Two Years

Just two more years bro

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This mixed with the fact that china's at fault. You loved to see it.

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That's the cost of giving up on eradication without even trying.

They got you faggots without a single shot being fired. Look forward to annual lockdowns for the rest of time.

Glad I quit my job and bugged out of the city in 2018.

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At least we lost to other humans.

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i dont really care

Do you know how big those fucking emus are? They're no joke.

>Two Years
Unless they are intentionally spreading the virus it shouldn't last another two weeks.
(((They))) want it to last two years, shut down supply chains claiming infections, then take them over, everything must be (((approved))).

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I was obviously not being serious. The Chinese aren't human.

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Just make sure not to let anyone know you don't believe the media hype. They seem to love staging COVID-19 deaths for people who speak out against it a day earlier.

It's ending faggot.

I hope not i wanna go on vacation and eat out at my favourite restaurants again.
But seeing it all tumbling down is fun as well.

Texas here. Multiple news stories coming out now about how infections and deaths are popping back up and partial lockdown easing hadn't even begun yet. There are people in positions of power and influence shilling extremely hard for very long term lockdowns and compulsory vaccination of whichever out of the hundreds of vaccines getting fast tracked right now has the slightest bit of effectiveness going for it.

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I hope it does, I love living in quarantine

Emus are scary mate, I wouldn't fuck with them.

Turn off your memeflag

I assume you brought your Parkway Drive discography?

Are you kidding or do you actually think Seychelles flag is meme flag?

actually my buddy who's a top scientist says it's going to be 3 years.

>actually my buddy who's a top scientist says it's going to be 3 years.
The thing is, when you GMO a virus, you have no idea how it's going to mutate. It's never going away.

Turn it off

It will last just long enough to remove Trump from office.

Coronavirus won't "last" two years, it's here forever, like the seasonal flu.

still thinking medic students not chad? wait until they have these on

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Thhhh. Thhhh. So what, just have a couple more beers or sumthin? FUCKING HOMERUN CHIPPA!

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Minus a couple of shitty states our lockdown ended today. Well. Lockdown for most shit. Stadiums and concerts are still closed but I’m sure it will be fine in a month or two

Good, many normies will kill themselves

lockdown is so dumb

we already have a vaccine for most people...the virus itself

why wait two years to inject everyone with some government mystery virus

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It's never going away. They'll keep people locked in their homes until someone snaps and then use the riots as an excuse to enact martial law.

Well remind them that what they're saying is impossible because two weeks.

This is the power of globohomo.