic friday night. Christ I hate this fucking corona shit and when it finishes I'm going to start fucking launching fireworks every fucking night at 4am from sunday through to thursday just so all the arseholes that are back at work have to suffer.

The rape gangs are still operating lad.

>no ngubu

it hurts lads

rosamund pike is a high class woman, she's a real beauty

it's just mark and laura and their website that's official.

you can assume ppl on their mailing list, going to meetups/conferences and watching their streams are all unofficial members/supporters.

Ahh, a fellow pet poster
Nice to meet you cat

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>The Mail on Sunday has won the first round of a legal battle against the Duchess of Sussex over the publication of a letter she wrote to her father.


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>Dahl told the New Statesman: “There is a trait in the Jewish character that does provoke animosity, maybe it’s a kind of lack of generosity towards non-Jews. I mean, there’s always a reason why anti-anything crops up anywhere; even a stinker like Hitler didn’t just pick on them for no reason.�?

Goddamn. I had no idea.

Tbf I don't blame ya lad
People need to show more respect, else consequences arise from being irritated and pissed off

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kek, only time I'm siding with the media.

not a bad wage when you're 27 and still live at home

Please don’t reply to this post.

God im going to miss the day we loose diane abbott, she makes me piss myself
>Last Wednesday
beans get spilled about her meth addict "diplomat" son attacking his mother with scissors, spitting hiting and biting people, exposing himself and being racially abusive
>Last Night
Tweets figures claiming tories have no chance hitting the 100,000 tests mark and the health secretary should be sacked
>This Morning
UK 'likely to get close to or hit' 100,000 tests target
>Also Last Night
Gets caught engaging with expelled anti semitic labour activists and gets reprimanded by labour leader

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The whole article, I was thinking "what he is saying sounds reasonable and true. He sounds like a great guy." Then I hear about all the trouble it's done for his legacy, because some Jews are upset. It just made me sad.

I bet if she loses the case out-right the word "racism" will pop up multiple times whenever this story is covered again in the future
All she can ever say...racism, racism, racism like shut the fuck up woman