This picture is of Bill Gates some time around 2002. What happened...

This picture is of Bill Gates some time around 2002. What happened? This one man had so much potential to change the world for the better.

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xp was a good operating system

thats a woman

Belina Gates is a tranny and so is Manny Gates.

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female hips

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Im sure he will netscape the vaccine industry shortly

Looks a lot like tony hawk

He was always an evil lesbian

>What happened?
Windows Vista

These are two of the most fucked up looking people I have ever seen

those dead eyes

He was always a frontman

Mate, have you ever used Windows?

Thats cruel mate, Win8 is orders of magnitude worse.

He looks like a old woman trying to be a young man, she looks like a young man trying to be an old woman.

What the fuck.

Windows 7 is also based, its going to take longer to crack.

What happened after 2002?

First the windows phone operating system wasn't fully featured. Developers couldn't make decent applications for the environment. Apple took the opportunity to seize the open market.

Then Facebook shifted the paradigm of software revenue generation. Selling data became really profitable and Windows 10 jumped DIRECTLY into it. Now everybody is worried about data privacy and instead of blaming the Zucker fucker, they point it a Gates. Now everyone just uses stale versions of XP and Win 7 or spins up 10 in a VM on Linux.

That said, Microsoft is making shed loads of money and the Gates foundation has been eradicating diseases in Africa so all's well that ends well.

daddys stoolie to launder money this guy didn't discover shit i heard him talk hes definetly a two digits iqer

He got rich enough for total fuck you money decided to start being Andrew Carnage and start giving it away.

He was never more evil than any other businessman. Hell he never fucked over investors like Trump (many times) He rescued Apple. In reality, he could have been far far worse with the money an power he acquired.

You sir are a man so profoundly stupid you wouldn't know intelligence even if it bit you in the ankles.

>This one man had so much potential to change the world for the better.
He was never a good man, those feel good movies about him making it on his own were complete propaganda.
Bill gates is a member of the Rockefeller family and has always been a millionaire. He took controle of the computer industry by stealing people Ideas and code and then suing the creators into bankruptcy if they dared speak up about it or ask for restitution.
Typical american jewish tactic known as lawfare.

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You're starting to notice the demons among us, be careful because once you notice them you will never be able to stop noticing them.

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No he took control of the computer industry because IBM and Xerox were dumb, and Apple was greedy.

>Gates foundation has been eradicating diseases in Africa
How is this a good thing?

Instead of eradicating disease in America he turned to do it in Africa, and left millions of Americans to die. Why the fuck do you like the man?

why is this tranny fucker trying to kill us all with his germs?
what a cunt

>the Gates foundation has been eradicating diseases in Africa
Okay if you say so LOL

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He convinced himself he is god and started acting like it.

His license partners in India constantly use barely-legal methods to raid offices to check for license in India. I had all my company licenses in order, they still acted like thugs and harassed my office till we bought some subscriptions.

Bill have always been evil. He attacked all the other OS, made every initiative fail and forced OEM to sell their computers with Windows. He is just as evil as Steeve.

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>Thats cruel
Win8.1 was better than Win10.
And what the fuck happend to 9?

Most of his work in Africa has been on water quality. Notice your article doesn't say typhus, or dysentery, or cholera

Otherwise also he knows that without depopulation humanity as a whole may not survive and has chosen himself to the be guy that does the deed of depopulation and eugenics.

If any of us had the knowledge, power and money to save humanity, would any of us do things differently?

Tell that to all the people who's code he stole. Why is it that linux always seems to be ahead of windows?
Use linux GUI now and it is exactly what windows will look like and how it will function in 3 years. It's been like that since the beginning.

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What happened to the 1983 Corvette?

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That's why I've used Windows 2000 and XP 64-bit. Mac since 2007 and counting.

I never said I liked him. Also we don't have a whole lot of parasites that infest our drinking water. It's a lot easier to improve the quality of life in a shithole rather than a developed nation like the USA. You could spend a billion dollars trying to fix one type of cancer and come up with nothingto show for it. African health care is a frugal and productive kind of philanthropy.

>Be Me
>Turns on a Corvette
>Sees This

At this point I blew at least 10 shits in my pants. This should've been the car used at Charlottesville, but the nigga wanted to use some mere Dodge Challenger lease instead.

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what ever Bill gates is he or she it is definitively cocked in to obedience and do not talking from his own understanding. he spend a lots of time with Jeffry Abstin, that he actually deny....

>Why is it that linux always seems to be ahead of windows?

Simple, because the linux userbase is far smaller. They updates / patches have a lower impact to the broad market. MS has to deal with a huge support system. It's the same reason SAP / Oracle / etc updates are far slower than smaller systems.

>hey my motherboard is gone until this afternoon, wanna come over and play with my floppy disk

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Your nation needs to sort it's laws out. This whole mass rape and telemarketing scam thing is really giving you guys a bad reputation globally. A little less of the part where you shit in the street would be nice too.

Fix those things first and then we can talk about how tech companies treat India like the colonial Americans treated west Africa.

>linux always seems to be ahead of windows

MicroSoft managed to fuck that up too. They bought their way into Linux and now it has more security flaws than Windows.

Windows 9 can't ever exist because there is ancient code built into old Microsoft programs that use that as a secret keyword. It's kind of like trying to name a folder "COM" or "NUL", you just can't do it. Go ahead and try it out.

killed and replaced with a body double

>This one man had so much potential to change the world for the better.
And he spent decades fucking over as many people as he could while building and running Microsoft.. at no point has he tried to do anything to make anyone's life better.

You could spend a trillion dollars on African parasite research and come up with less good than a few million thrown into artificial hearts.

The people there actively salt the farms and destroy water purification plants and kill doctors, because they actually think bald men have gold in their skulls and people can turn into goats. Bill Gates isnt going to fix Africa with all his money because the problem is evolution, not any disease.

If he wanted to help Africa he would sterilize anyone with an IQ below a 90 so a few outliers might survive and produce a normal civilization. Or use CRISPR to unfuck them and at least lower their aggression.

What is his end goal?

Not a man

feels like a lifetime ago already. fuck

Ok for a minute take out the HFCS IV and look at the real world rather believe memes on here.

>I took miles of cock in my ass as a child stare

He started hiring pajeets and sending food to africa

You need a better shitpost detector :D

>Go ahead and try it out.
Can't. I'm on macOS.

>without multiculturalism europe won't survive

Last I checked, artificial hearts function perfectly fine and a few million more dollars aren't going to save another persons life. I get you don't really have a whole lot of respect for the lives of Africans and I can respect that. We'll have to casually disagree on this point.