Happy International Workers Day!

Happy International Workers Day!

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klara vappen, as we bättre folk say

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Bara vatten

implying Yas Forums works


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Why are leftists all such cucks?

it's actually an ancient european celebration, not some communist holiday

you can celebrate two different things the same day

It's the ancient European spring holiday and is also dedicated to Josep of house David as patron of the diligent workers.

Have you ever seen a commie invent anything original? Yeah, I haven’t either. It’s all just copies and rip offs.

Physically Remove Communists. Embrace Tradition

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Let's be serious, every "communist" larper in this thread supports every single neoliberal policy on the books. Mass immigration, offshoring production, diversity quotas, etc etc etc.

Just drop the larp for a day, m'kay "comrades"?

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Happy Law Day you fucking commies

I don't support any of those things

Anarchism and communism are incompatible.
Communism is the ideology of oppression and annihilation of the individual.

Frohen Tag der Arbeit!

Immer daran denken; Arbeit macht frei.

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Communism is literally anarchism by other means
Oh that explains it

Right, but you'll just support all the candidates who do? Like Bernie who has pathetically imploded in the last month and become a corporate sellout? Or retarded breadtubers who are like "yeah revolution comrades, thanks for the superchat my dude! yeah vote Biden".

If you're neither then you're one in a thousand, maybe one in ten thousand.


>Communism is the same as Anarchism
>State control of property is the same as the absence of the State

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Look at my country and tell me more about communism, retard.
However, I am not opposed to a communist revolution in the USA, dumb murican lol

Happy workers day to all aryan workers !

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I don't support Bernie. He outlived his usefulness and sold out as expected.

The goal of communism is the abolition of the state. Read Marx.

Brezhnev really fucked up. Sorry bud.

It's not communism. Just celebration of the working people.

Yeah, you don't to be rarted leftist to support working class and farmers in support of their job security and better policies.

As an moderate auth centrist I fully support working class struggle in it's fight for better place in society

Fuck that, I’m a NEET

>The goal of communism is the abolition of the state.

Christ alive, you can't seriously expect that to track after every time this has been tried government has gotten bigger than getting smaller?
Find another vehicle to anarchy, you'll get used and abused by tankies anyway.

The most radical expansions of state power have occurred under capitalism.
>Another vehicle to anarchy
Yeah like actual anarchism.

>May Day
>commie holiday
pick both and only both

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It's not about Brezhnev. The point is the communist ideology, it is literally the ideology of red terrorism, whatever you call it. Due to the Bolshevik revolution, our country lags behind Europe. Because of the Bolsheviks and their inefficient economy, millions of Russian people died. Also in China. Also in Korea. Also in Combodia.
People in Venezuela are starving and fleeing the country. People in North Korea live like cattle.
My grandfather served in the GDR and he happened to be in Germany, I know what I'm talking about. Socialism is shit.

Didn't know Stalin and Kim Il-Sung were capitalists

Trad larpers are even more pathetic than a fucking tankies. What does embracing tradition even mean?


>International workers day is on the same day thousands are kicked out for not paying rent
looks like kek still has his sense of humor

I'll take "Copying the Americans who copied the Germans" for 600 Alex

>copied the Germans
That's not how you spell "assimilated" user

This is bullshit, but it's a red herring anyway as it dodges the central point.
Which is:
Under every single communist revolution, government has always expanded (and to a size bigger than the one it replaced).

This is an objective fact of reality. Find another vehicle to anarchism, unless you're an "anarcho communist" or something, which is literally the dumbest most unworkable form of anarchy imaginable and is picked by people who thought the anarchist crowd looked cool, but the marxist one did too and instead of picking a side just said "I'm both!".

Oh yeah, next time you go to your marxist hangout notice how they're all imagining themselves as revolutionary vanguards after the revolution? They're all elder statesmen?
None of them are factory foremen or workmen or hanging out on a commune somewhere working the land.

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>Lags behind Europe
Ah yeah I'm sure being a feudalist society in the age of capitalism has nothing to do with it. The USSR is the reason why you're industrialized at all.
>Muh gazillion deaths
Now soon to be the leading economy in the world with unparalleled economic growth.
They didn't read their Marx. Il Sung was cool though.
Literally funded by the USA.
>Muh Venezuela
Maduro ain't great but Chavez did nothing wrong.
Had higher standards of living than post-unification
>Doesn't even mention Cuba

>What is the Neoliberal project

Some normies started honking their horns to celebrate at noon and they woke me up. Why the fuck can't these extroverted retards stay inside, even during a quarantine they have to piss me off. I hate them so much

Fuck workers. It's their fault this world is fucked.

>Under every single communist revolution, government has always expanded (and to a size bigger than the one it replaced).
>What is the Cuban revolution
>What is Catalonia

And again, compare state expansion under FDR, Eisenhower, Reagan, and Bush, to any of the socialist states.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter if we think communism or capitalism or whatever else is best. What Marx argued is that capitalism itself leads to socialism (common ownership of means or production) and communism is the final stage of societal development. Capitalism, wether we like it or not, is unsustainable. We'll have something like the French revolution in less than 60 years. We're living in a new 'ancien regime'. Whether we like it or not (I do), the sad truth is that it will collapse.

>Compare state expansion under a socialist with state expansion under socialist states