He's innocent

I am not a very emotional person. But I sometimes get emotional thinking about Michael Jackson. His music, his talent, and his life.

How could someone capable of creating such beautiful music be capable of what they say he did?

As someone interest in music, he is without question one of the most talented individuals to walk this earth. Nothing else really compares to what he created in his body of work. youtube.com/watch?v=HPDzTieZwtc this for example was an unused demo. Just his piano and his voice I can listen to over and over.

I then get sad thinking of all the accusations made toward him. Assuming he was innocent, this man suffered a great deal through his life as a result.

With regard to the accusations, I think there's two possibilities:
1. He is one of the most manipulative, hide in plain sight, predators of all time. The amount of people who would know of such crimes would have had to have been complicit and would still have to remain silent after all these years.
2. Failed child stars or parents of child stars wanted some gibs. Taking advantage of the tabloid smearing his eccentric Jackson saw him as an easy target.

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Go cry about your dead pedo nigger on Yas Forums, cocksucking faggot

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We'll have revenge for Michael

Imagine defending a white larping pedo nigger that's been convicted TWICE because he's sooo innocent. That bastard cunt raped children and got away with it, nu/pol/ preaches anti-degeneracy 2/47 but apparently it's A-OK if you're Michael Jackingkidsoff I'm so done with this site JANNIES CLEAN UP ON ISLE 3


>He is one of the most manipulative, hide in plain sight, predators of all time.
who is bill cosby

If he wasn't pedophile, it is most certain he was a gay. Listen to his voice, it screams "GAY"

But he was not a normal pedophile: he did not "hang out" with little girls, he was a homosexual pederast pedophile predator and only preferred young boys

Not a "pedophile", but homosexual pederast sicko fuck who deserved the nickname "wacko jacko"

He was trying to save children in the industry from pedophile Jews. That's been established for awhile, Michael is a hero.

Being against due process is degeneracy.
He was never convicted. He gave the accusers the gibs they wanted and they went away.

Kikes sent the FBI to dog him for 10 years and they found nothing. Just bunch of regular porn. Michael named the jew after getting kiked and got labled a pedophile for it.

Why did he order painting like this to be made of him?

The number of those little boy angels in the painting are exactly the same number the boys who used to live with him in the Neverland ranch, including the chocolate-caramel colored boy.

Why did Jackson hang out with black kids? He clearly had a preference for white boys and feminine boys

He did not protect all children from industry, only white boys that he found sexually attractive to his fucked up pedophile mind

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He spoke against Edomites, he was destroyed by Edomites, like Henry Ford, Disney, Tzar, ...

hey guys, when is it bedtime at Michael Jackson's house?

when the big hand touches the little hand

Absolutely not. This is the Yas Forums narrative

Pedos will get busted, either you like it or not. He was not the first celebrity pedophile and he will not be the last

You have a fixation for this sick sick fucko. He was a pedophile who raped white, aryan children. Just like the rest of them, never touched black boys though (found them disgusting)

>he was a homosexual pederast pedophile predator and only preferred young boys
And White. You forgot White. He wasnt interested in black boys. He was a fucking psychopathic sexual predator.

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Looks like you got jewed. Keep believing kike lies.

Neverland was a place where trafficked kids could relax. That's why the angels are on the ground playing.

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If these are supposed to be the boys Jackson had lived with him, then which one is Macaulay Culkin? Such bullshit.

Maybe he wanted a painting of himself in a classical greek pose. This is clearly a reference to something I've seen before, but I don't remember where.

Wade Robson's mother REFUSED to settle out of court I.E. SHE DIDN'T EXCEPT ANY MONEY FROM MICHAEL PEDOSON because she wanted JUSTICE for her physically and emotionally traumatized son. "The two men say that these acts were regarded as "romantic" and did not realize they were inappropriate until adulthood. Safechuck says Jackson once took him shopping for an engagement ring (which he kept as memorabilia) and later held a mock wedding. He began therapy in 2013 and recalled his trauma for the first time. Stephanie Safechuck, his mother, describes feeling elated and dancing whenJackson died in 2009. Robson says Jackson told him to distrust women. Both men claimed that Jackson tried pushing them away from their families and "brainwashing" them. Jackson allegedly sent the two men "love letters" and set up security systems at Neverland to prevent other people from witnessing their sexual acts." Do dome research you kike and stop defending a PEDOPHILE.

retard logic: somebody created things I like, so it is not possible that they raped children

did you ever notice classical art was perfectly fine with appreciating the beauty of youth, but Americans are constantly clutching pearls over any nude representation of anyone who doesn't appear to be 30 years old?


He didint write his music he at most made suggestions and preformed it

Michale’s a bro, he did good and the Jews ruined him for it.

lmao the same Wade Robson that testified in MJs favor during the trial? Interesting how he changed his tune all of a sudden. Almost as if he was promised a big payday by kikes to set MJ up. Also Safechuck is another hack that was caught lying in the documentary.

You lying pedo defending NIGGER. Michael Jackson engaged in varying sexual activities with over 20+ little boys from the mid 80s to late 90s the shite is documented and archived so stop defending a PEDOPHILE and do some research you lazy nigger.

You disgust me. It is clear you do not have and never will have your own children.

You would have let this disgusting nigger, skin bleaching negroid fucker sick fuck who raped underage boys all his career to rape your own child too?

>muh based black man was fighting against the kikes

He was a fucking globohomo nigger who spread the NWO agenda "We are the world"

All this world unity is bullshit, it is about making the globalists control you and rape children

. they sell children. they rape children while you fuck around on Facebook. professionally trained serial killers murder children while you play pathological video games that turn you into a subconscious serial killer by-proxy and brainwash you to defend some skin bleached nigger on the internet

You enable their Neverland ranches, Little Saint James islands and other sicko fucko factories. Kill yourself you fucking cockroach pieces of shit

>But he was not a normal pedophile:
You're right he was a GAY PEDOPHILE which is worse

Pretty sure it's a reference to when MJ would lick prepubescent white boys' assholes while jacking off

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You got convinced from a media run propaganda documentary. These two fags who were so traumatized decided to come after him after he died wow so much justice seeking. They went on to live normal lives have wives and kids. Also one of them continued to use Michale Jackson image without his estates permission when he went on to do a solo dance tour.


It was nice of her to not take any money as settlement to further sell the lies purported in the tabloid smear job HBO put out.

Retard logic:
Out of the 2 options in the OP, which is more logical? Surely more people would have come out to say something against him. So far it's a couple of failures who were coached by their psychiatrists and lawyers.
You're not thinking logically and letting emotion take over your decision making because the "cost" of being wrong holding your view is lower than the cost of being wrong if you hold mine. The weight of evidence and logic is on my side. You're just a pussy.

Sure he did..

I almost wish he was white like he wanted. Making children black is a crime against them and against humanity.


What do Bobby Fischer and MJ had in common? They named the jew. One was labled mentally ill while the other a pedophile. All after naming the jew.

Makes you think.

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Hes a nigger

Yes but he didn't have to be.