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This thread is meant for the only right way of teaching Christianity, the Eastern Orthodox one. Unlike the Western Catholic church and even the Protestant, the Orthodox church hasn't fallen victim to the waves of church "liberalization" and is the same one it was hundreds of years ago. LGBT activity is considered punishable, clear stances on moral issues and it doesn't have a meme pope (It doesn't have a pope at all, not counting the patriarch of Constantinople). The most based version of Christianity by far.

Countries with an OC majority (thread hosts): Serbia, Republic of Srpska, Greece, Cyprus, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Armenia, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

Diaspora is also welcome.

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Rabbi Jesus literally taught Judaism to Christians. Today, Christians go to church to wish to be Jews, pretend to be Jews, or learn how to be Jews. The Christian god's favorite race are the Jews. The invented story of fake Jesus starts when the Jewish race-god Yahweh chose a Jewess to breed with in order to create a magical Jewish messiah. The Jews watched Jesus come out of the hirsute Jewess that the Jew-god made pregnant. Christians believe that hereditary Jewishness is the source of Jesus' magical powers. Jew-born Jesus studied Judaism and became a hirsute Jewish rabbi. The Mashiach preached about worshipping Jews and the Yahweh. Jesus taught that the Holy Spirit comes from Jewishness and that the world would be saved if whites bred with Jews. The church was invented by Jews as an extension of the seed-maker of Abraham, hoping that whites and Jews would cross-breed. The inventors of Christianity gave Jesus preposterous magical powers to encourage cross-breeding with Jews. The Jew-king Jesus is portrayed as white, so as to deceive Europeans into believing that their king is a Jew. Fake white Mary shows that cross-breeding with Jews will yield white children. The Church castrated non-Semitic young males. Christians circumcise their children so they can breed with Jews. Christians name their children with Jewish names. Churches give the money they collect to Jews when they have children with whites. The pope and cardinals wear Jewish yamakas. Every Christian ritual is indistinguishable from Judaism. This signals the magic pro-Semitic racist Asian Jew-god called Yahweh, so he'll let Christians into heaven for being Jew-like. At the entrance to heaven, where the god of the Jews and the king of the Jews live, is a Jewish clerk that examines what kind of Jew you are. The Christian is motivated by a set of perverted goals based on hirsuteness and race defilement. His fanatic desire is to turn you into a Jew.

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Let them in

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Thoughts on Arianism?

Muh based orthodox

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This isn't correct at all for the based
>Eastern Orthodox Church
The Orthodox Christian figureheads are antisemitic and so are the believers. The Iron Guard in Romania (Legion of the archangel Michael) and Serbian Volunteer Corps, were both Axis movements.

Orthodox are the same nigger and Jew lovers as the other Christians.

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By Arianism I mean Arian Christianity
It seems like Islam without any of the retarded desert autism and savagery

Yeah it’s the same one lmao tell that to the Russian gopniks the marriage between eastern Christians and oligarchs is deeper than the Vatican

the shroud of turin is totally legit duuuuuuude

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Bump for answers

orthodoxy is not a house of cards top down organization like catholicism. are their pozzed priests in orthodoxy yes absolutely, but as a whole orthodoxy is by far the most based christian sect and undoubtedly the real church of christ.

Church is not stagnant to some early modernity ways as you imagine, it's constantly changing in a constantly changing world - with the help of God, praying every step of the way we can survive.

Read and respect the Bible and only the 7 councils are dogmas... everything else from aerial tolls, to beards and so on is reducible, irrelevant really.


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What about Ethiopia?

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Yoo guys thats fucking based.

In better quality:

Check the other pictures - 4chanlit.fandom.com/wiki/Charts

Why tf Orthodox Priests look like rabbies.

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I've received a Calvinist upbringing as both my parents are from Calvinist regions in Hungary. Explain to me as succinctly as possible how Orthodoxy is different from Catholicism. From my angle, they both look like old dudes standing on a gold pedestal and screeching about shit they don't actually practice.

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Serbian faggot, always includes Oriental heretics while excludes real Eastern Orthodox

shows how much you and your Russian allies care about Orthodoxy

>Countries with an OC majority (thread hosts): Serbia, Republic of Srpska, Greece, Cyprus, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Armenia, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.
>Diaspora is also welcome.
>No CG

Ti si, stari, jedna obicna pedercina. Sto bi ti rekao pop iz tvoga sela kad bi te vidjeo?

well no evolving theology so all calvins complains have already been answered by orthodoxy before he even had them.

Orthodoxy believes in preserving the old memory of Christianity as it originally was.
Catholicism thinks the Church must be like a spinal chord going through history and constantly tie the present with the teachings. For a Catholic the faith lives and evolves through time (through the work of the Church), it is not a static eternal Sun that always looks the same.

What do your churches and priests say about praying in tounges?

if you mean charismatics and the likes, heretical bullshit inspired by the devil.
you can check orthodox and the religion of the future, for a quick summary

It's a heresy.

Read father Serephim Rose's book " orthodoxy and the religion of the future. "
It's a heresy and a form of prelest.

Christianity is the reason my country is dead so I hope it goes back to the desert it came.

what thoughts ?
>Jesus is not God
there it stops being anything orthodox and a realy dumb heresy