How will you choose to live when you know these facts

How will you choose to live when you know these facts.

1. God has assigned you a guardian angel and he reports to God every day telling him how you are doing
2. Your guardian angel watches your back 24/7 and wants you to live a holy fills him with great joy when he can report back to God and tell him that you are crushing it
3. When God returns to earth all of humanity (every human that ever existed) will be judged in front of all of humanity and you will have to give account for what you have done with your minuscule time on Earth in front of everyone. This is whats called the Final Judgment and it will occur immediately after the end of the world.
4. You were created to know, love and serve God...that is your highest purpose
5. Animals do not have real human intelligence just instinct and they were created for the benefit of mankind.
6. You are a member of the Church Militant. You are a soldier here on earth for the Lord. Keep in mind that you should pray for the souls in purgatory and the Saints in Heaven will pray for you.
7. The saints are jealous of you because you still have time to serve the lord on Earth

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mirin forearms OP

thanks bro
blessings to you and your family

>Serve God

But what does He want that he can’t get himself? I never understood what people who are ‘serving’ God think they’re actually doing? Aren’t we all serving God but default since we’re all part of the plan?

and same to you mate

God is infinite goodness and just being in his presence is probably the best feeling you could ever have.

God understands this so he created humans and angels to experience his goodness because he knows it would be amazing

Your serving the good and not serving evil.

I hope my guardian angel is a qt lady and we can snuggle and I can gently stroke her wings

>1. God has assigned you a guardian angel and he reports to God every day telling him how you are doing

I know this and I know his name.

You cant touch your guardian angel because he/she is pure spirit.

PS stop being a degenerate you are embarrassing your guardian angel

Uh, no. You still got free will... just look at the jews..

based and Christ pilled

>guardian angel

Hope they like me, would be the only person that does

Arise to the truth people of Yas Forums

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Your guardian angel loves you and wants you to go to heaven but that doesn't mean he/she can't be disappointed by your behavior

Jesus also loves you and will forgive your sins if you meet him half way. You can start immediately and you can pave the path to salvation. Your real home is in Heaven with the Father who loves you very much

No. Those swimming against his current are not serving Him. He has allowed for you to do so and will make the absolute best of it but those that do damn themselves and will have no recourse since they chose to be that guy. You are to a certain degree predestined to fuck up because He knew, that you being who you are, would chose to fuck up anyway. that's why you, being who you are were put into the position to fuck up. because you would have chosen to fuck up anyway. You still have a choice, but you like fucking up and it's your fucking choice.

Although I approve of your message leaf brother please watch your language because this is a sanctified thread

Still doesn’t explain what serving God actually entails

Or is it just living a life doing whatever I want but generally avoiding sin

OK, joomer.

t. chubby cat

Is the guardian angel a cute girl and does she have cute feet?

Well bro, thats why we have the Bible and the Church. While on earth Jesus took time teaching his disciples (the apostles) how he wanted things to run. These traditions have been passed down from the early church fathers to today. We call this the Magisterium.

The job of the Pope is to defend the Magisterium and the job of priests is to help you get to heaven by administering the sacraments and educating you on what to believe

If you really want to know whats what...Read the 4th edition of the Baltimore Catechism which outlines the basics of what you must know and believe.

Imagine believing this faggy bullshit. Just as fucked in the head as paki Muslims.

Maybe but you shouldn't think like that

God is letting Islam conquer your land because you have lost the faith. Muslims are just a scourge for your faithlessness.

Do you think your forefathers would allow your ancestral lands to be polluted with them? I doubt it.

You have become weak because you lack the manly toughness that God's grace gives a people under his protection.

Telling me how I should think is the first step towards tyranny.

I didn't have any faith in the first place. Can't lose what you've never had. Weak people believe in an old man in the sky, strong men don't.

Thanks, I’ll look that up.

Problem is all the churches in my country are completely corrupt. All they do is preach politics and the ‘nice doctrine’ (religion is just being nice to each other and good feelings etc with no further depth or commitment). I don’t even believe many of them truly believe in God.

The problem of the existance of evil Is probably the biggest theological problem.
And this problem is the basis to understand all the political and historical events today.
The problem is this:
If God is omniscient, why didn't he predict the rebellion of Lucifer and the birth of sin and evil?
If God is omnipotent, why didn't he stop him?
I think i found an answer to this, and it's a major redpill.
Here is my hypothesis:
Creation also has some kind of law of conservation of energy for the spiritual realm (as above so below).
God created everything out of nothing, order out of chaos, he won a war against entropy.
Now you need to understand that to create something that has a value of +1 from 0 you also need to create something with a value of -1.
This concept is symbolised by the sword of judgement.
The birth of freewill and morals (myth of the original sin of knowledge of was is good and what is bad) is one of the best example. The existance of sin and virtue is necessary for the human mind to even exist.
The creating force of God is thus an act of divine, separation between a concept and it's oposite. One of these highest concept is the dualism between good and evil, the importance of this concept being represented by Lucifer being the first and mightiest (before his fall) angel created.
The logical deduction from this are:
Plunging the world into sin will make good emerge, forcing a messiah to apear.
This is the ideology of the frankist jews who took control of the world.
The highest bloodlines that oversees this process (globalisation) thus think they are fulfilling the will of God, being evil because they were designed so.
Even with free will we have a fate and some will inevitably end up in hell as evil has to exist.
This process of creation and order through dividing concepts mirrors the creation of chaos and entropy of the universe (always expanding) and is accelerating...

...That is why all old religions had the divine mixed with evil.
Mirorring the endless entropy of the universe (his infinite expansion). The creating act of God keeps creating order over time.
The next stage of this was christianity. It is summarized by these saying from Jesus.
"I am the way, the truth and the life, noone comes to the father but through me".
"I did not come to bring peace but a sword"
That means the his coming would divide further between good and evil, and that christianity would be the only path of good.
Ultimately, this greater divide of good and evil, evil taking control of power on earth more and more for the last 2000 years would ultimately end up in a big clash prophetized in the apocalypse of St John.
But there is an aspect of it the jews do not want to see (maybe they were designed this way and it is their fate, was Judas necessary for Jesus to exist?)
It is that if this law of "spiritual conservation" rules creation it cannot rule its own creator.
God can transcend this rule.
If he had to create evil to make us exist, he then chosed , being the only that could, to take flesh and take upon his infinite power, all the sins and suffering of humanity.
That is the meaning of the passion of Christ.
He broke the chains of this "karmic law".
Ultimately this is a game we can win, and our final purpose is probably just to entertain God.

>but mooom!

There is a way you should think. He’s telling you because it’s the better way of thinking, for anyone. That’s not tyranny it’s advice.

1. The guardian angels are actually the ravens Odin sends. There is no Jewish god that gives a shit about me.
2 the raven is watching my deeds of heroism and valour pushing back against globohomo and reporting back to Odin so that I may join him in Valhalla. Heaven doesn’t exist to the Jewish gods, this is a European concept.
3. Jewish god won’t return to earth and judge over me because he doesn’t care about me. However, when Ragnarok comes and we must fight the shitskin hordes the gods will come and fight alongside me.
4. I was created to fight in Ragnarok and save my people. By doing so I serve my gods.
5. Animals have intelligence and ravens are amongst the most intelligent.
6. I am part of the people’s militia. I don’t consider shitskin christians my brothers and I consider christians who worship or consider shitskin christians their brothers as traitors to their people.
7. I don’t care about a bunch of greedy Jews being jealous. My ancestors are watching me from Valhalla and they are happy that I’m defending their future descendants and their land.
Hail Odin! Hail the Allfather!

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Your pride is having you assume that you are somehow greater than the creator of the Universe.

You didn't make the universe God did. You play by his rules. Fortunately for you, God is extremely loving and kind and created rules which are fair and just.

Until you accept that you are a created being designed by God to know him, love him and serve him you will be in rebellion.

Rebellious souls cannot find true peace and happiness because they are rebelling against the natural law.

The yoke of Christ is sweet to those who happily accept it. Don't let your sinful pride and stubbornness steal away your chance for eternal happiness

I never said that is tyranny, I said it is the first step towards.
Just because we talk about mcdonalds does not make us magically be in a mcdonalds. I advice you to learn reading comprehension.

I would highly recommend the Latin Mass if you are lucky enough to have one around you. Those people are always very squared away and conservative.

God is a writer just like I am. Sadly, he wrote a pretty bad story.

Maybe stop calling your stupid AI you programmed god? Why would you pay a glow nigher to watch everything I do? You people are fucking pathetic.

Truth, there are angels assigned to you, likewise there also demons assigned to temp you to sin. There is a spiritual war raging both personally and in the greater sense. Put on the full armor of God brothers. Also praying in tongues is using the language of the sons of light, extremely powerful. Run the race to its finish, 177777777 soon

Jesus didn't write anything during his time on earth. The Holy Spirit is the divine author.

The only thing Jesus wrote...was scribbling the sins of the Pharisees in the dirt so they wouldn't stone a lady to death


Righteous tyranny is called authority.

This practice of naming or asking for the name of guardian angels is wrong and discouraged by the Church. Of the multitude of Angels mentioned in the scriptures, only three were named, all others refused or were disallowed by God. The angels are an order of being above us and we owe them reverence. Naming something confers power and Dominion over that thing, as was shown in the Garden. The name that God gave his angels is descritptive of their nature and is not for you to know. Wanting to know could make you fall into the sin of curiosity. It's not within our authority to know the names of creatures above us. But most of all, wanting to know the name of guradian angels opens us up to demonic influence via the conveyance of false signs. If that's not enough, it should be enough to repeat that the Church advises against it and that no good angel would do something that is discouraged by the Holy Spirit.