When a black guy on Twitter is smarter than Yas Forums

When a black guy on Twitter is smarter than Yas Forums...

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>dude, the doctors are totally not lying
>death certificates are reliable
>hospitals aren't being bribed to list covid deaths

and the same black guy says that We Wuz Vikangs and sheeeit and OP believe him..


Okay Mr. Nosebergstein

>when you notice that the crime rate is also way the fuck down too


Kys nigger lover

Smarter than Sweden too.

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Uhmmm. Yah. NOPE
When Drs STOP signing death certificates and push that on Nurse Practitioners and Funeral Home Directors are questioning the VALIDITY of Death Certificates theres a HUGE problem.
The death causes are being faked to appear as Covid and the future Medical Malpractice lawsuits are scaring the Drs.
Even the Funeral homes are scared to bury the bodies because lawsuits will force autopsies then dogging bodies back up.
Virus = real
Death = real
Over inflated covid deaths = real
Scam = real

Everyone is smarter than Yas Forums. Average IQ here is sub Saharan Africa tier.

>while the country was in lockdown
In almost every country it spread relatively wide before a lockdown


Gay and (((media)))pilled.

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Nice meme but why do americans have to inject interracial sex into everything?

99% of the coronavirus "deaths" are from people who died from something other than coronavirus

this is the real redpill
some posters here are high iq and educated. but 95% of content is brain vomit.
you have to swim through the vomit to occasionally find an interesting intelligent post the Really Makes You Think (tm).

its much worse now that we are flooded by schizo contrarians from /x/

This nigger is smart. Covid can kill you any number of ways. Heart attack, stroke falling down the stairs.

This disease is way deadlier than anyone realizes.

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It's the law.

this but ironically

Holy shit, why are you like this? Why do you capitalize so much shit that doesn't need capitalizing? Your post is fucking infuriating. You use at least ten emojis in every text message, don't you?

Source without using faulty antibody tests?

Only since all the quarantined reddit normies have started posting

Lockdown didn't do shit for the virus but it did demonstrate to the powers that be how easy it is to scare and control the public. Expect many more of these pandemics in the years to come.

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99% of the stats nothingburgerfags use to backup their claims are completely made up in order to protect their fragile brain from something they don't understand.

>death rate = death totals
>cause of death is calculated in an equivalent manner for flu and covid
>January-May = 1 month

how can one be so wrong about so many things in less than 240 characters?

U Y N O P E W D S T O P N P F H D V A L I D I T Y D C H U G E C N N D E F V D I S B W T B U T W H Y T H E B I G P I C T U R E.

What coded messages is the shill relaying to the gay lords?

>Lockdown didn't do shit
>Posts graph that shows it did

and now flu season is over. yet this is still a thing. beating a dead horse. there is a group of people who are infamous for this type of behavior.
protip: rhymes with news

No OP, the new narrative is that the numbers are all fake.

There are ai readers that scan this place, just trying to fuck with them. The bots pic up on specific patterns. The random Caps throws a fuck into the pattern recognition.
Message is correct. Hospital admins are pushing bogus death certs .

Many Yas Forumsacks are cumbrained happooners.

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Graph shows lockdown worked bro.

here is a covid red pill you little niggers.
>Who is in charge?
>Who is high risk group for covid 19?

for 80% the virus is just the flu, for old and sick people its dangerous. it just so happens that sick old people rule over us, kek

He's obviously not able to address more than one object at a time. Everything about his statement suggests his mind is overcompartmentalized and cannot grasp connections between seemingly disparate ideas.

You clearly missed that the predictions assumed intervention, was your nose in the way?

Look harder, attempt to use brain, report back.

>It's not really that bad, it'll go down to zero soon
>It's not really that bad, the flu kills more
>It's not really that bad, the numbers must be wrong

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It's almost like Sweden's economy was strong and the UK's was weak like a dying animal.

uhh, syntax detection isn't case specific user.it doesn't matter if it's capital or lowercase..