Lavazza support race mixing

Watch this shit and do your work /pol, audio is in english

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Ecco che comincia anche qui..

Do your work cosa, brutto bimbomerda del cazzo?
NYPA, porco dio.
Vai a farti una vita invece di impestare Yas Forums, dio bestia.

I'm fuckin mad

Smasha quel downvote, ti sembra cazzo normale che una pubblicita` del caffe mandi sta merda?

Downvote 1 man army reporting for duty.

They are pushing very hard for this everywhere i wonder ((who)) gives money for that

silenzio aronne.
bvmp lmao

Until now in italy we only had that shitty findus spot of the gay """""family""""", now it's a new level brainwashing right here


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wh*Te bois BTFO

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They've got these Lavazza shops all over Tokyo. Knew it was a globalist shit company

What's your favorite coffee shop or brand in Tokyo Japan Man?

don't buy from them, they are the barilla of coffee lmao

Does anyone have a running list of companies openly pushing this shit? I'd like to give them all the Gillette treatment. aka, not ever buy their shit intentionally.

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Don't drink coffee. Ruins your gut, fucks your teeth. It's a slave drink from a slave food.

At least barilla is based

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They make pasta as well right?
Barilla for life it is then.

Also Lavazza stinks

Checked for based Barilla. Can we get some more companies like this?

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based, i agree.

Their social engineering is just relentless

>consuming niggerbeans (i.e. coffee)


And don't forget that coffee is not even European food/drink, nor are the vast majority of fruits. And coffee is not just a slave food, but a food largely grown by weak and pathetic slaves that you consume only to subsequently weaken your own skeletal structure (because coffee dries you out more than most seeds, grains or any of that other slave food).

European food is dead animal (either raw or cooked rare and bloody), diary (including eggs, and more often than not goats milk and the other byproducts we can get out of it), along with some basic greens like thyme and parsley. Then there's basic fruits (which have been extensively genetically modified over centuries) that are okay so long as the seeds aren't consumed, like watermelon.

Everything else is not just slave food, but food brought into European "diets" due to globalization, trade, market forces, etc, and it's all as foreign to Europeans as it is unnatural and bad for us.

And thats a good thing, I am glad we are promoting this also. We can finally get rid of the inferior romanians.

Look at the diets of the ancient Egyptian masses, those losers ate much of the shit we do today. No meat, very little dairy, just grains and nothing food that makes you "feel full".

Look at the Brahmins in India, they specify meat for themselves while they've always sought to make as many of those below them be largely vegan, grain fed, onions slaves.

imagine being so pathetic that two people in love in a coffee commercial bother you. LOL

lmfao what the fuck is this even supposed to be advertising? Apparently Lavazza is a coffee company?

should see our ads. It's all globohomo for 27 seconds then the last 3 second it cuts to a picture of whatever the ad was commissioned to sell.

based pasta man

Welcome to advertising in the 21st century

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This is how Italy was created mamma mia

yeah they make pasta, biscuits and also other edible things

U mad white boy?

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Who cares except Yas Forums incels?