You should get a nobel peace prize

If you kill a Rothschild (in minecraft). Think about it for a minute, really, if you look at the history of the last say, 600 years in Europe and the Americas and you look at the overall involvement of the Rothschilds in the deaths of perhaps billions of people over that would it really even be illegal to kill one (in Minecraft)? I mean to me it seems like it would be a service to the planet, not really a crime at all.
Imagine how our (Minecraft) world could be if we simply stopped killing each other and started killing Rothschilds then took all their (Minecraft) resources and redistributed those to the rest of the world?
I'm not sure it would even be a crime. And I of course would never condone the murder of anyone (in Minecraft) but that would mostly apply to like, actual people, not members of a family of upstart Jewish thieves that have destroyed entire cultures in the pursuit of their own agenda.
We should do something to save our (Minecraft) world, and it starts by banning The Rothschilds from the server.

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Why is everyone meme'ing the red shields, you do realize there were Venetian bankers that have done what they've done since the 6th century right?

Violence is never the answer.

Yeah but chances are good the Redshields killed them too.

I mean for all the fact that The Redshields basically created Communism, its pretty funny that the "Communists" never figure out that the Redshields are the people they need to be getting rid of.
Kinda funny...that.

Well no, but when it comes to Rothschilds (in Minecraft) I'm not sure that applies. Philosophically they are too dangerous to the entire world to be allowed to live (in Minecraft) it really violence or justice?

I live like 20 miles from the Rothschilds. (Also J.K Rowling). My old boss grew up with them. His family were their highland gamekeepers for centuries.

Let God be the judge of that.

God helps those that help themselves.

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for a better comprehension of our global situation

Idk man, I highly doubt the most powerful family would let themselves be known at all.

See thing is, old Jacob seems like a nice old guy, harmless grandfatherly chap...and then there's this here image attached where you just go "Dude you're really being a dick right now and you know you are".

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Well I've often felt that too, but I think the Rothschilds tend to seek acknowledgment, its in their lineage after all, they're basically punishing the entire world for denying them peerage back in the late 14th Century if I remember my reading right after all.

Someone should just drop some fucking C4 from a helicopter over their house and kill everyone inside (in rust)

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I would kill everyone in their house myself if I had an AK (in my rust server)

Maybe we don't need to kill them, maybe we can convince them there is gold on the moon and they need to move there?
I mean what can we do to honestly just get these people's fingers out of literally the entire worlds lives?
I mean if there's a way to yanno, do it without being dicks about it I'm all for it, but sometimes you gotta blow up someones house (in Minecraft) to ensure they're gone.

Ever noticed there's a giant arrow pointing at their mansion? Or the sigil-shaped park on the other side?

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the park

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Without American bankers, the Soviet union would be reduced to dust after Hitler crippled their army. Communism could've ended in 1945. It was American money that lifted them up. Same thing with China.

The problem is the damage is already done, the ones who built this are dead and the decendants just tacit beneficiaries of this corrupt kike scheme. They're still most likely up to shit. But this hyper materialistic world has already been normalized.
Killing them, whilst still a positive thing, would likely not undo the damage. We need to figure out how to fix this creeping rot in the frame of the house we call society. Knocking the whole building down is an even worse option.

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Also, if you go south in the direction of the arrow, the line goes straight through the middle of two more parks, roughly 20 miles away. Interesting to say the least.

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Just strip them of everything they have and make them wonder aimlessly in India or an other shithole

That could make a good reality show and would be the best punishment

Theoretically what kind of Minecraft security would would a mansion like that possess? In Minecraft.

Well I just don't get why people always look at this discussion from a defeatist angle.

The West has basically been told that it needs to erase and undo all its history because or racism/imperialism/sexism whatever else but Rothschild money financed all of that and made huge profits off it.

No one ever says, well if we're going to erase some history, maybe we should erase the history the Rothschilds have created.

We're talking about revolutions world wide for hundreds of years, billions dead, and for what? For us to sit here in an age where one person with a drone (in Minecraft) could solve so many problems for so many wrongs done in the modern history of the world?

I just don't get it. I also don't get how they live with themselves. If my families history was the history of the Rothschilds, I wouldn't be able to live with myself, I'd give away all my assets and go live in a monastery or something....the guilt would be unbearable.


If you adopted spastics weren't fighting Communism by now all Rotschildsofbitches and Dickfeelers and anyother shit like them would be gone and there would be only national central bank of the country

The Rothschilds financed the Bolsheviks tho.

I mean shit nigga they killed your fucking Czar. Then they told you it was to promote equality between men.....when it was really about getting back at the Romanovs for fucking them off once a hundred years before.

Yet USSR wanted to destroy them and not only them

We need a house invasion/squat with protesters. Jump the fence, dodge the exploding green goblins and charge towards the house.

I'd say very good, considering the last time someone was up to something they got knocked out of the sky.
Also, the wording in the article seems very odd at times, like it was a coded message.

They dont live there anymore though

I'm not sure something they created was ever going to be allowed to really destroy them. I mean the idea was there yeah but its not like you guys were ever allowed to, you spent more time killing your own people than you did bothering with the Rothschilds. And that was probably financed by the Rothschilds too.

So what if they killed Tsar?What he did for us beside keeping us into the dark ages as slaves living into shit ass villages and killing many of us into war while he and his people were living in gold palaces?If the Tsar was going to win Russia by now would be worse

what is this in minecraft shit?

hello nu-friend

>So what if they killed Tsar?
They destroyed your national identity....and replaced it with Communism. That should bother you a lot. The fact that you are so disconnected from that is kind of sad.

don't be a zoomer faggot who wants to be edgy but is to scared to make a real statement.

Based britbong

You don't play with the Commies when it's about collectivization no matter how much wealth you have if you oppose or try to destabilize something even despite you helped you get killed, it's not like Stalin killed a good part of big revolutionares because they opposed him and came with liberal like ideas.

If their identity was eternal serfdom while the rest of the planet moved on with industrialization, and everything branching from it, they didn't lose much.

Name one war won by peace.


This is the agenda of the Rotschilds, coming to you directly from Italy.

>Video made in 2008

Buckle up :

There are probably a hundred of these Rotschilds. It's an old dynasty you know. Nobody can't kill them all. And shouldn't even try I must add

Day of the rope is very fucking soon and they will all die

(in minecraft)

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I agree, who knows what kind of (spiritual) protection they have and what the consequences would be for someone who tried.

>he thinks the Rothschild are le secret jewish evil plotters
>he thinks that the capitalistic System has a face

Doing so, OP, you proved your retardation to the world. You could eliminate every single "de Rothschild" of the world, and nothing - literally nothing would change.

You literally have no idea how the System works, and if you think a few jewish dudes are ruling the world you are definitely from r*ddit

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