Are Americans the most stupid in the world?

Are Americans the most stupid in the world?

seriously, how can there be a more stupid nation than the united states? they literally went to europe to finish off hitler because the Jews ordered it, and now the whites are a racial minority in the united states, they literally cannot say nigger on the street for fear of reprisals from blacks HAHAHAHA

Gay marriage, race-mixing, LGBT, pornography, one of the nations with the most suicides, abortions, drug addicts, ...

And all because they were so stupid to listen to the Jews. And now they are back with "We must destroy China, because FOX News has told me that they are very bad."

Can't you understand that China is ending the Jewish monopoly? this is why they are starting the propaganda machine against China, in the same way that the Jews did against Germany.

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No , you can't be spanish. Any spanish would prefer stinky communist China over América.

Or you are a yellow autist living here. Or some kind of retarded leftist

Franco should have finished you all off

>spanish flag
>call another country the most stupid in the world
yeah right

>and now the whites are a racial minority in the united states
keep sucking china's cock and whites will become a minority in Spain all the same

>Can't you understand that China is ending the Jewish monopoly?
he thinks they aren't working together

(((Voxero))) de mierda, s0is iguales que los putos podemitas.

S0is incapaces de pensar por vosotros mismos.

Feeling nervous, Chang?

Tsai Ing Wen won the presidential election in a landslide
The virus originated in Wuhan wet markets according to the best scientists in the world
People are still wondering things like:

Why did the rioters in Hong Kong win "conscessions" from the government? Arent they just mindless rioters?

Why did the pro democracy movement in Hong Kong win so many seats in an orderly and fair election last year? Wouldnt people rather vote for great powerful china parties?

Why did Tsai Ing Wen win the taiwanese presidency when China paid for plane tickets so people around the world could go home to taiwan and vote against her?

And the Tiananmen square massacre is fresh at the front of everyones minds

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Chinks won't do shit.

>All those who are against the USA are Chinese agents.

Vamos a ver imbecil, seguro q te crees muy especial x apoyar un partido como la FE q no tiene futuro, y te gusta criticar partidos q si lo tienen y son capaces d adaptarse al cambio social porque eres un puto gilipollas que no ve el cambio a su alrededor

Yes, because Franco would have agreed to go to war against China only to satisfy the wishes of the Jews ... Lol

Believe it or not, Franco loved his people unlike the American presidents, they love Israel more than the Americans.

>A crummy medal?
He should've fetched pokemon creatures instead

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But he got a point.
USA forced turks in Germany, brainwashed European population to diversity and nigger importing and to this day cant stop, now they doing same to the white nations like Belarus and neibours massive propaganda for diversity. China doesnt push me diversity, lgbt, fags, constant jew media and interracional bullshit. You know it well and since WW2, white pop gone from 90% to 50%, being most a bunch of old boomers and niggers that call themselfs white....Future of USA is gonna be hispanics and main language Spanish, you think was worth it?

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Claro que Vox tiene futuro, desgraciadamente hay mucha gente retrasada en España.

Es mejor vox q los acomplejados del pp, los falsos socialistas del psoe o los chavistas d podemos

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Vox ? los que quieran liberalizar a España hasta el tuétano? esos que quieren importar toda latinoamerica a España? los que sus dirigentes tienen lazos con organizaciones sionistas?

hablo español tambien eres mayete

Q otra opcion hay con futuro?

>he thinks any political leader ever has actually loved their people
user, I...uh...

Isn't it the ultimate irony that chink propagandists are leveraging blind patriotism against the west when they are the ultimate NPC's that would jump in a volcano if Xi JinPlague asked them to?

No voto a nadie, anormal. He acertado verdad?

Autistic yellow chinese, go back to your stinky hole

Get new material, Wei.

>user, I...uh...

He thinks the rest of the world is a shithole like murica.

I forgot Spain was a country until I saw this post. Thanks for reminding me.

Sure, but consider how many dead gooks that thing will have created? It'll be a liberation not having billions of bugs.

r*ddit spacing

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Killing Communists is its own reward

>Yes because Yas Forums and reddit are the only forums in the internet.

The usa is the largest threat to the white race and western civilization.

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>the day of the wok approaches

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>Implying that I wont be flying on a bomber or pressing buttons on a sub

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Yes. Mexicans really are dumb. Half the military is Mexican and black. The Chinese would eat our lunch.

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