What is this phenotype called Yas Forums?

What is this phenotype called Yas Forums?

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actually she might be indonesian

Homo Photoshoppus

Can someone here photoshop her white?

Horner (Horn of Africa)?


built for BWC


I'm gonna go with that.
Either she's descends from a very rich Somali/Ethiopian family or from Sudan

I fucked a dark skinned girl like this pretty regularly and I could never understand where her features came from. Her sisters were hideous beaners tho.

i'll try



The rare case where the difference truly is mostly the color

>What is this phenotype called Yas Forums?
My future gf.

She's either an American black who has at least 30-40% European genes or from certain parts of Africa where the girls are actually incredibly beautiful.


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Photoshop and makeup

BWC slave

Duhh Argentinian

>certain parts of Africa where the girls are actually incredibly beautiful.
You're not kidding.

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Horn of Africa and India have some pretty interesting girls.

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photoshopped niggress junglebunny

flat iron phenotype

I guess you're right, Sudan is often excluded from Horn of Arica and I didn't initially thought about it, but now I bet she's from there
People from those parts of Africa you're talking about were considered caucasians so either way it's somewhat true, at least phenotypically speaking. Though this notion is considered pseodoscientific today, but that's not very telling since the concept of race itself is regarded as pseudoscientific

Unironically, she's probably -at least- 65% european.

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One of Jeffersons decendents