Why did he want to genocide Europeans?

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He was the EurasianTiger or whatever of his day.



He's Jewish

he was jewish



No, he was a hapa.

His father was a an antisemitic.

he was a hapa

corollary of mutt's law, mongrels naturally want to drag others down to their level

Governments were using nationalism to push young men in the WW1.
This guy was thinking that if everyone was of mixed race there would have been no basis for nationalism and for war.

He was a pacifist, war was the big issue at the time.

>This guy was thinking that if everyone was of mixed race there would have been no basis for nationalism and for war.

Yes because Brazil is a paradise.



He didn't. White nationalists and Asian supremacists seem to have completely historically inaccurate views of him.

He wrote that shit. But he does not matter since he was just booth licking jews

That succinctly explains the anglo

Everyone gets their information from image macros or one line quotes. He actually wanted Europe to survive.

He was a nationless, rootless internationalist mutt who didn't belong anywhere but in a world of rootless half-castes. So he wanted that to happen. Why everyone else seemed to follow his idea I have no idea.

That was not the Kalergi plan, more like there was no plan. He just had ideas of a united Europe that can hold its own against the US, Asia and the Commonwealth which he envisioned would grow stronger. As we can see, the EU holds its own against the now strong USA and China, while the Commonwealth under UK is gone.

You're insane. The EU is dying on its feet without the UK.. The UK is going to rebuild the commonwealth and 5 eyes nations and we're importing foreigners to form Coudenhove-Kalergis dream of a brown European peoples. Scum like you belong on a cross. You're a traitor to our people.


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Rebuild the commonwealth?

We're fuckin done. I just want to go to the outback and disappear.

No, read the fucking book. He prizes the Jews and plan replacement for no good reasons

no, he was a h*pa

a meme has developed around here that Kalergi was not another anti-European so these meme flags and some German keep stating he was the opposite

I mean, in a sense it's a no brainer for their mentality, if you take away things normal people(which excludes this clique of homines oeconomici) care about and fight for, they won't fight.
Our rulers are by nature lavish mercantile parasites, thus fundamentally not attached to race, ethnicity, religion, etc..., war CAN be good for business but it's also a risky venture, a steady state domesticated human herd is a better long term investment for them. And they pretty much managed to achieve this at this point, there's little fight left anywhere in the world.

No! Read the fucking book, this man is against all but 1 nationalism. He wrote chapters of praise for the Jewish nation

No, see he was trying to undermine Europe