Dr. Fauci Bans All Sports in Attempt to Completely Destroy Economy

Powerful deep state tool Dr. Anthony (((Fauci))), director of NIAID spanning over 5 decades, has announced no major sports are to be played for at least the rest of the year directly following the announcement from Major League Baseball that they are working on setting up a season in the coming weeks. This is Fauci's latest effort in a never-ending string of statements and policy recommendations intended to completely destroy the US economy and bankrupt the nation.

What is his endgame? How can we stop him?

WATCH: youtu.be/oS_16PxDJeU

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>How can we stop him?
Fire him. Firing effective government officials is Trump's strong suite.

>kike bans sport
Of course, because why not

Everyone is getting on and the only people being left behind are the idiots still listening to this moron

Why are we still listening to this guy? Everything he's said is pure appeal to authority. He never goes out on a limb and risks being wrong for shit. And that's the kind of guy who is always wrong.
He's bankrupt of any creative or forward thinking ideas. There's no use for this shit. You never learn or try anything when you're so concerned about being 100% sure of every little fucking word. Fuck the deep state shit. He's a big fucking stick in the mud who opposed every single proactive idea every step of the way.
What the fuck here? How the fuck here? These niggers are pissing me the fuck off. Get the fuck rid of them.

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Yas Forums turns on Fauci because he hurt their feefees

Yes fire all technocrats. And replace them all with liberal arts experts with no idea how to deal with a virus. What could go wrong?

sports fans blown the fuck out get fucked normies

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No one elected Fauci. This falls on Trump for not reigning him in.

>sports banned

The more I stay on this board, the more I believe foreign actors use it as a means to sow discord in the west

>What is his endgame?
He's on the globalist payroll.
Fun fact, Trump cleaned up almost everything he could, almost everything. He was somehow convinced to leave the CDC and vaccination corporations alone against his better judgement. This has come back to bite Americans right in the ass.
There is an old Tweet from Trump before he became president about vaccinations, something all the anti vaxors were hoping he would hold onto and not flip on.
(((DR.))) Fauci is a 5 foot manlet trying to be relevant and his loyalties do NOT lay with keeping Americans safe.

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These people are destroying themselves.
With no circuses...I AM THE CIRCUS.

fuck wrong image

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Totally no agenda....

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No this is all Trump's fault, he's the president he can set executive policy.

Put blame where blame rides. If Trump didn't like what Fauci was saying he could fire him.

>Bill Gates literally gives billions away
>Bill Gates wants more money

pick one.

Seriously. Fuck the optics at this point.
What did Fauci bring to the table besides refusal to speak one decisive phrase? Can anyone name one thing?

Based Doc Faschi realized China is just better and more advanced culturally so he does everything he can to speed up the ascent of the Chad Dynasty.

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Spend money to make money retard. You learn that in Jr High business class.

Legitimately a good thing because normies need to have their fucking bubbles pierced before anything positive will ever get done.

Banning le sportsball is the only way I can think of to piss off a critical mass of normies in a fast enough span of time.

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important thread

oh no where else will i worship nigs and spics

fuck this lockdown for this meme china flu.

But sports are the least of our concerns.

Jesus Christ, is it your first day here? That's the main function of this website you fuckin retard

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Why do Americans still think doctors are infallible, rational human beings instead of power mad narcissists who often tweak "studies" or interpret them however the fuck they want?

It's not FOREIGN actors.
It's our own intelligence agencies first and foremost.
Jesus Christ to you sir.

>The rest of the year
Shits been dying down tho
My country has collectively ignored what the govt sold as an intelligent lockdown and our death cases have been dropping several days in a row now despite people ignoring lockdown

I'm not a fan of sports, but where are all the sports fanatic normies at? I want these fuckers to raise hell until recreational activities get opened back up.

Send him fifty cents in the mail to help fund his work.

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Hes the greta of 2020.

Sportsball is gay but it's not the point.
It's that everything Fauci has suggested amounts to:
>idk just nothing but wash your hands
I've worked with these Italian mischling manlets my whole life. I just know that in meetings whenever the gears start turning and people begin kicking ideas around he just starts flapping his arms going:
>no no no no no

>major sports banned
Finally I'll not hear NPC talking about something meaningless.

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he makes almost as much as POTUS, btw
when his doom week failed to materialize he actually said he was "conservative" in his projections, and then went on to credit himself for a prediction that was massively off the mark while simultaneously acknowledging that the numbers were dropping

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How true are this and what ramifications we talking bout here?
Does deep state know that US is atleast partially responsible for coronachan? (Pushing the non-human made virus hush-hush narrative). All the while Trump tries to shift the complete blame on Chinese. Opportunistic move? Or what the fuck is his problem?

>Bill gates literally gives billions away (to the right people)
>Bill gates wants more money (by having the right people suggest his idea be implemented on billions of people)

New National Pastime: Hunting Dr. Fauci?

Trump is getting played by deep state Fauci so hard. He is literally allowing Fauci to destroy everything AND kill Trump's hope of reelection. Trump needs to wake the fuck up.

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Also...what happened to Assange? He alive?

Why doesn’t trump just fire him? Or is trump also deep state?


Pretending it's completely internal is disingenuous