Why don't homeless and crackheads don't die from coronagates??

Why don't homeless and crackheads don't die from coronagates??
Here in my city's downtown we have a lot and none of them have died from this crap

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They have stronger immune systems, the percent of people with pre-existing conditions that died with coronavirus were something like 80%

>the percent of people with pre-existing conditions that died with coronavirus were something like 80%
and you think homeless people are perfectly healthy individuals? fuckin leaf

Homeless and innawoods people are legit

The rise of allergies coincides with the rise of domestic use of bleach in homes, we aren't built to live in sterile environments our immune system is still geared like a caveman to get down and dirty with bugs and bacteria

They don't have obesity or diabetes.

Do you know what immune system means? someone who constantly showers and washes their hands are not gonna have stronger immune systems than someone who lives in dirt all the time, fucking moron.

They have better immune function you fat neanderthal

Your immune system will fight things it's been exposed to before. Not coronavirus

>american knowledge

>Implying filthy niggers and spics are sanitary and bathe every day and congregate in mass herds
Being around brown people during this shit is a hazard.

It's spreading mostly indoors in offices and similar settings.
Outdoors is risk free.

Who do you think is filling the mass graves in NYC?(btw they are always burying bums in mass graves in NYC)

Those gloves aren't so sterile now.

That ass isn't so ster- never mind.

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Almost nobody bleaches their homes dude. I think it’s more to do with sleeping outside and exposure to the environment. When you spend your life in a temperature controlled bubble and never have to increase your heart rate certian metabolic systems will atrophy.

This retarded. Homeless have underlying conditions. Teeth infections. Drug addictions. Shit that compromises their immunity.

Do I have to spell it out for you?

>The immune system is a single entity
Holy fuck I hate leafs

It's actually a Chinese biological weapon. WAKE UP SHEEPLE

I had to look up that article, lol timesofisrael.com/all-dogs-are-bad-and-their-owners-accursed-israeli-citys-rabbis-rule/

My kid turned up allergies immediately following his six-month vaccines, how does that fit into your little worldview Jacques Cousteau?

The closest apostles of Jesus were Jewish, user.; therefore whatever you're talking about is something good.

This board isn't blue but were you trying to save us from something

Because 96% of people recover, millions probably get it and recover without realizing. In other words, nothing burger with extra nothing

Easy, your kid has mutt genes. Low genetic quality.

can you, dare I say it, imagine the smell?

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We should report her to her supervisor for giving the hospital a bad name.

San Francisco recently reported 68 cases among the city's homeless, out of 800 reported cases.

But since the homeless have little access to testing or health care, the number is probably much higher. I imagine the numbers are similar in major cities suffering COVID spikes.

Facts, not fear mongering.

is this croatias president?

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Boy I sure love our nurses.

Newborn babies don’t have robust immune systems. Allergies are caused by an immune response so newborns can’t have allergies.
At around that age their immune system starts to develop. Then they get vaccines to inoculate they against some of the worst diseases. They may also develop allergies in this time because they are now capable of having an immune response.
Basically it’s two separate phenomena that are correlated.

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then why did commiefornia close the parks and beaches? wouldn't THEY be the first to know since they have the bulk of homeless?

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