Reminder that he literally suggested injecting disinfectants to fight the coronavirus

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>Drumpf BTFO!!!

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Fuck off faggot. He

Reminder that he didn't, he was literally spitballing thoughts on live camera and completely clarified the statement a minute later, which people hilariously don't bother to mention when they keep trying to push this dead narrative.

All fields faggot.

But he said he was sarcastic?

Some of the best discoveries come from a simple idea. The concept of putting something into the human body to fight off the virus is very high level. It's up to the science guys to make it happen. Trump is just the ideas guy.

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Trump literally said every single Mexican was a rapist and the blumpkins still eblected blim

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reminder that he's POTUS and you're a loser

Threadly reminder that Joe Biden has more footage of him molesting kids publicly available than Jimmy Savile does.

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Based trump

communist shill.


Rope faggot.

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Reminder that leftists are literally suppressing world changing medicinal practice in favor of solutions 75 years out of date.

You have to have the Zinc. You need the Zinc!

Biden is going to release multiple anti-trump tv ads of the trump/epstein child abuse/rape/murder footage and documents soon. Trump doesnt have a chance. BIDEN is going to STOMP this CLOWN

No, he was giving an idea for a mechanism that would actually seek and destroy viruses, rather than hoping that retarded immune cells could.

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True tho

What type of tard tells ppl to inject Clorox bleach?

>footage and documents
You mean *talk* of said footage and documents, just like all that talk of some tape of him saying "Nigger" everyone swears they heard but has never materialized.

The tard that has been elected as the best representative of the American population

In all fields bois

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No he didn't

>said increasingly nervous pharmakike for the millionth time this week

He didn't, but the main stream media did everything in their power to report it that way.
So naturally some people went ahead and did poisoned themselves because everything that the media says is bad must actually be good for you.

its all so tiersome

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Yes, he is the dumbest President in history.

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I get the whole thing now: For weeks liberals have been doing exactly what Trump says and building up lib rage. He suggests something vaguely and they pounce on to show how much smarter they are before doing exactly what Trump and Pence say

>So naturally some people went ahead and did poisoned themselves because everything that the media says is bad must actually be good for you.

this is even up for question, they reported x amount of people ingesting bleach.. there are people also before that ingesting bleach... how much was the increase, how much more compared to last year?
You know the fucking normal comparisons.