How do we defeat Christianity? pt 2

What is the most effective method in politically battling Christianity?
>inb4 jew, LARPagan, atheist, etc

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the entire abrahamic systems would be made null and void with a single nuke

tactical nuke on the Vatican is not such a bad idea

So what kind of pagans are you guys? I thought Americans had no European heritage to make such a claim?
>inb4 christcuck
I'm nondenominational, and a henotheist.

Why are pagayns and gaytheists so mad about the truth?


>the truth
don't you remember what based Pilate said to the dirty jew?
>what is truth?

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and mecca too. but turning jerusalem into a crater negates all of the "prophecies" the jews/christian zionists have been forcing the last 50 years and takes out the dome of the rock too

Jesus told him the truth, he rose three days later. Also he prophesied the destruction of the jewish temple. Pilate is in hell and christ is alive.

>he rose three days later
>people on Yas Forums actually believe this
I thought Yas Forums scored the highest on the IQ tests a while ago? What the fuck happened?

You can't, faggot.

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>Jesus told him the truth
You nigglets can't even get that right. Your Rabbi Yeshua ben Yosef was so called out he said nothing.

keep doing what you're doing

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Lmfao i mean theres several thousand people who witnessed the resurrected christ. Please explain how a dead man unwrapped a hundred pounds of wrap and spices, then rolled away a several hundred pound stone, which was guarded by at least 14 armed roman soldiers who would die if the body went missing and were under orders that followers would attempt to take the body. Then paul writes and gives names and places where the witnesses to this can be found. All scholars note that these have the hallmarks of historical eye witness account. Dont forget the exchange of letters between roman emperors and local kings confirming it happened, or the fact christianity became the worlds larfest religion. Its all "coincidence", right rabbi?

Sorry jew, you guys are eternally btfo

>that pic
Hitler was catholic.

>several thousand people
such extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof
where has anyone else in history been resurrected after being pronounced dead for 3 days?
until he overcame it

>until he overcame it
Nope, until the very end by his own admission.

>How do we defeat

If you want to win a battle, you don't fight your enemy. You care of yourself not to do any mistakes. If you do less mistakes than your enemy, you will win the battle.

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>Lmfao i mean theres several thousand people who witnessed the resurrected christ.
>was guarded by at least 14 armed roman soldiers
>paul writes and gives names and places where the witnesses to this can be found
>letters between roman emperors and local kings confirming it happened

Dnc thread

How many jews in this thread i wonder?
All you can do is cry source and hope for a chance to try and pilpul. The bible for one, and thats at least 4 writers of the gospel, plus paul, then theres josephus, tacitus, emperor trajan, pliny the younger.
Theres tons more but this is certainly enough to put away your ignorant ass


I never get an answer. I guess there are no true American pagans, just shitposting atheists.

>hated by jews
>betrayed by jews

"bUt JeSuS WaS a JeW"

This is the antidote for (((christianity.)))

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it's all so tiresome

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Imagine killing your pure blood pagan brothers in their ancestral homelands because they wouldn't worship a Jew hanging from a cross killed by other Jews in their Jew Homeland.

Christcucks are truly pathetic.

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It's a hell of a lot more believable than the holohoax.

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Thanks for the non argument. You can go back to fisting your boyfriend while you cosplay as marvel characters now

Pagan doesn't mean European religion. It's anything other than desert cult religions. I follow Dharma.

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>What is the most effective method in politically battling Christianity?
Do what Varg does and try to outbreed Christians as much as possible.

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>loses an argument
>posts an image without making an argument
The vast vast vast majority of pagans converted willingly. Many of the Germans converted even before Constantine.

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Hi fren, im a recent conversion from advaita vedanta hinduism. I found that it still lacks the answers to the fundamental questions of reality. I found christianity has those answers. Would love to hear about your side of things, no sarcasm, im sincere

>source: table talks

>denying Table Talk
like clockwork
anything else?

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>people point out my non-source like clockwerk
I'm sure they do. Table talks were composed after the war and published by the allies. They're frequently used to prove the holocaust.

yeah it may be the best option.

No u
Interesting. You're a white American? Did you marry into the practice or just fell into it? I can't imagine why white Americans would go with anything other than the Greek or Roman pantheon, seeing as it's in so much of our imagery and architecture.

Judaism came from Judea and came after Christianity.

i'm not going to let this thread devolve into a thread about whether you believe table talk or not. your free to deny it all you want, I don't really give a shit

>christcucks actually believe this

Yeah is hard not to convert when your neighbors got killed for not converting. What books from Vedanta have you read? Also what questions were not answered? Are you American?

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Just let them do their thing as long as it stays pro-white

this is the sign of a lower intellect in that you believe one must follow a religion. the herd animal par excellence!

I'm not white American. I did not marry into it. Just searched for it myself. Sanatana Dharma is not like organized desert religions. Nor were the pagans religions.

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