>time to get ready

Are you anons ready for the coming collapse?
>twiggy is a traitor

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We have military leaders?

There are 2 outcomes.
1. Everybody downloads the app, welcome to soft tyranny.
2. Nobody downloads the app, martial law is enforced, welcome to hard tyranny.

Fuck this is a shit thread.

Hory Shieet! It's confirmed, the coronavirus is indeed originated from Australia!

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Praise god for the Chink-O-Meter!

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Lol I doubt thats what they had in mind when they made it

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Where is everyone bought themselves some vidya with scomo bux?

But how goods the food aye

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does anyone know if its possible to get the corona supplement and job keeper, i know some people are getting over $1200 a week as uni students in schomo government gibs

>is it possible to get dry water
No, it's kinda mutually exclusive.

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>Are you anons ready for the coming collapse?
I have a rest hear rate of 35 beats per minute and when I run into a 18 year old getting his skull smeared into the ground by a group of Sudanese niggers I did consider the fact I could be forced to kill said niggers and I was ok with it (I beat them around and scared them off).

not the pill i wanted but know its possible and people are getting it, maybe i will ask the trannies over in r9k

We should focus on the chink virus first then once that's sorted we can move onto covid 19

Sydney is

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They probably lied to cenno and are scamming it

When is Sydney going to get a space colony droppen on them?

>i know people are getting dry water
>because i really want dry water
>so i should be able to get dry water
Good luck with that, mate.

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>i saw someone else getting dry water irl
>isnt dry water tax evasion or fraud or something
> anyone worked out a way to get dry water legally?

thanks for the good luck, although i know its possible i think i still need it

also if your wondering dry water can be obtained roughly by getting youth allowance gibs, while also having a boss that puts you on jobkeeper because hospitality sector has tanked, whether or not the alphabet boys will catch you is what im curious about

i would call it less dry water more double dipping

fuck lads just praised Him felt great. might praise Him again later idk.

lol why don't they just say yes?

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never liked their beers despite living in SA for 3 years and thats all they drink here

why do you hate australia?

what the FUCK why is my phone screenshot resolution that high

it tastes bad compared to carlton dry or great northern

Somebody throw a roo burger on the barbie for me.

Because it's a shithole.

You just keep drinking those overseas beers mate

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dont care, its embedded more into australian culture than most beers.

I would rather be sober than drink carlton dry and Im an alcoholic.

besides the green one coopers is shit id rather give my money to the based nips and drink traditional aussie beers

Small country town; pretty comfy.

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i agree. i can stand the pale ale on tap and sometimes the session ale. rest taste weird and are not for me.

They’re just half arsed shit

yea kinda, they do a good job with the mainstream ones but the niche ones suck