Make America Great Depression Again

Make America Great Depression Again

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>shifting the blame to china because he's incompetent

Threadly reminder that Joe Biden has more footage of him molesting kids publicly available than Jimmy Savile does.

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This, when you can't take accountability for your own mistakes, you blame others. Notice how Trump is easy to take the credit for the work of others, but never take the blame for his own actions.

Thready reminder that you're full of shit and a retard. go back to r/thedonald

Daily Reminder that Biden is a rapist and pedophile

Who sniffs kids? Who tries to fingerbang staffers and lie about it?

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>you're full of shit
So you're saying Biden DOESN'T have more footage of him groping little kids in public than Jimmy Savile?

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>>shifting the blame to china because he's incompetent

You are meant to say shifting blame to china because they are incompetent. You dont call a country 'he'.

you wouldnt know incel. its called affection . stay away from kids

pedo detected..

Stay away from kids okay? We all know you liberals are perverts and are demanding to lower the age of consent to 3 because yall like diddling kids.

Sick man..

You fucks are sick... Stalin had the right idea.. A 7.62 lead injection cures your kind

>its called affection
Does this excuse work in court?

Inject disinfectants user!

hey faggot incel do you even have kids?okay incel

>Name calling makes it so
Who should listen to a worthless trailer trash nigger like you anyway. Don't you have a welfare check to cash and a white bitch to rape Jamal?


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So what if Biden is bad? Doesn't change the fact that Trump is an unabashed liar who fucked up and caused everyone their lives and jobs.

I guess it didn't work for your court case. Aren't sex offenders restricted from the internet? Someone should call your P.O.

I would gladly take a Great Depression in exchange for the US getting to drop hydrogen bombs on Beijing and Wuhan.

billions??? how about trillions. just seize all gook assets in all of the west

look guys..

A pedo lover and worshipper shows up..

Imagine worshipping a goat fucking pedophile..

sucks to be you.. and you know what.. all the money in the world can buy you gold plated cars, skyscrapers, harems of women

But inside, civilized people, the non-pedos and actual empathetic smart people, we consider you animals, vermin, barbarian mongs with no souls.

Keep oil prices low also while you rape goats and kids okay!?

Man, Biden better hope he never gets charged then.

>seething because they know the point holds up

this is literally all drumps fault and he is literally hitler

you're not very good at this my dude, probably should kill yourself

Cope nigger, you've got no argument, and now you just sound like the little baby you raped.

3 and one on the way..

How many kids to you have.

>Not have like in your rapey kidnap them and sacrifice them to your liberal god Moloch way.

Thats right. None. And you never will. You nice guy male feminists pedos wont ever get laid or procreate. If a woman told you to castrate yourself and she would have sex with you you would, sadly do it.

Thats how desperate and pathetic you are.

Even your own employers know you are nothing but nerd virgin losers


I think the point is that none of those kids he’s touching all the time are his children

It's amazing you can string a few words together, I guess teach pedo retards pretty well in prison now.

>you've got no argument
Made mine already, and the fact is that Joe Biden has more footage of him molesting kids publicly available than Jimmy Savile does.
It's YOU that have no argument, because you know it's fucking true.

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This reads like a bot post

Damn Jimbo, your sister is fertile, Dad taught her well.

How many of them are 1/2 nigger?

a Pedophile Biden voter calling others pedos..


Okay bub! Sure!

>Oi Vey! That goy is calling us pedos we better call them pedos that will show them!


Why are you defending Joe Biden SO hard lol

>I came over Joe's picture because I'm not allowed within 20 foot of a child

Just because it's your sick fap fantasy to look at his pics, don't project that shit here you pedo nigger.

Lol hatin trump = supporting Biden.

That's the problem with American politics. Everything is in extremes/black & white. No wonder you all are fat fucks with low impulse control and do everything to the extreme and are choking to death on your high fructose corn syrup.

Two Retards Fighting: the thread

Whatever coomer, Try to deny it. I mean like we know youre fapping to his pics because you aren't allowed within 100 feet of a school.

It. Tranny.

More salt please
this flavor is immaculate

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>ister is fertile, Dad taught her well.
>How many of them are 1/2 nigger?

ahahaha and you would adopt them if they were black..

thats whats actually sad. Deep down inside you know niggers are nothing more that savage low IQ animals.

Difference is you envy them. You want to be like them. Without any responisbility in the world. being able to have sex. You cant. You are stuck in cubicle with talking points on the wall and an anime pic of some girl you know you will never have.

Your only hope is to shill enough to be able to have the money that you think will make women attracted to you.

your are beta white male... sucks to be you..

that redneck in a trailer park with his F250, he gets more in one week than you do in a decade.


>I like salt because it reminds me of my dad's cum

The shit you talk probably reminds you of when he pulled his dick out of your brother's ass before you had to suck it.

okay pedo.. go back to grooming kids okay.. youve earned your 65 cents on this thread

You goddamned fools. Why would you let them destroy Biden now, when they still have time to regroup and nominate someone else.

Enjoy President Michael Obama.

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>thinking this whole world shut down was net chinas fault

>fucking SEETHING
Stop typing so hard, you're going to break another keyboard.

>All this rage
Man I must have really hit home. Sorry daddy gave you the bad touch and you need to project it now on your victims I mean I know it got you a lighter sentence with the judge when you cried in court and all. But he kiddie fuckers are all the same.

This is embarassing