This is frowned upon on society. Why ?

I'm a 25 years old male.

Would going out with a 19-20 years old be considered weird ?

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no sage

Yeah it’s a little weird but not so bad. I wouldn’t think of you as a heinous monster for it

Im banging this 20 year old rn and im around the same age as you, go for it, that young puss get hella wet

Then why is it so hated on these days ?

Based and firstpilled

who would consider it weird & why should you care what they think?
you like each other go for it

no. are you insane?

>This is frowned upon on society
It is? I haven't noticed. You only care about that when you're 19-20 and some older guy takes the girl you want.

25-20 isn't weird. 20-15 is weird though

That's a perfect age difference.

To ask the question is gay

I was 32 when I married my 21 years old virgin trad wife.

You look like THAT?
Now I at last understand why so many Brazilians become trannies. Thank you for opening my eyes.

No not at all.

People like to make a normal thing into an odd thing..doesn’t matter what people think unless it’s underage...go for it user

no i only date women that are 18-22

5 years is nothing when you're in your 20's. Wouldn't even be wierd if you were 30 in my opinion.

Anyone over 18 fair game is faggot.

This was never frowned upon. Are you looking for validation French faggot.

Wait till your in your 30's, the 20 year olds are gods compared to 35 year old women. Woman age like rotten eggs.

It’s weird because women don’t like being prayed on by unattractive men. So they make rules up about low value men going back to the tap once they have some money. It’s perfectly normal and 100% natural just be a man and people will respect you

If she's 18, fair game. You could be 40 and she's 18 and it's fair game. Not even joking or trying to be edgy here. If she's old enough to deploy to Afghanistan, she's old enough to have sex. Now, if you just would rather have a girl with a more similar age so you have similar interests, okay, I'm not going to begrudge you. But if it is you thing to go for younger, not going to disparage that either and the only ones who will are simps or older women who are butthurt because they know younger women are ones that they CANNOT compete with physically.

I'm 36 and with a 21 year old. It's weird but I don't care anymore in this clown world.

Kek I'm 34 and my gf's 23, I'll do whatever I want and the world can seethe.
It's frowned upon because people need to put away their Disney movies and stop being idealistic morons.
They believe teenagers are going to slowly fall in love, finally have sex after marriage or at least after months of dating, and then they're going to live happily ever after.
What actually happens is young women ride the cock carousel, as well females are naturally inclined to go after men with resources and displaying confidence, a natural urge to ensure they and their children will be safe. In the modern world, most teenage and early twenties men are not men with large amounts of cash and resources.
So when these men finally become established, these same roasts come running back to them, their wombs full of 12 different men's cum, their cunts popped and taken long ago, finally fully ready to settle down.
THAT, being acceptable for society, is far more weird in the scope of human civilization to me, than a man in his later twenties dating younger.

Stop worrying about what some meaningless romanticizing faggots who are wrong about everything think, and start worrying about some brownie's cock being up your future wife's baby hole. They can go write a romance novel to yank it to, what they value is fairly weak.

I'm 37 and dating a 22 yo. I don't give a fuck.

just a little weird. it's not as bad when you are 30 and they are 25 tho.


What’s considered weird is if you don’t post sauce

That’s a man

My girlfriend is 21 and i'm 30 yo boomer. idgaf

Because feminists. They bought the "don't need no man" BS, and now they're 40, burnt out, have nothing to offer, and are desperate to lock down beta bux.

Problem is, feminists are stupid and didn't understand that when men said "sure you ugly old fish, us bicycles don't want you anyway", it was unironically. They then went on to fuck young, hot, tight, agreeable girls. Which is what you do anyway.

So feminists have a problem: they want men's money, but don't want to give anything back. They're also being walletblocked by far better women they simply can't compete with. So what do all people who can't compete demand? Protectionism - tax/outlaw/whatever what you can't compete with. And that's why it's "hated on": a pure astroturfed social "tax" on wanting women who are actually acceptable.

Based, impregnate them

Who cares faggot.
As long as they can drink legally and are adults it doesn't matter. Younger is always better when it comes to adult women. They hit the wall after 27 anyway.

This nigga

>Would going out with a 19-20 years old be considered weird ?

I'm 50 and I do not let society nor the law get in the away of love

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If you aren’t larping where do you find a 21 year old virgin trad wife fren?

No way !

You want to know the secret about trad virgin wives

>they arent trad
>they arent virgins