Pray for this baby

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you realize his family is one of the most powerful and richest in american history right?

Prayers are as useful as diffusing a bomb with a dildo.

That feeling when a faggot is passing his genes and the bunch of incels here can't even fap cus not even their hand wants to fuck them anymore

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I want to find a rope to hang every time I see a gay man with his fag using lips kiss a newborn baby... fuck this world the good guys lost

small town brain detected

Relax, they will eventually get bored of the kid and sell it for crack. Like God intended.

It's better to be poor and not raped

Poor baby has probably already been molested.

haha what if he fixated on the babies genitals haha when washing it haha a bit longer than he should haha could that happen haha

how long I am banned?

When will you realize that you are the bad guy?

Prayers to your desert genie aren't going to help that kid.

>the deceptive narrative peddler that engages in division whoring is the good guy

You'll realize on judgement day that it is YOU

They're going rape him if not raise him lgbt

> surrogate
So he bought a kid he’s not a father

Anderson cooper got new fuck toy.

this is a beautiful miracle! bless you Anderson Cooper

Wonder if that kid enjoys a bottle of cum instead of formula.

We must exterminate the fags, jews, blacks, mexicans, trannies, jews, and chinks.

Pray for this one

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They can create kids with his DNA/semen. All they need is an egg and a womb.

Fuck off memeflag

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Pray to protect him from liberals who kill babies and attack children.

Hmm, rare.

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Honey, I’m so exhausted of taking care of the baby all day. Can you eat my asshole?

How long until they declare the baby is gay/trans?

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Hello Epstein

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What happened to his brother anyway?

Thhhh. Thhhh. Why’d he call it Wyatt, is it like electrical or sumthin? Ngggggg! YOU’RE FAWKING KILLING IT CHIPPER!

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I hope he grows up a Nazi.